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Hardware / Re: USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.07.24, 22:37:25 »
Sure. But IMO there are still 2 years left to develop an USB 3.0 driver. The current hardware
comes with both generations. Compare this with the other driver problems and you know
where the important game is played.

I don't agree, take a fresh notebook, it has 3 USB ports available, 2x USB 3.0 and 1x for USB 2.0.  When I boot OS/2 then only one port is working, the other two are just dead and there is no way to make them work without a new driver. People would not like to wait for something to happen, other platforms already ship with a generic usb 3.0 driver - that is win8 and newer linux kernel.

It has not come out yet but it seems one could install eCS onto it. Could one install eCS via an USB disc drive or is there a way to use an USB flash drive to install it from?  ???

its possible to install OS/2 or eCS with a USB CD-ROM drive, the install with a flash drive is also possible in theory.

Hardware / Re: USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.07.01, 20:35:31 »
A USB 3.0 port WILL run older USB devices. A USB 3.0 device WILL, apparently, run on a USB 2.0 port. However, if all that you have is a USB 3.0 port, and you try to use it with eCS, it isn't going to work, until somebody makes a driver for the USB 3.0 port.

That was exactly the point to start to thread as there is no way out but to have a xhci driver that will enable this controller to make use of it. I also agree that there is maybe soon the situation that no 'legacy' USB port is left and when it comes to hardware like notebooks there is often no option to extend the system with a backwards compatible controller.

Hardware / Re: USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.06.25, 20:14:19 »
This make is hard to have a collaborative and open source development of the driver.

The host controller driver is part of the USB stack, theres nearly nothing to prevent an implementation or port of an open source based xhci driver in case the interfaces to the rest of the usb stack are compatible.

The other issue that we have is the skills and drivers development resources that we have on the community.

Time and money is maybe the other one  ;) Its not impossible as there are still known and unknown developers around to be familiar with the development of drivers.

Hardware / USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.06.24, 17:28:44 »
The situation for the driver support of the new USB 3.0 host controller has changed from 'nice to have' to urgently 'required'. The reason for it is that USB 3.0 started as an add-on for the unchanged base hardware similar to the way when USB 2.0 was introduced. First AMD and now Intel added support for USB 3.0 in their chipsets - making it available on mostly every new PC sold. The implementation of USB 3.0 has also changed, most of the USB ports esp. these on notebooks are USB 3.0 with one legacy USB port left that can be used by the OS/2 USB host controller driver. In Desktop systems the situation is similar, thus attaching an USB mice and keyboard can be a challenge.
The current USB host driver developemnt is done by Lars Erdman and others in their free time without a known plan for a xhci host controller driver. In case we want to get something started its required to think  about a new bounty or the sponsoring approach from the java for eCS project and a developer (team) that is available to work on it.

There is some difference in porting an application and to install the application be the end user. Its hard to understand why we loose the ability to have the flexibility of  installing an application.  Why we need hard coded pathes? There is no technical reason todo so. I like when the install reads the system settings and use these and not the other way around.  ClamAV worked ok mostly before it was transformed to RPM.  Go figure...

Applications / Re: WSEB Help
« on: 2011.08.17, 21:56:05 »
it should read eCS 1.x = IBM Bootmanager, eCS  2.x = Airboot

Applications / Re: eComStation running like WUBI
« on: 2011.08.09, 22:38:37 »
Hi Martin,
not sure if it was WUBI but I"ve seen something like this or slightly different option soem time ago. In case its inside the foreign OS partition its ok as long nothing gets damaged  ;)

What that means is that SNAP is not a video driver. It partly depends on other components of the OS like screen01.sys.
SNAP is not a video driver? huh? SNAP is a GRADD driver like Panorama is so they are in one boat. When it comes to GRADD or low level OS drivers bugs it will target Panorama as well. SNAP contains hardware specific driver modules to make it possible to use the full feature set of the video chipset.  Panorama and the VESA mode driver should be treated as fallback drivers (GenGradd is in the same class). Is there any primary OS on the market today using a VESA driver as the main graphics driver?  The hardware driver will take real advantage of the powerful graphics hardware, even on OS/2 we want decent speed and features - both was given with SNAP at that time.  One of the good things that remains is the current work on Panorama and SNAP.

The current supported video cards will remain in there and this ticket might interested you:
This can be done and was already made by some users however  the hardware is quite different in age to the last driver update of SNAP so this might not work for the last 5 generations of current graphics hardware.
The quality of SNAP and Panorama cannot be reduced to "works" or not. The details are important.
The term SNAP is not that correct in this case, its the SNAP *VESA* driver only. SNAP comes with hardware drivers that for sure makes a difference on supported hardware.
What we also should not forget here is the GL/2 project, its still being worked on and it would be a nice thing when people will support this project.

now a show stopper  >:(
"Unfortunately, they only involve improvements to the generic (hardware unaccelerated) VESA support"

then more details can be found in the following post:

"SNAP is not the holy grail."
Its for sure not as Indy found something like this already  ;)
It will be like this that some OS/2 graphics related base drivers needs some update, panorama features are "merged" into the SNAP Vesa driver. Its some work but a small step for my taste as to rely on a buggy VESA BIOS of the adapter with the risk of screen corruptions is no joy, go figure.

There's no need to downgrade SNAP to VESA level as it already contains a vesa mode fallback driver.  ;)
The excitement will be the list of new supported hardware, there's just a hope that Mensys will not select this hardware on their own needs but also ask the user base. With some luck both of new drivers will support a small family of the selected chipsets in the best case. One important feature to be supported among graphics will be power management of the graphics adapter like ATI's PowerPlay.

Applications / Re: About
« on: 2011.08.01, 16:28:13 »
After some while the Hobbes Archiver has replied to me.

He told me they are moving hobbes to a new box, and we will be talking after that since I suggested some reorganization of the path structure.

At least some news  ;) It means another hardware change since the last one in 2008, i hope nothing will be broken. In case we are back on the topic there are more things to fix since this 2008 move.

Hardware / Re: OpenGL ddk
« on: 2011.07.21, 22:45:07 »
welcome back Demetrius  :)

Quote from: demetrioussharpe
Hardware driver (possibly ATI RS480M, dependent on my secondary laptop being operational)

i good choice, i would vote for it when it may also work for a mobile ATI HD5xxx/6xxx graphics device  ;)

Quote from: demetrioussharpe
Sorry it's been awhile. I haven't been able to work on GL/2 because of a combination of preparing to move & medical issues. Development won't continue until after the 1st of August. This will give me time to settle into the new house & put my office back together. More to follow.

we wish you the best, take your time and then later we will have the warpstock news and wait till the next post here  :)

I tried to contact the people at hobbes and people at the New Mexico State University, but I have no reply. Please, if anybody knows someone there that can help to improve the service please let me know.
my last try was in 2008, would be nice when somebody here can step in to help us out.


Applications / Re: WSEB Help
« on: 2011.07.21, 19:22:47 »
eCS Bootmanager huh? Should be Air-Boot right?  ;)

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