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Hardware / New old topic--portable printer
« on: 2007.05.22, 20:35:38 »

My portable printer is a Canon USB PIXMA iP90 photo printer. It is attached to my eCS 1.2 notebook via USB cable. I have the printer installed as a Canon i950 using Omni.drv. I have paper in the printer and the printer is turned on. When I try to print a report, I get the following message:

   JobID 3 on Canon i950
   Your printer is not responding and may be offline

The printer is NOT offline as far as I can tell. When I installed the printer in eCS, did I tell the driver the wrong printer? The iP90 is not listed on the Canon install list. Should I be usint the Postscript driver? Should I use the Laserprint(I think thats what it is) driver? Should I tell the install that it's a different printer? If so, which printer should I tell it to emulate?

I probably have more questions that I haven't thought of, but any answers you can give to the above questions will be more than helpful.

Thank you in advance.


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