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Hardware / Re: Driver for ITE8888
« on: 2011.06.10, 19:11:32 »
Ecomstation 1.2 and 2.0.  I think the bridge has a "transparent" mode that allows it to function without a driver, I am just assuming that to be able to change the I/O recovery time setting for 8-bit I/O cycles and 16-bit I/O cycles as I had previously been able to do so via BIOS setting would require a driver to now perform that configuration on this Ite8888.

i use a custom ISA interface board to essentially remap ISA addressing to communicate with 3 drawers of electronics.  this worked fine when the older SBC chipset supported ISA directly.  Now it appears that all the production SBC's utilize some type of PCI to ISA bridge and that these recovery time settings that use to be BIOS configured now need to be configured in another way (again, i assume driver required).

Hardware / Driver for ITE8888
« on: 2011.06.09, 22:51:39 »
I used a PCA-6178VE for my machine which is now obsolete.  Advantech recommended replacements all utilize the ITE8888 PCI to ISA bridge.  Is there a driver available for this device?  I had previously been able to set specific settings via BIOS (8-bit I/O cycles and 16-bit I/O cycles) and these settings now seem to be controlled by the ITE8888 but I am unsure how they are to be managed other than with a driver.


Richard Miller

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