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Well, neither of you answered the question. If HLT is never executed, then it won't save a lot of power, nor will it cool the computer. Your dump of ACPISTAT shows that HLT was never executed. Is that correct? Or is the counter not actually hooked up?

At least on my X60, the HLT version of ACPI does run cooler, and that's good, but without throttle control, any CPU intensive task will heat the machine to the point where it shuts off. By the way, IPIHLT is always zero on my x60, even though I know it runs cooler with the HLT version of ACPI.

Some computers will still need throttle control. So I hope it remains in the toolkit, so we can implement throttling to keep those computers cool. HLT is great, but sometimes it isn't enough. In your example above, IPIHLT = 0. Doesn't that mean that HLT isn't working on that computer?

The subway system still uses OS/2 and a lot of other operating systems from the time of the Metrocard introduction.

I read in the New York times that the automated signaling system on one line was installed in 1922 and is still running. They had a fire and got replacement parts from a train museum. Working with OS/2 on the subway system often seems like that. OS/2 is not used in any application that a customer could see.

Suspend/resume is working on my Thinkpad X60. It needed to be on IBM single mouse driver, to have the /VBE parameter and to have the latest USB drivers, 10.185 installed.

In the suite of drivers included in the ACPI distribution, one of them was likely causing a Trap 8. Two of us had this at Warpstock. But we didn't have time to find what the cause might be. I'm hoping that is what you found in APM.ADD.

Programming / Re: AMOUSE - development, source code?
« on: 2012.08.24, 16:08:05 »
At Warpstock last week, we discussed suspend/resume on modern laptops. In order for this to function correctly, we needed to switch the laptop to the IBM single mouse driver.

It is likely that the Amouse driver will be fixed, but a developer is really needed to take over maintenance. This is probably a good opening for someone who wants to start driver development, because the driver already works, and only limited numbers of things need to be done to it.

As has been stated above, contact Mensys if you want access to the Amouse source code, since it can't really be open-sourced.

Events / Re: Anybody going to WarpStock 2012??
« on: 2012.08.24, 04:17:13 »
Well, I'm finally back from Warpstock. It was smaller than year's past. The contrast was striking compared to last year, which was the biggest in several years.

In response to the question about eCS 2.2 above, we had Roderick Klein presenting on that. It seems that a little more work is needed, so eCS 2.2 will have to wait until everyone is back from summer vacation, then work will be completed.

Probably ACPI 3.21 will be included and enabled by default, plus the miniFS for JFS will have higher performance. Numerous drivers are updated to permit suspend/resume on ACPI-type laptops. I tested this new capability personally on my T61p.

I don't know if it's in eCS 2.2, but we played around a lot with some parts of xwlan. I can remember when XWLAN worked well, but over time, it seems not to work so well. I don't think software really changes as it ages, so what is going on? It turns out that buffer space to hold information about access points is limited, and at this point, there are problems if too many are present. For example, the WiFi on my X60 would not function in the hotel room or lobby.

Steven Levine supplied a scanx.exe that listed over 30 access points available in my hotel room. In the conference room, only three access points were available, so I had no trouble connecting. Even if a fix for the buffer problems is not available for eCS 2.2, it's looking good for a fix in the future.

No one at Warpstock has the Java 6 plugin working, but Roderick said it would be in eCS 2.2. I hope a fix will be available soon.

DMT will be in the build.

User interface enhancements to be added:
file open dialog
save as dialog
sunny icons
new xworkplace with split windows

I'm not sure it's part of eCS 2.2, but OpenOffice 3.5 will include Java 6 support and loading DLLs in high memory.

There was a lot of time for back and forth questions and comments. I wish we'd taken better notes. We were especially short-handed this year with several board members who could not attend for personal reasons. Martin is correct that we need some help for blogging.

Article Discussions / Re: ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.07.12, 04:11:11 »
Well, the T43 2xxx is like your T22, with full support for everything. IBM certified it. Sure ACPI probably also works, but not everything works as well. For example, with SpeedStep, the T43 2xxx runs about 40 C.

We need ACPI to run newer machines, and for some older machines. I'm just saying that there are a lot of T43 2xxx machines out there because they were the last machine IBM certified for OS/2.

Mail-News / Re: Thunderbird development discontinued?
« on: 2012.07.11, 18:30:55 »
The thing that really clinched Thunderbird as the ideal solution for me was the extensions.  With Thunderbird, Lightning, SoGo and Davmail, I can connect to our workplace Exchange Webmail Server from anywhere and use my laptop as a thick client with full mail, calendar and LDAP support (including offline sync).   Even if the current feature set is locked down, I'm a happy camper!

But a word of warning - the "mystery crash" in thunderbird is related to the popup calendar reminders through lightning.   Turn those off and its smooth sailing (apart from the occassional random crash when trying to print).

Are you doing this with the eCS version of Thunderbird?


Hardware / Re: eCS 2.2 on fanless Intel Atom Mini PC
« on: 2012.07.06, 16:23:11 »
The OS/2 Wireless list is here:

To subscribe (new addresses), E-mail to: <> and reply to the confirmation email.
Web archives are publicly available at:

There is recently a new build of the WPA supplicant. If your hardware is working but it still doesn't connect, then this may help.

Article Discussions / Re: ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.07.06, 04:51:17 »
Doug: Sounds like a good idea to run Coolman, without throttling together with the new ACPI, ought to reduce power use even more. The bad side for me is that I use suspend/resume quite often, when pausing work, so 3.19.14 is the best option for me - so far.

Blond Guy: I used APM on my (2669) and I think this machine (2668) should work with APM as well. When I used APM latest it worked OK, but adding and enabling the "throttle-package" made it freeze of some reason. Also I get a better distribution of irq:s with ACPI - although I don't know how important that is.

Doug's machine isn't supported by APM -- he should use ACPI. The T43 2xxx is supported by APM, and that's what makes those machines special. But at this point ACPI is so good that it could be a possibility, too. You can't really use throttling with non-ACPI systems.

Hardware / Re: USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.07.04, 17:25:06 »
I'd like to clarify my comment about developing an open-source USB 3.0 stack.

To do this, someone would have to understand both the OS/2 and the donor operating system's USB stack and device driver model. The OS/2 device driver model would need to be abstracted to a object framework that included low level interfaces to the kernel and the other OS/2 device drivers.

This is not an easy task. I'm not proposing that those driving the eComStation development today change course. Fixing the USB stack and then adding USB 3.0 on top is the most efficient way to go and we have few resources.

But if someone not currently involved was interested in making a new contribution of code and expertise, the USB 3.0 stack would be a pretty clean way to do it. I also think there are quite a few OS/2 developers left who cannot do this work, but could help with testing, debugging and utilities. I see some of this already going on with our current DDK-based device drivers.

Hardware / Re: USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.07.03, 05:56:00 »
Hi Roderick

For me it is not an option to support the development of future abandomware. Creating more close source drivers that can not be open source by any chance beucase it depends on IBM DDK source code, it is just creating software that will have no posibilities to be used/imrpoved in the future and will turn into abamdoware eventually.

The efforst had to be invested in Open Source development, to avoid what had happen in the past with IBM and OS/2.  

It will be better to invest in a long term driver development solution, than create an USB 3 driver to get out quickly of the problem and crippling this driver with IBM DDK license that will limit the posibilities for the community.

I also endorse this position. It makes any device driver development harder at first, because the DDK is there to make things easier. But once any open-source driver is developed, then other drivers can use it as a replacement DDK.

Very likely the sources for the GNU USB 3.0 support are available and open-source. So while the project might be very slow to start, it might finish up pretty quickly.

USB 3.0 is not the last device driver we will need, so for the future of the platform, having one open-source driver would be pretty powerful.

Games / Re: Angry Birds game and Firefox
« on: 2012.07.01, 15:22:59 »
Sadly, Angry birds doesn't work any more. They must have made changes on the back end, because now it stops loading at 60% with the CPU completely busy.

Hardware / Re: eCS 2.2 on fanless Intel Atom Mini PC
« on: 2012.06.27, 07:50:51 »
Thanks Sigurd. I also got eCS and MCP running on a small machine...

This was with a 1 GB SSD that was so small the ide connector was almost 10 x larger than the disk.

Didn't try WiFi, but video, audio, ethernet and USB all working.

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