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General Discussion / DBEXPERT NEWSGROUP
« on: 2007.11.11, 00:55:44 »


Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.11.11, 00:28:30 »
Unfortunately, moving the .dbe file isn't the case. The file has always been in my fsalptp directory. The computer hung while I was in the app. I rebooted & the file was corrupted. All the files for the app are still available, but I'm not sure of how to create a new app & bring in all the files. Also, I'm afraid that corrupting the dbe file may have screwed up all my macros & forms. Is there a way to uncorrupt the file so I can get all my macros & forms back? Some of the macros would be very hard to rebuild. Is there a marker I could change using  an editor? If I create a new dbe file, will attaching all the old files corrupt something else? Can I even bring the files into a new dbe(app name)? Can I create a new app, add all the files, and change the name back to the old app name?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


eCS worked just fine for me on the time change. The only problem was that it changed a week early. Any idea of how to set it properly?


Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.11.07, 23:20:10 »
Hopefully someone can help with this one....

One of my .dbe files has become corrupted. dbExpert does not recognize it as a 'data file', so the app won't open. I don't have a good copy of the file anywhere else. Is there a way to solve this without having to recreate everything (the entire app). All the files for this app are still in place, but I don't know how to transfer them to a new .dbe file. The app that doesn't function right now is extremely critical. How do I make the .dbe file usable again???


Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.11.06, 20:57:58 »
Hi, Jep!
Talked to Carla last week & she said the dbExpert newsgroups should be back up this week, which is good news.
I don't know what settings I need to change so I can get email thru/from this forum.
One of my hard drives crashed Friday and I haven't been able to get on anything until today.


Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.10.31, 16:10:24 »
I have been using dbExpert for over 10 years and over that 10+ years have developed an app for my trucking business that is very simple to use but very complex behind the scenes. I have invested so much time in developing this app that to change it to anything else--unless there's something that will import all my macros, queries, etc.--would be an extreme hassle and take way too much time. I have always felt that, if I had the knowledge & expertise in accounting, an excellent accounting app similar to Quickbooks could also be developed as part of my customer service app. With properly written macros & queries and properly designed forms, dbExpert could keep track of receivables, payables, taxes, commissions, print checks and tax forms, etc. However, since I am totally clueless about accounting and tax rules in the US, about the only thing I could do is design some forms--once the tables were designed and in place.
I just wish I could contact all the dbExpert users worldwide to set up a new newsgroup since the newsgroup servers at Sundial don't appear to be working. With that kind of contact availability, between us we probably could develop a powerful accounting app.
Would I pay for an upgrade to dbExpert? YOU BET!!!  I keep trying to call Mrs. Flint at Sundial, but was only able to reach her once--the week after Randell left us. Haven't been able to get through since. Will keep trying, though.


Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.10.30, 17:23:27 »
You say your company's financial issues are covered. Did you put together an accounting program using dbExpert? If so, what features does it have? I have thought for years that a good financial/accounting app could be developed with dbExpert, but I don't have the accounting or programming knowledge needed to build the app.


Applications / Re: 2 Apps Needed by eCS
« on: 2007.10.29, 15:06:09 »
Unfortunately, I'm using Quickbooks 2007 and NONE of the Quickbooks "upgrades" are backwards compatible. The 2 biggest problems with porting Quickbooks to eCS is it's a 32-bit app, and its extensive use of the internet.

Applications / Re: 2 Apps Needed by eCS
« on: 2007.10.28, 19:02:14 »
I would love to sponsor a bounty for an eCS financial app, but right now, I can barely afford to buy gas....

Applications / 2 Apps Needed by eCS
« on: 2007.10.28, 15:32:37 »
There are 2 major apps that need to be developed for eCS:
   1. A solid business accounting system similar to Quickbooks
   2. A stand alone mapping system kind of like Streets & Trips or PCMiler.
I know Robert M is working on #2.



I can't post an answer to the poll because the question isn't there. YES, I would use AND pay for it. In my case, I would use it for routing my delivery vehicles, so would need the 'directions' feature before I would buy. Also, map drawing would have to be done under eCS, since I would be using it on my notebook as a stand alone program.
Also, there is a system for 32-bit windoze out there--PCMiler (v20, I think)--that has everything--geocodes, map drawing, directions, etc.-- you are mentioning putting in your system. Perhaps you could decompile PCMiler & recompile it for eCS? Might be easier than developing an all-new app...
I currently use an old 16-bit version of PCMiler on my eCS notebook due to the limitations of eCS when it comes to running windoze apps.


Microslop probably swiped 'em. Let's make some big $$ and sue for patent infringement! LOL

General Discussion / Re: Randell Flint
« on: 2007.10.19, 14:10:24 »
All Carla told me is that Randell was working late and didn't come home. She did say that whatever happened was very quick.

Applications / Re: dbExpert
« on: 2007.10.17, 17:50:11 »

Where do I find CREXX.INF? I am unable to locate it in my eCS 1.2R installation.


Applications / Re: Sundial Systems
« on: 2007.10.17, 14:48:51 »
In talking to Carla, they are hoping to at least continue the newsgroups, but so far, I haven't been able to connect to the server. Sundial was made up of Randell, Carla, and Carla's father. Carla said Rollin White--who used to work for Sundial--is coming in to the office every day to try to help get the servers back up and Carla is trying to take care of the consulting work she did. She's trying to find someone to take over development of Junk Spy. Randell was kind of stymied in developing dbExpert due to someone not wanting to release some of the code. dbExpert was licensed from another company that appears to be non-existant.
I DO hope we don't lose Sundial. I made that statement shortly after I found out we lost Randell and was feeling very unsupported and lost.


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