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Hardware / Re: eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.21, 16:50:55 »
It seems unlikely but you didn't install the multiuser stuff did you?  I had a system that behaved exactly as you describe... the process that was using the CPU was ssesctl.exe part of the multiuser stuff.  Does that slate have hyperthreading?  If it does can it be turned off?

I too have seen these "leftovers".  It has been that way for a very long time (I cannot recall if there were earlier versions that did not do this).  I do not know the cause, though I doubt it is a source of problems I can't say that definitively.

Suspend/resume is working on my Thinkpad X60. It needed to be on IBM single mouse driver, to have the /VBE parameter and to have the latest USB drivers, 10.185 installed.
Interesting the X60 needs the /VBE as my Z61m (seems to be more closely related to T60 than T61 in many regards) doesn't.  Though I wonder if that would speed up the resume, it suspends immediately but takes I think longer to resume than to boot it up in many cases.

I also found that Jan's pmtposd2 works on my Z61m (shows where the hardware volume and brightness).

Hardware / Re: Multibay DVD
« on: 2012.09.11, 05:36:12 »
Glad it is working... and as such you may not want to make changes but for your general information, the Dani drivers often work on hardware that the IBM ones do not and are generally faster and more reliable.  As to the more hardware, it may be necessary to work with some parameters at times to attain that.

The biggest problem with the kernel (not necessarily any issue I know of on the loader) is the fact that they used the debug kernel to patch.  The debug kernel is not designed to use in every day usage.  I would guess they used it because they probably used the debugging function connected to another PC to figure out what needed to be done but then had everything based off of the binary they were using because they lacked the source.

Off Topic discussions / Re: Openchat for Windows
« on: 2012.09.10, 17:08:54 »
I think he wants OpenChat IRC client for windows... which I did not find any reference to in my searches.

Hardware / Re: Multibay DVD
« on: 2012.09.10, 15:45:11 »
What is the hardware?  Are you using the standard IBM drivers or Dani's for IDE/ATAPI?  I am presuming with that question I guess that this is an older laptop... if it is a new model, are you using os2ahci?  Another if seeings I don't know the hardware, if using os2ahci is the dock using SATA or IDE?  If IDE and the other ahci then maybe you need to install/configure IDE/ATAPI drivers.

Rexx / Re: Stock Data for NASDAQ OMX (Stockholmsbörsen)
« on: 2012.09.04, 00:17:33 »
Here I get an error in line 19 about an extra close paren or comma.  I removed the 1, just to see what would happen and it then runs without error but the output in sse336.html was
Code: [Select]

Applications / Re: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
« on: 2012.08.28, 23:06:06 »
I was going to recommend NewView to save to IPF but then I couldn't in a quick search find any tools to do anything with IPF other than to create an INF.

Abandonware / Re: Your OS/2 Abandonware Wishlist
« on: 2012.08.07, 23:03:25 »
While it was already released as a binary for free, I'd love it if the source code to Innoval's Post Road Mailer were released.
If you can find the parties involved it may be possible... Apparently the source code was offered but noone was interested, by the time I had found out about it years later I wasn't able to track anyone down, though I admit I was not as persistent as I could have been. 

In case anyone doesn't follow usenet the following was posted... I still am using 184 as I haven't experienced either problem and it fixes a couple of others I have had:
please do not use. Revert back to for the time being.
I am working on fixing the trap 8 issues and potentially also the "sudden
reboot" problem.
I hope I get out a new version within the next 2 weeks.

Networking / Re: RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
« on: 2012.07.25, 18:15:48 »
Just looking through the Java timeline I find that Lewis opened a ticket on the latest Java in regards to javardp:

Suspend resume is now working on my IBM Thinkpad Z61M (I think Lenovo had already bought the company but was still using the IBM name under the terms of the contract at the time).  With an early 3.19 release it was mostly working but has not fully restored for several versions but now comes back up nicely.  Interestingly, when it was not restoring properly, the video would come back but I could not interact with the system but it would come up really quickly.  Now it comes back slow enough that the first time I did not think it was going to and hit cntl-alt-del and then it sat for awhile then rebooted and I realized it rebooted when it would have otherwise restored so I tried again and waited and it did come up.  The USB mouse works, the broadcom ethernet works with the genmac driver and the keyboard works that is plugged into the ps2 port on the port replicator... the only thing I have found that wasn't working was the trackpoint built into this external keyboard that uses the same ps2 port via a splitter to the port replicator.  I have not yet tried it out of the port replicator to check the built in trackpoint nor the wireless yet.

Networking / Re: RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
« on: 2012.07.23, 23:55:56 »
For javardp you might try this one... Lewis says it is the best version overall that he has found under eCS:

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