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Applications / Re: How relevant is the .inf format?
« on: 2011.10.10, 21:16:31 »

for me, there's two sides of the story:
While the INF/HLP format is preferrable for anything related to online-help, I hate it when it's bieng used in a "readme" kind of way.
The reason for it is that I often find myself coming across some intersting piece of software while sitting in front of a non-OS/2|eCS system.
This is the very moment when I can't read detailed information about the software (to check its suitability) because of the INF/HLP format.

I will summarize my preferred formats here:
- online information: HTML
- static documents / for print, D/L: PDF
- readme and cross-platform information: plain text ASCII files
- context-sensitive help in applications: HLP/INF

The answer to the format question is: It depends on what you want to use it for. ;)

Cheers, HTH,

Open Bounties / Re: OS2 & eCS kernel
« on: 2011.07.18, 09:04:55 »
Hi Dee,

wishing you all the best from the other side of the pond.
Keep on rockin', dude.


Internet / Re: Firefox 4? Firefox 5? Huh?
« on: 2011.07.13, 10:03:55 »

although I can't say anything about the status of implementation regarding the OS/2 port, I think HTML5 is the important aspect.
I really appreciate a lot of companies going away from Flash in favor of HTML5. In the long run, Flash will be dead - which solves one of the biggest problems we have right now with regards to "internet".


Rexx / Re: RFI: Make a screenshot (a "capture") from REXX
« on: 2011.07.06, 14:09:10 »
Stop damaging that desk Thomas, it doesn't deserve it  ;)


Hehe. ;)
You don't want to see all the scratches from my teeth and fingernails that originated when I was last programming something! :-/


Rexx / Re: RFI: Make a screenshot (a "capture") from REXX
« on: 2011.07.05, 14:21:53 »
Hi all,

thanks for the great suggestions so far!
In the meanwhile, I had a moment of true *headdesk* experience when recalling that there is a website known by the name of "Hobbes"... OUCH! And it has a whole damn directory of such things! *double-ouch* !! :)

FYI: @hobbes - /pub/os2/apps/graphics/scrncapt :D

Thanks again!

Rexx / Re: RFI: Make a screenshot (a "capture") from REXX
« on: 2011.07.04, 15:16:34 »
Hi Radek,
A working C code ... [snip]

I will try if I can make something out of it, but I am C-agnostic. :-P
Even if I manage to get a working C-program from a source snippet ("by chance"), I would not be able to use that as a Rexx-callable DLL ... well OK; maybe a standalone thing. But still, there are a lot of "maybe" in this equation. :-)

Thanks a lot anyway!
(I still like your avatar very much though! :-P )

Rexx / Re: RFI: Make a screenshot (a "capture") from REXX
« on: 2011.07.04, 15:01:07 »
Hi ivan,
Have you looked at Gotcha it's GPL

I checked the descripition at Hobbes (Don't have eCS around for test-drive).
Hm. Sounds just like what I need :-P
Thanks for the tip! Will check it out later.


Rexx / RFI: Make a screenshot (a "capture") from REXX
« on: 2011.07.04, 11:40:27 »

can someone point me to a DLL (-function) or even commandline tool which enables me to make a screenshot of the desktop from code? Even if there is something which can do screenshots of "any window" (via specifying the windows HWND), that would be fine.
I just need a way to do this from REXX. (Oh, yes: For OS/2 and eComStation I mean. :-P )


Networking / Re: TCP/IP in eCS 2.1?
« on: 2011.06.29, 18:06:16 »
that's strange indeed.
Try this in a command window please:
dhcpstrt -i lan0 -d 10
...which should request a new ip for interface zero and wait ten seconds for a response.
(I hope to have memorized the syntax correctly...)
Maybe the dhcp server takes  (too) long to respond?

Networking / Re: TCP/IP in eCS 2.1?
« on: 2011.06.29, 16:13:52 »
Hi Lumo,

I might be mistaken but what I understand from your description is that apparently something is wrong with your setup.
An IP address of 169... to means that it's an "internal" dummy IP assigned to a WiFi adapter in case it has no connection to any WiFi access point.

When you installed eCS, did you make it load drivers for all NICs (the wired AND the wireless)?
If so, could you perhaps try to reconfigure it (using mptn.exe) to only activate/use the wired NIC instead?
I have to admit that I don't know if something changed for eCS 2.1 regarding NIC configuration...

Other than that, are you having any kind of MAC-adress-based filter enabled on your router which possibly prevents the Thinkpad from being served a DHCP address?

Cheers, HTH,

Applications / Re: Mplayer/Smplayer problem
« on: 2011.06.29, 08:58:55 »
Hi klipp,

if the error message says something about "sddhelp$" I guess it means that somehting is still looking for SNAP drivers.
Which leads me to suspect that something went wrong when you switched from SNAP to Panorama...

Not 100% sure though.
HTH, Thomas

Applications / Re: Java for os2
« on: 2011.06.28, 18:11:45 »

I start to believe that the forum software here is missing the important feature of "LIKE" buttons. :-)

Great job guys, kudos to Silvan and Dmitry.
Hopefully we will be able to give them the missing money somehow.


Hardware / Re: Multi-monitor Systems
« on: 2011.06.21, 13:26:24 »
Hi Rob,

If you are currently running a multi-monitor setup under OS/2 (as I do),
... [snip]

ehhh... looking at your pics... how the heck did you manage to get this to work in eCS?
I was always able to only clone the desktops. What's the trick behind it?

You might have mentioned it somewhere in the thread, but are you running this
- with Matrox "DualHead2Go" or similar
- by using SNAP instead of Panorama or vice-versa including the "widescreen activator"
- or is this a virtualized eCS

Please let me know, cheers,

Utilities / Re: A "drop-box" tip
« on: 2011.06.08, 10:37:34 »
Hi Mikael,

wow. This is nice - never thought of that. Will try this! :-P


Hardware / Re: Multi-monitor Systems
« on: 2011.05.25, 13:09:52 »

looking at Sigurds scenario, again the solution wouold be to provide a "hookable" function that can be used by the enhancers.
OK, a hotkey will not make sense here because the keyboard isn't accessible. But even then, if someone comes up with a "mous gesture" handler for the enhancers, the function "rotate primary screen" could be assigned a gesture.

The most relevant part here for me is that the driver must be able to handle screen rotations separately for each physical screen.
That's quite some fiddling around the actual core task to have a driver :))

I strongly recommend to think about modularization of the tasks/features:
If one provides API calls to rotate screen(s), clone|extend dekstop, swap screen for a given window these could be made available to the next layer of user applications which would then make them available as mouse gestures, hotkeys or even -heck- launchpad buttons. In any way it saves the driver developer from having to hardcode everything in the first stage with roughly about 98,5% of users complaining that they prefer a different method for ... whatever.

Just my 2ct, cheers,

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