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Applications / Re: Scribus 1.4.0 won't start
« on: 2012.01.16, 20:42:33 »
Thanks, (embarrassing I didn't think of that), it couldnt find gcc445.dll, but according to the readme
I thought it would need gcc446.dll.

Applications / Scribus 1.4.0 won't start
« on: 2012.01.16, 17:18:40 »
I've installed Scribus 1.4.0 but unable to make it work. As far as I can see I have all the requirements in place.
(Double clicking scribus.exe only brings up the settings window for the file, no error messages.)
Any ideas?

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.24, 17:35:32 »
Had a look at that link and also an older thread here at this site about SNAP and it looks like something is happening. As usual little info is given to the public, and since this is quite an important issue I'd wish for some news now and then.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.22, 03:49:46 »
Thanks, Greggory, actually I use win mostly for editing pdf's and gaming so I do need a not too old graphic card.
Anyway, I put back the Radeon HD6770 and reduced colors to 64K and performance is somewhat better now, but I really hope Mensys, or someone else, finds a solution to this problem. By the way, I've also tried a Geforce 8800 Ultra (I think that's what it was called) but with Panorma I could only use low resolutions and even then it was quite slow.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.20, 17:11:33 »
I'm now trying a Sapphire Radeon HD5450 and the performance seems to be a little bit better than with the HD6770, but still it is far from good. Think I saw a report on the hardware list at about HD5450 and that is was working good, and it would be nice to know how they achieved that.
As with the HD6770, this card does not work with SNAP. Panorama and widescreen activator work for both, but needs improvement to be classified as good.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.19, 16:15:27 »
Hi Dave,

I have 6GB RAM on this system, removed 4GB and it does improve the performance, however, still I don't think it is good enough. Since I find the info on the Panorama site a bit confusing I really don't know if this is something that's being worked on and that a "fix" will be released. (Obviously I don't need 6GB for eCS, but I sometimes need to use W7 64bit, and removing and adding RAM is not a long term solution.)

Rgds Raiko

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.17, 16:12:42 »
This system seems to have the latest BIOS version and I'll leave it like that.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.17, 15:24:11 »
Have checked the Panorama section at and many things there are a bit unclear to me, but I noticed this:

Q: Shadow buffer is enabled but it doesn't work (drawing is slow)     
A: * Try upgrade/downgrade motherboard BIOS of the computer.
   * Check x:\vbe2grad.log, It should contain: Write Combine caching enabled

My vbe2grad.log does not contain "Write Combine caching enabled" for the HD 6770. (It did for the nvidia 9600GT.)
Don't like the idea to downgrade BIOS, however although this is a new pc I'll check for a newer version.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.15, 23:49:29 »
In a few days I'll get a Radeon HD 5450 to test, however I'd appreciate if someone has an idea how to make the HD 6770 to work with SNAP, or to get better performance using Panorama. Recommendations for other graphic cards are also welcome.
Tks Raiko

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.15, 16:16:00 »
Tks, Rob, but I already did that, .........and did it again, still hangs at the same place.
By the way, I've also made a new installation of eCS21 and chose to use SNAP instead of Panorama and then it hangs after after phase1. Also tried with and without ACPI, still the same result.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.15, 13:44:39 »
Uninstalled and removed all SNAP stuff I could find, reinstalled SNAP and booting with ALT-F2 and the last thing I can see being loaded is pmshell.exe. At this point it normally would display the SNAP logo I guess, CAD works at this point though. Removed SNAP and installed Panorama and the widescreen activator and it works with 1920/1080, but the performance is too bad/slow painting. Unless someone has an idea how to make it work with SNAP, I think I'll have to find another graphics card.

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.15, 00:02:52 »
Installed a HIS Radeon HD 6770 and highest resolution with Panorama is 1400x1050 and not something I will use, also the movement of windows is a bit flaky. Tried SNAP and the pc hangs after it displays that the Scitech driver is loaded, last line of message starts with OEM....etc
ACPI is not yet installed and I wonder if that is necessary, any ideas?

Hardware / Re: Graphics card
« on: 2011.12.13, 20:46:09 »
Well, I already bought the 27" Samsung, and will see how it works before I decide to keep it or not.

Setup & Installation / Re: Multi boot eCS and W7
« on: 2011.12.10, 23:39:32 »
Sounds promising but I hope someone has made it work without using the bootmanager of W7.

(Yes, I have made double set of recovery disk since I also have a bad experience with this :-))

Setup & Installation / Multi boot eCS and W7
« on: 2011.12.10, 20:03:57 »
I have a new pc with 1 hdd and W7 installed (preloaded) and I'm planning to add another disk (SSD) where I have BM and eCS already installed. Since I doubt that it is just to plug in the SSD disk and add W7 to BM I would appreciate some advice.
(Of course I would get lots of errors trying to boot eCS in a new system, but thats something I think I'll be able to fix later. And, yes, I've googled and found docs related to installing eCS to the same disk where W7 already exists, but I haven't found anything describing "my scenario".) 
Rgds Raiko

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