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Article Discussions / Open source petition to Innotek?
« on: 2008.02.18, 12:41:04 »
I wonder whether it would make sense to start a petition to Innotek to opensource their former OS/2 software NOW.

Specifically I am thinking about the technology to produce wrappers for certain Windows software (aka the Odin Custom build called Innotek Runtime plus the build system to create a wrapped package from a genuine Windows Java etc.).

I don't think that a wrapped OpenOffice is very interesting, and a wrapped Flash 8, 9 is unworkable anyway (both for technical and legal reasons). The same is probably true for Acrobat Reader (but who knows?).

However, the Innotek Runtime has advanced features, that are not present in the public Odin tree, these might be of interest, and a newer Java 1.4.2 does not seem to be completely unrealistic using the Innotek wrappers, too.

While I am not calling for a real Odin renaissance, it would be sad, if that technology was lost for OS/2.

An additional issue would be the Innotek Fontengine, which probably would be quite interesting, too.

I doubt that any of these would have a negative impact on Innoteks or Suns commercial interests these days.

Just my 2 cents, what do you think about that?

Kind regards,
Herwig B.

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