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Hi Martin, I will try to do what you show me, I'll be updating the situation ..


It might be worth running sysinstx ?:  (where ?: is the boot drive letter involved) to make sure the system files are in place.

You would need to do this when booted from a CD or floppy drive or another OS/2 boot partition.

If that fails then you need to check the partition/volume information has not somehow been destroyed.

What version of OS/2 is involved?



I´ve OS/2 WARP 3. can you explain me how do i fix?

The system was functioning well, do not add any new peripheral the only thing I did was try to make a disk cloning with clonezilla, which is not as if there is any command with two (fixboot) to the operating system and in the case of that existed as income .. Tell accurate data so that I can help. Thanks again!

Good morning guys. I am experiencing problems starting my system OS2. When I start the boot screen appears OS2 and after a few seconds I get the following legend ¨ os2 can not use the hard disk drive or
  diskette system corrects the previous error stopped and restarted the system ¨. Someone can help me with this is crucial to boot because the system handles a PLC.

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