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Hardware / Re: OpenGL ddk
« on: 2009.12.17, 11:46:24 »
Can I also be included in your mail delivery list? ;)


Robert, IMHO operating system issues represent only a very tiny fraction of all the problems seen on ATM's, most problems arise due to hardware and immature device driver issues.

Banks were also unhappy in the early days of the DOS to OS/2 migration, but most problems were to blame on device driver instabilities and the switch from the old DOS-style applications to the then-new OS/2 message-driven application programming paradigm.

Now we see a shift from serial to USB ATM devices and the newly-developed drivers for these new devices also have their share of problems.

So I'm not convinced that you will achieve a significant increase in ATM availability by replacing one OS with another one.

I'm afraid this Mensys announcement comes several years too late.

Microsoft managed to push their vision of a vendor-independent Windows-only device interface named WOSA/XFS into the ATM market, and now Windows has become the dominant ATM operating system.
IBM tried to counteract this with their J/XFS driver layer, which was also multi-platform (runs in OS/2, Windows and Linux), but this could not stop the rise of Windows as the platform of choice on ATM's.

I'm afraid that eComStation will only be used in the legacy ATM market, vendors simply don't invest anymore in OS/2 drivers for newer ATM's.
Also, Mastercard and Visa (EMVCO) are pushing the security requirements and some security features simply aren't supported in eComStation (eg TPM drivers).

Article Discussions / Re: OpenSNAP geplant/OpenSNAP planned
« on: 2009.08.31, 09:42:02 »

Will Alt Richmond make the OS/2 SNAP technology open source as promised by SciTech before their acquisition, or do you have to make a deal with them ?


Programming / Re: SWT port image
« on: 2008.06.03, 11:36:52 »
Hello Leonardo,

I'm in the CET time zone and tried this morning at 6:00 am (must be 23:00 EST) but could not find your file.
Did you shutdown your computer our am I facing another problem ?


Programming / Re: SWT port image
« on: 2008.05.31, 17:47:52 »
Hello Leonardo,

Are you already sharing your image?
I can't find it with Ares search.

I'de like to give your development environment a try.
I have some experience with native PM programming but the last time I touched some PM code is already a while ago.


Abandonware / Workplace Shell for Windows source code
« on: 2008.02.12, 00:44:32 »
Instead of giving us the real stuff, IBM 'allowed' the creator of Workplace Shell for Windows to release the source code.

Is this IBM abandonware of any use to the OS/2 and eCS community ?

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