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Title: Compaq Presario V5000
Post by: Saijin_Naib on 2008.01.28, 01:34:33
Hey, my roomate is trying to get eCS 2.0RC4 working on his Compaq Presario
V5000, and we have had some limited success so far. here are the hardware
AMD Turion64
ATI Radeon x200m
15.4" LCD (1280x800x32bppx60hz)
60gb HDD
1.5gb RAM
Realtek 8139 NIC
ATI/Conexant Sound

So, we got ACPI 3.05/3.06 to function corerctly with the /!NOD switch, but
we can NOT get his display to work properly. If we set it to the native mode
using SNAP it will scroll the desktop. Trying the "lcdusebios off" switch in
gaoption will result in SEVERE graphical corruption and flickering on the
next boot. Panorama did not work on the first install because the WPS class
wasnt registered and we had not figured out the ACPI switch yet. So, if you
could, please help us so we can get his computer to work with eCS. Its very
close :C


Title: Re: Compaq Presario V5000
Post by: DavidG on 2008.01.28, 02:47:27
Open your System Setup folder and then cliick on the Screen icon.  Select the screen tab and make sure you have

Manufacturer: Unknown
Model: Unknown

Wide Resolutions
4:3 Resolutions

all selected.

Title: Re: Compaq Presario V5000
Post by: Saijin_Naib on 2008.01.28, 02:49:44
Alright, we will give that a shot after another clean install. We have that selected right now with GTF and DPMS, but no luck still.
Title: Re: Compaq Presario V5000
Post by: Saijin_Naib on 2008.02.03, 06:16:12
Well, we reinstalled again this time, using ACPI and Panorama. The results have been much more favorable, although Panorama is still not getting the Native resolution. We have tried the ATOMBIOS.sys tool (widescreen activator) but his model is not supported. We did a bios dump and collected all the files they ask and created a support ticket. We shall see what comes of it, I hope we can get it working properly, he (gasp!) is actually starting to like eCS, but he does NOT like not having native resolution.
Title: Re: Compaq Presario V5000
Post by: Saijin_Naib on 2008.02.03, 19:46:18
Anyone know if we can override the list of resolutions supported (reported) by panorama? Using vcfgcid.cmd and setting his native resolution results in OS/2 defaulting to a "safe" mode resolution. Editing the vid.cfg and vid.tfg to only contain his native resolution has proven to be ineffectual, as well as making our own entry in the mon.dif, although that entry became usable from the drop down. We did a LOT of poking around, and thats what we have come up with, but right now, we are stalled. Any suggestions?