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Applications / Re: WebDav and eComStation
« on: 2012.09.28, 15:54:02 »
Thanks Batchheizer

Even that I don't understand German, Google Translate gives me a very good hint of the article contents. Thanks

I think it may help if someone can write some article on the EDM/2 on how to set up Paul's environment.

I had used it to create a "hello world" command line program once, reading a very simple GCC online tutorial.

Applications / WebDav and eComStation
« on: 2012.09.26, 19:39:54 »

I'm trying some WebDav stuff, what options do we have under eComStation-OS2?

For the moment I had only found NetDrive ( with the WebDav Plugin (

Is there any other option beside this one to mount a WebDav drive?

Hi wstan

Neil Waldhauer (BlondGuy) hangs out on this forum from time to time. Maybe he can answer some of you doubts.

Hi DougB

...The main problem with doing it that way, is that the company could suddenly decide to raise the cost, or they could go out of business, or decide to terminate the project. ..

You are exactly describing the risks of close source software. I prefer to have things open sourced (copyleft) instead of close source software. IBM has teach me (and I think all of us)  a lesson, no matter how bit or small the developer company is, you can always be left "High and Dry".  Open Source is a way to legally mitigate this risk.

That's why releasing software as open source will legally allow anybody (individuals and companies) to keep developing the software, no matter if the original developer exists or not.

Currently OS/2 is in survival mode. If we want to platform to have a long term future we need to make an open source clone of it, otherwise, the Mensys updates on eComStation will end with the last corporate customer migrating to Windows/Linux.

Here it is my strategy's business case for the "Savvy Businessman"


Lesson Learned: "Dreams may not have business cases."

Hi walking_x

I agreed with the removal of OS/4 kernel links from this forum, I don't want to shut down if I got a complain from copyright author. OS/4 kernel is a illegal software and I don't want to put in risk this site. I prefer to mitigate the risk at once, than having a remote possibility that IBM can sue us.  When OS/4 releases a legal version that can be uploaded at hobbes and shared with everyone it will be ok.

For the moment, I think that maintaining online is more important.

OS/4 community should try to clone OS/2 components and make them open souce (copyleft). It is more important to make the platform survive for everyone than complaining about Mensys or Gorbunov.

Contact the Loader clone author and tell him to turn the it open source under a copyleft license (maybe GNU GPL) and stop caring about Mensys. This will benefit the platform in the long term, and anybody that wants to recompile/improve/change the loader will also require to give the source back.

Being honest, I'm do not have deep technical knowledge to know if some dbus source code (  can be used to create a clone of SOM/DSOM.

I'm having some issues with ACPI on a Thinkpad L420 (7856-3WS).
Mainboard: Intel HM65 (Cougar Point)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M

After installing ACPI, it boots fine, but when I try to go to the "ACPI Power Manager" settings it says:
"The Power Manager service is not available. Either ACPIDaemon is not running or your system does not support power management"

It didn't work with or without /VBE. The Standy by goes to sleep but does not turn on back.

By the way, I don't use eCS 2.1 on this machine running on real hardware (only virtualized) since the trackpoint and touchpad does not work (only the external mouse works) and the Intel Centrino 6205 wireless is not supported.

Article Discussions / ACPI package 3.21.02 has been released
« on: 2012.09.14, 20:06:00 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Friday, 07 September 2012

David A. .. .

I just tried this release of ACPI on the Thinkpad R51 (1838-PS0) and the standy mode is working. It goes to sleep with fn+F4 and it restarts with the power button. The wireless has to be turned off and turned on again once it gets back from the standy by.

But I still consider that working on cloning OS/2 from "Top to down" is the best idea.

When I mean "Top to Down" I mean trying to clone:
1) WorkplaceShell  (reusing as much of XWorkplace - GNU GPL )
3) Presentation Manager (reusing as much of FreePM and the OSFree DLLs - FreeBSD)

Trying to clone this three components as Open Source over eComStation - OS/2 Warp 4.52, and later keep moving to go to the lower level components. I think it the same idea that the Voyager protect used to have.

Hi walking_x

I will consider OS/4 when:

1) once they are able to replace the IBM leaked source code. Using leaked source code is consider illegal. Abandonware is consider illegal. There is no future for a platform if it can not be also used for commercial use. Companies and individuals that works to make money don't want to have the risk of using an illegal platform.

2) When OS/4 kernel and loader turns open source. I don't know why some Russians thinks that Open Source only help the capitalist. Talking on the #OS2russian channel they told me "Open Source only works for making Mensys Millions of Dollars". But they don't think that turning the software open source (copyleft) also forces Mensys to give back the source code improvements.

About QSLoader, as far as I know it is original work (please correct me if I'm wrong), but it says on the license.
"Binary form of this package is freeware. Source code can be available by request, for non-commercial use only."

So, this loader do not has a future, and the license seems to be dedicated to Mensys. Not even the more radical people from the "Free Software Foundation" limits their source code for "non-commercial use only".  My suggestion is to make it open source under a copyleft license. Which mean that anybody that will modifying the source code will be forced to give back the changes. So in this case, if Mensys uses this loader for eComStation, any improved source code will have to be released public too.

I consider the OS/4 like a good team of developers and they are not motivated of making money (which I consider it good), but they need to formalize their work with an open source copyleft license. The OS/4 team need to stop having heart feelings against Mensys and think about the future of the platform.

Thanks David

I haven't tried with Microsoft. I think that MS has too much competitive strategy when they don't give anything to a possible competitor on their market. And possible they are on the same IBM position, when they don't know what belongs to them and what not. But anybody is welcome to give it a try, I may be wrong

Maybe some lawyer can review the MS IBM Joint development agreement, but some of the annex are missing. And I don't know what other documents were signed between IBM and MS.

About the patents, I don't know too much about US Intellectual Property. But it will be interesting to document / list all the patents that are OS/2 related. Some SOM patents we have it listed on the EDM/2 wiki (at the right column, down)

The only MS patent I know about OS/2 is the HPFS which has 17 years. Is there any way to know if MS renew it ?

I know IBM have shot down the possibility of open sourcing various OS/2 components, but has there ever been discussion of licensing the source code to companies like Mensys? Did Stardock attempt something similar?

Hi Danielnez1. Sorry to be negative on this area, but we had tried with IBM and it seems that there is no possibility on licensing source code. Once I even tried for them to change the license of the IBM DDK source code, but they told that do not have at hand the development agreements with Microsoft, so they don't know if they can do that. They think they have a risk with Microsoft on this area.

We also have to remember that IBM only works with business cases, any sentimental/technical/historical reason to bring OS/2 source code to the public do not work with them.

That's why I think the only way to made a future for this platform is try to made an open source clone of OS/2 components like WPS, SOM/DSOM and PM, and try to leave IBM on the past.

Applications / Re: Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
« on: 2012.08.30, 23:58:44 »
ok, I solved my problems with the INF rebels I wanted to transform to HTML.

It was solved with a mix of Newview, VyperHelp, IPFC.exe (DDK), INF2HTML and VisPro help editor (it was a coincidence that I used this one).

Thanks for the help.

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