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Hi Paul,

I don't think anyone is asking you to stop doing what you are doing to write a manual.  Myself, am very thankful for what you do - in fact I'm still using the port of Sigil you did.

What I would appreciate is the odd extra line in the readme giving the command you used to build the program - I always miss something when I attempt to build a program and being able to look at what someone has used and been successful with might be the thing that would help me to be successful as well.

I am a guilty as the next person in not thanking you and the others for the work you do for OS/2.  At 70 odd I plead forgetfulness most of the time but this time it is my heartfelt thanks.


Hi Silvan,

The best I can do is point you to the answer I got when I asked that question on the Sigil forum  see reply #7.

There is also an ongoing discussion re the beta 0.6 version

I do agree that our Qt 4.7 is excellent - thank you - I use it for things like CoolReader, Image resize (SIR) and so on.


Joop, I have to agree with you regarding the use of OS/2 in industry.

I have two engineering works as clients where all the machinery is operated by OS/2 and in one case the office uses OS/2 as well.  There is no way they will change to anything else to run the machinery but it would be nice if we were able to update the input and output filters for DeScribe which is their main word-processor.  I have setup Libre Office running in Virtualbox - that needs updating as well - to do document conversion for them, and no, the port of Open Office does not cut it yet for real world use.

I also agree we need more information on porting software.  I am not a programmer but I would be prepared to try IF I knew where to begin.  For example, I use Sigil to produce epubs of the manuals we produce, thanks to Paul we have a port of it but it is version 0.2 and rather short of the features of the latest version 0.5.  If I knew how to start and setup what is necessary to port version 0.4.5 which is the last version possible because of QT4 restrictions, I would try and see if I could port it.

Applications / Re: Kompozer 0.8b3
« on: 2012.09.08, 21:37:12 »
May I add another small problem?

On my 4 core AMD processor box this version loads without problems but as soon as I try to open an HTML file it pegs all 4 cores.  I gave it time - half hour - before killing it and going back to version 0.7.10. 

It does the same on single core and 2 core boxes.


Storage / Re: JFS on Warp Server Advanced?
« on: 2012.08.24, 18:37:56 »
How do you propose setting up RAID 1 using USB?

It would be much easier to get a 2 bay NAS (D-Link DNS-323 or equivalent) and use that for storage and accessed via SAMBA.

I can't remember which version of Warp 4  first got JFS but it was also included in one of the fixpaks so you should be able to use it on your systems.   It will require you to run VCU.EXE or DFSee to put the necessary lvm information on your hard disks (not needed on the NAS).


Networking / Re: OS/2 Warp 4 On VPC2007
« on: 2012.08.20, 08:02:26 »
So you hadn't bound any protocols to the virtual NIC ;) that always helps.

I'm glad you managed to work out the problem.  You can always check what is bound to the NIC by looking at PROTOCOL.INI (a text file in C:\ibmcom).


Networking / Re: OS/2 Warp 4 On VPC2007
« on: 2012.08.19, 14:21:36 »
A little more information would help.

What version of windows are you running VPC2007 on?  This can change how the virtual network responds.

Have you installed the OS/2 driver for the virtual network card in OS/2?  If not then there is no way you are going to connect to any network.

If you have installed the OS/2 network card driver what protocols have you bound to it?

Copy LANTRAN.LOG - found in C:/ibmcom and post it here to help us help you.


Applications / Re: LVM ... effin buggy
« on: 2012.08.02, 00:51:52 »
Sorry Chris, I used DFSee running on OS/2 to create the partitions and add the LVM information on the USB stick.  The fat32 was formatted by DFSee and the JFS by OS/2.

Backup any files you want to keep to a computer then you can experiment without fear of loosing anything.  Another thing, which I only give an information, the fat32 partition is 10GB and the LVM is the remainder.


Applications / Re: LVM ... effin buggy
« on: 2012.08.01, 22:18:43 »
Chris, did you make a partition on that USB stick?  If not you will see what you are seeing.

I have a 32GB USB stick divided into two partitions - one formatted as jfs the other as fat32.  both have drive letters that are seen by OS/2  and are readable by OS/2.  I use the fat32 partition when working on clients windows machines to transfer drivers etc.


Setup & Installation / Re: A question about OS/2 and eCS
« on: 2012.07.30, 19:32:15 »
Thank everyone for the help so far, we might be getting somewhere.

I spent lunchtime reading through the files list my friend sent me of the eCS CD made with cdlist from UPDCD.  It appears that eCS has licensed Dialog Enhancer because I found in cid\server\ecspkg that contained a number of res files for changing the resources in the listed files.  How much bearing this has on the problem we have vet to work out - I am assuming it will require replacing all the listed files with clean ones taken from the CD.

Another thing I found using DLLTree on the exes of the applications in question and that is they all rely on a common set of DLLs.  Another thing to follow up.

It appears this will not be an easy problem to sole but we are not giving up at the moment - it will be slower during the week because of work but we intend to get there in the end.


Setup & Installation / Re: A question about OS/2 and eCS
« on: 2012.07.29, 13:18:38 »
Thanks Joop and sorry about the wrong url - finger trouble.

On Gerald's machine (screen 1280x1024) it is 1100x390, on mine (screen 1280x1024) it is 663x292.

From that I still do not understand why the difference considering we start with the same screen size and resolution.  I do understand that there could be a difference on my 28" 1920x1200 monitor but even there it is still 663x292 pixels in size.


Setup & Installation / Re: A question about OS/2 and eCS
« on: 2012.07.29, 10:40:05 »
Thanks for the information Alex but - isn't there always a but - why are things like World Clock, CPU etc., the same size on both systems?

Another thing, I have just fired up a system that has unadorned Warp4 with FP6 that I use for testing and I get just about the same size for FREEPM, PMSEEK and IP Speed as I have on every other OS/2 machine here, very strange, the only difference is that some fonts are in bold.

Yet another thing, I have checked the OS2INI and OS2SYS INI files Gerald sent and he has changed the default fonts to 9.WarpSans and he still has the large sizes.

Could someone please get a copy of FREEPM = and try it on your system to find out if we have a single anomaly or not.


Setup & Installation / Re: A question about OS/2 and eCS
« on: 2012.07.28, 21:32:43 »
Thanks Dave, I phoned him - aren't free phone calls great - and he did that and e-mailed me another screen grab (size4.jpg). 

For comparison I've added the same grab from my system (size5.jpg).

All I can say is that if that is the way eCS is going I don't want to know unless there is a reliable way of removing such 'enhancements'.



Setup & Installation / Re: A question about OS/2 and eCS
« on: 2012.07.28, 18:41:28 »
Thanks for replying Joop.

1 & 2)  Pictures were taken from 19" monitors running at 2048x1024 so the relative sizes are correct.

3)         I use INI Editor 1.2.0 which allows reading and writing to the binary OS/2 INI files without problems.

4)         While the eCS version may look nicer generally it takes up too much of the screen to be left running and obscures minimised icons.  The fix is to reduce it to the same size as the OS/2 version.

5)        I know I will have to get eCS when I run out of licensed copies of OS/2 but if what I see is an 'enhancement' then I am NOT impressed at all.

Having thought more about it, what I am seeing appears to be something like Dialogue Enhancer that I bought many years ago.  It was supposed to improve dialogue boxes by using some font other than the OS/2 standard.  One of the reasons I gave up using it was because it changed the physical size of the dialogue boxes.  I went on to use SETDFONT which does a system wide change of the default font.

If what my friend is seeing is set by something like that the question now becomes, how do you turn it off?


Setup & Installation / A question about OS/2 and eCS
« on: 2012.07.28, 00:05:21 »
I have a question that I can't find the answer to.

A friend was on holiday and called in to see me a couple of weeks ago and we got talking about computers.

I let him loose on my 4 core AMD box with its multi TB hard disks.  He was checking the size of the hard disks with FREEPM when he remarked that my version was smaller than his and so was my IP SPEED.
I found this rather strange because he had installed the utilities from the CD I had sent him.

A few days ago he sent me a screen grab taken with GOTCH176 - they are definitely larger.  I have taken the same grab from one of my computers and combined them with his in the attached picture.

The only difference between his system - a 2 core AMD on an Abit KN9 Ultra and mine is that he is running eCS and I am running OS/2.

Now the question:
What is causing his install of FREEPM to take up half of the width of his 19" monitor while mine doesn't?

The same goes for the discrepancy in IP SPEED.

I have looked through the INI files he sent and the same files on my machine and I can't find anything that can be causing this problem.  He says it also appears in some dialogue boxes as well.

While it doesn't stop him using it, he, like me, is now rather niggled by it and would like it fixed if possible.

Since I don't have eCS I'm putting this here in the hope that someone will recognise the problem and have an answer to it.


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