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Boy I hope so...tomorrow I will be resending my email plus sending it via their website. The week after I am calling as asking for Brad personally...will be interesting if he takes my call.

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.04.05, 03:09:27 »

I tried that but I seriously don't think I am smart enough. I made a dir called c:\openjdk6 and put all the files there.

I then went to bin/javaw.exe and tried to put in the attrib for Jeti/2, it did not work.

However, there is an awesome app all called Run Java that is a generic script for starting java13 and java14 apps in OS/2-eCS.

I used it all the time in 1.4 but now that 1.6 is out it will not use it. I have emailed the author to see if he will update the app. Fingers crossed. Blah, update, his email got kicked back...well, I guess I will wait for 2.1 to come out and hopefully have it right in the OS.

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.04.03, 01:58:54 »
Not trying to hijack this group but is there anywhere that shows me how to install Java?

I downloaded everything from: and installed:

GCC 4 Core Libraries, Odin32 Library, and systray widget.

Odin and systray install fine since they are WarpIn, GCC 4 was already installed.

I could not find anything with a readme on where to put the file OPENJDK6_B22_SDK_OS2_RC2-20110328_MPUNSAFE. I did not see an install anywhere. Can anyone show me where a step by step walk-though is?

I want to start testing some apps but can't even get past the Java install.

4's a long shot but nothing tried, nothing gained. Those things happened a decade ago, I am hoping we all can move past it and not let such a great app die. Well see.

Craig Miller

Wow...11 years, congrats, great site and excited for the next 11!

First post bitches  :P

Article Discussions / Re: ClamAV GUI version 2.1.3
« on: 2011.03.21, 14:51:39 »

I will check it out tonight, until then, a big thank you for improving on an already great GUI!

Craig Miller

Applications / OS/2 Games needed
« on: 2011.01.22, 23:18:06 »
I have several reviews cooking at the moment for but I am looking for some old OS/2 Games I can't seem to acquire (full versions, no demos).

If anyone here has the games below please email @ admin at (at=@)

1. Lemmings for OS/2
2. Trials of Battle
3. BEM: It Crawled From the Web
4. Entrepreneur


Applications / Re: Almost Off Topic: ReactOS and HaikuOS
« on: 2011.01.22, 23:10:19 »
I am not sure why an OS, like Haiku, can get their act together with less people and no real money incoming while the eCS cannot.

I think if we were able to build the core OS then we could bolt the other software to it. An idea would be something like using OpenDOS as the Dos replacement, CUPS for the printing, SNAP/Panorama for video, Uniaud for audio, etc. We would be able to move faster on the project because there is less to focus on.

I'm assuming though it is a HUGE project, that takes more time and love for an OS than I have now or anyone my age normally does. It would be great if we could get some college kids and get their teacher to make them make the core OS for a grade =)

We can talk about it all day, but we need someone who has three important values:

1. Knows how to program, with the ability to design an OS
2. Wants to take on a project like this and organize people that would help him/her
3. Have lots and lots of free time. 


1. Someone with a crap load of money willing to pay for the above to happen.

Once the Core is done, I think the eCS community has all the tools to put the rest together.

I'm in sales and honestly, I think why Haiku is getting some acknowledgment is because its a pretty "sexy" OS, I think most of us can agree the visual of eCS needs some love (though I personally like the look a lot). If we can somehow figure out how to make it an interesting OS for people outside the current "sphere" of users I think we can really grow.

Also, if the OS is free like Haiku is that will bring in a ton of people, hopefully some that program, thus growing our base larger.

Just my little opinion.

Sorry about that...I had an old email...its updated now.

I have been doing a lot of research on that for my new site...I emailed you!

Games / Re: MAME for OS/2
« on: 2011.01.06, 02:29:29 »

Thanks for that but isn't the link I showed a newer version? Or am I missing something?

I found: SDLMAME v0.144u1 for OS/2 (even though the MAME web site is showing .141)

You are suggesting:

SDLMAME v0.138 for OS/2

These version numbers are not making any rhyme or reason. Thanks though for looking at this!

Games / Re: MAME for OS/2
« on: 2011.01.05, 22:09:22 »
Small follow up...

I was looking over some sites to see if I could find out more on MAME and I found this on the OS/2 Gaming site:

SDLMAME - Version 0.115 - Date 2007/05/12 - A MAME emulator that uses the SDL graphic library.

Here is the link to the OS/2 Gaming site with an additional link to the homepage to SDLMAME:

The link to down load the MAME software is dead...but I did some additional looking and found it at Hobbes here:

You can see there is a newer version there: SDLMAME v0.144u1 for OS/2

Has anyone used SDLMAME? It looks like this is dead also but I am not sure...the SDLMAME version is higher than the MAME are they the same...different...they have a beta no one else knows about? I doubt it since the MAME version is .141 and dated 12-31-10 while the .144u1 version for OS/2 is dated 2007-04-19


Abandonware / Re: Lotus eSuite
« on: 2011.01.05, 20:25:09 »
I knew at one time it came on CD3 of eCS 1.1(?) but you had to buy eCS to get the CD...I'm not sure it's abandoned or not but:

This is kinda telling me it is not.

But really...are they going to enforce it for one eCS user? Or 10? Especially since they now focus on Lotus Symphony (

Games / MAME for OS/2
« on: 2011.01.05, 03:36:35 »

MEME for OS/2 is "slightly" long in the tooth and I was wondering if anyone has a newer copy or knows anyone that is working on it or could.

From what I see the "newest" version of MAME for OS/2 is .37 beta 14, the newest version is 0.141 (Came out 12/31/10).

From what I see, the OS/2 version uses GCC 2.9 (or higher), I wonder if that was an issue to get the eCS at the same version. Since we have GCC 4.5.2 does anyone think it would be easier to port? I would hope so, it could open many, many games for us.


General Discussion / Re: What are Your real priorytes ?
« on: 2011.01.01, 23:28:50 »
Thanks Roderick, just a little bit of explanation from Mensys and Serenity Systems goes along way to the naysayers.

I believe 2010 was a great year for eCS and I'm excited at the prospect of 2011 being even better!

Again, thanks for the work you and the rest of the team does. This could not be done with out you!

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