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Multimedia / Re: How to turn off image preview in folders?
« on: 2011.03.10, 00:33:04 »
Image preview was supposed to be an enhancement but turned out to be an annoying feature due to  slow performance. Responsible for image preview is the file \MMOS2\DLL\gbm.dll. The original gbm.dll was very slow. In the meantime there is a replacement in the package "Generalised Bitmap utilities"  (see Hobbes) which is much faster. However, according to my opinion not fast enough yet. So, my recommendation is to rename gbm.dll  in order to turn iconic preview off. Hope this  helps.

Roland Reimers

Hardware / Re: IBM ThinkPad X20
« on: 2009.10.24, 23:26:22 »
The ALSA-sound drivers of eCS should also do the job. At least they do on my PC with a soundcard with CS4614 chip.
Roland Reimers

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