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Off Topic discussions / car-boat?
« on: 2012.06.26, 15:18:21 »

I found this while looking for small wooden boats.
Wooden Boat by Master Carver

Hardware / Re: eCS 2.2 on fanless Intel Atom Mini PC
« on: 2012.06.26, 14:48:55 »
That is so cool. Have thought of putting a 'skin' on it like the do with phones and other computers? Like the ones on Skinit. Perhaps use a wallpaper as a skin? :)

Hardware / CuBox (was Re: Raspberry Pi and eCS?)
« on: 2012.06.26, 14:37:39 »

It is amazing how small computers can be. I guess they were thinking inside the box. :) Thanks for the link.

Setup & Installation / Re: One Instead Of Three?
« on: 2012.06.26, 14:33:46 »
Thanks for the information. It is very useful.  8)

Setup & Installation / One Instead Of Three?
« on: 2012.06.24, 23:55:29 »
The eCS install comes on 3 Cd's. Since there are DVDs, is it possible to have it all on one DVD?  ??? I have an USB DVD drive for my Acer Aspire One netbook computer. Win 7 starter is too limited.

(this could be a mute point of eComStation already comes on one DVD but my registration at eCS seems to be no longer active).

Hardware / Re: Raspberry Pi and eCS?
« on: 2012.06.24, 23:27:01 »
Could eComStation run on it?

He's joking, Isnt' he ? ....

Joking, no but it is me being stupid.  :'(

I find this ironic. It is an umbrella with solar cells. If it is sunny out, one would not need the umbrealla. When it is raining, the sun would (probably) not be out to power the solar cells. I think it would be better as a parasol.  8)


Hardware / Raspberry Pi and eCS?
« on: 2012.05.20, 01:12:22 »
Here is the Raspberry Pi. Could eComStation run on it? (from another post about another board).

Raspberry Pi.

Now it has a camera attachment.

There is also a magazine for it called MagPi. :)

This is a smart watch. I think it is cool.

Geeky Gadgets.

Marketplace / Re: BayWarp OS/2 Museum Store
« on: 2012.05.02, 02:59:05 »
great photo.  I will check out the site.

I think this would make for a very small eComStation computer. Would there be any problem installing eCS onto it or run it on it?

Geeky Gadgets.

Games / Re: Angry Birds game and Firefox
« on: 2012.04.12, 02:45:31 »
a very addictive reverse productivity game.  ;D

Geek Gadgets. I wonder why they chose FreeDOS?
"The Edge-HD3 Mini PC is equipped with a 1.65GHz AMD E-450 APU with integrated Radeon HD 6320 graphics, supported by 4GB of RAM. Together with storage options for 250GB, 320GB and 500GB capacities, as well as Gigabit Ethernet, built-in Wireless N connectivity, HDMI and a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

The Sapphire AMD Fusion-Powered Edge-HD3 Mini PC measures just 193mm x 148mm x 22mm in size and weighs 1.2 pounds, and will come loaded with FreeDOS software, but will also support Windows 7 and other operating systems."
It has some interesting specifics.  8)

If the price is reasonable, I will buy one. It looks really neat (neat if one could create a 'skin' for it using the eCS logo  ;D ).  8)

It has not come out yet but it seems one could install eCS onto it. Could one install eCS via an USB disc drive or is there a way to use an USB flash drive to install it from?  ???

It would be neat to see an eCS 'skin' on it.  ;D
"Sapphire will load the Edge-HD3 with FreeDOS software, but it also supports Windows 7 or other operating systems." I think it is cool that they add the 'or other operating systems' part.

It would be neat if the Isostick is reasonably priced so one could try installing eCS with it (like installing it on this type of computer).

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