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Hardware / Re: USB hardrive power-down and JFS crashes
« on: 2010.11.19, 02:05:39 »
Have you tried this with other drives that are using other filesystems? FAT32, FAT16, HPFS?

I was trying to get them to Open Source it or Update the OS/2 version, but apparently they gauged interest here or on a newsgroup and we did not respond positively so they have officially dropped the OS/2 version.

Email Thread (Top - Recent, Bottom - Older)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- schrieb:
> I know. Do you know about eComStation? It is the continuation of IBM OS/2 by Serenity Systems and Mensys. The newest version (2.0) is coming out May 14th 2010 (So only a few days :) ).
> There is still an active community, especially on
For us - we asked for interest, a while ago - less than 50 people. This is nothing we can care for, because of we have to make our living from Papyrus ...
> We have to pay for a support licence to get OpenOffice.Org so there is a demand for an up-to-date office suite. However, I think that you and your team should look at the ODT and OOXML specifications for support in your product as both standards are becoming widely used in the Linux/Mac/Win world, and even in our little OS/2 corner.

We would have loved to support the great OS/2 System much longer ...  So, please blame IBM for their stupid decisions, not us :-) schrieb:
> Ah, that is a shame. Well, thank you in any case. I appreciate that you did at one point support OS/2 even if it is no longer viable :(
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ramps <>
> To:
> Sent: Tue, May 11, 2010 4:28 am
> Subject: Re: Papyrus Office for OS/2
> Sorry, no. Too much cross interests in Win and Mac, which are still running.
> schrieb:
>> Would you consider Open Sourcing the OS/2 version or allowing it to be donwloaded for free?
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Ulli Ramps <>
>> To:
>> Sent: Mon, May 10, 2010 10:01 am
>> Subject: Re: Papyrus Office for OS/2
>> Sorry, no further development - too less interest.
>> schrieb:
>>> Hey guys, was wondering if you were still developing/supporting Papyrus office for IBM OS/2?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Brett

I've been rather frustrated as well. I've had no luck installing it on my new desktop, and after collecting a ton of info and driver sources, no help getting it to function usefully on my netbook.

I will not be purchasing SSS again.

Hardware / Re: OpenGL ddk
« on: 2010.10.26, 20:51:18 »
That is fantastic! This opens up the door for a ton of Linux and windows software (running with Odin/WINE) to work, as well as many academic applications.

Now for cards supported by SNAP (which has hardware accel, correct), this OpenGL implementation you're writing would interface with that?

Hardware / Re: OpenGL ddk
« on: 2010.10.26, 20:36:57 »
Nice. Forgive the possibly noob question, but what will the end result of this be?

A OpenGL software renderer, or possibly an OpenGL hardware renderer?

Hardware / Re: OpenGL ddk
« on: 2010.10.23, 19:39:32 »
Did Scitech ever open-source any part of the DisplayDoctor drivers like they said they were going to?

Pretty sure that had AGP acceleration support.

I am very interested in seeing OS/2 support OpenGL as that opens up a ton of options for games, multimedia software, and important academic software.

Article Discussions / Re: Ports
« on: 2010.10.09, 19:24:31 »
1) Odin Synched fully to WINE/ReactOS sources
2) OpenGL ES
3) Mono Framework

Ah, okay. Good to know.

I would, but I don't program :P

Good to hear Silvan :)

Any thoughts about the things I listed here?,com_smf/Itemid,63/topic,2595.msg16904/#msg16904

Hardware / Re: new hard drive
« on: 2010.10.06, 21:49:39 »
Is it possible you have a bad burn? Redownload the ISO, hash check it, and re-burn at lowest speed possible with Verify Written Data after the burn just in case.

Hardware / Re: new hard drive
« on: 2010.10.06, 19:00:00 »
I believe 250gb should be fine if you're using the latest LVM and DANIs drivers.
What version of eCS are you rocking right now?

Hardware / Re: new hard drive
« on: 2010.10.06, 07:45:55 »
What is the disk drive size?

Hardware / Re: new hard drive
« on: 2010.10.06, 07:03:40 »
Sounds like you need the magic of DFSEE to set/reset the LVM information on the drive.

Applications / Re: An update of PSI in the works?
« on: 2010.09.21, 18:11:09 »
Yeah, I asked Marty. He is currently in the process of moving and setting things up again, plus his OS/2 box HDD is having more disk errors, so.. It may be a bit before he comes back online.

Anyway, the latest Beta of DrMessage I have does NOT have the Facebook plugin included. My mistake on saying it did support it. However, since Pidgin does support it, we will likely have this functionality as well. I've asked Marty to include it in the next build.

Applications / Re: An update of PSI in the works?
« on: 2010.09.20, 05:43:30 »
Robert, have you tried MrMessage? It is built off of libpurple/Pidgin sources which do support Facebook chat so you're probably best off trying it.

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