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Hardware / Re: Flash drive support in Warp eServer
« on: 2011.06.16, 02:08:32 »
I wish to transfer back and forth with a Windows 7 computer
I do not know how to use LVM but I guess that is probably where the answer lies
I do not have the fat32.ifs installed
I am also using the vanilla usb drivers provided in the convenience pack. The OS recognizes the drives OK

Thanks for responding,

Hardware / Flash drive support in Warp eServer
« on: 2011.06.15, 20:40:25 »
I am using Warp Server for e-business (4.52) on a PIII IBM Thinkpad T20. I would like to use a 512MB flash drive to transfer files back and forth from another computer. My computer recognizes the USB drive but cannot read or format it beyond a limit of 1.44MB. I have formatted the Flash drive using the FAT16 filesystem, but even then I cannot get the computer to recognize the fact that it is a large (well, sort of) 512MB drive. Is there a way to get Warp 4 to recognize this kind of a device? Thank you for any and all answers

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