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Hardware / Getting internet access after migration
« on: 2011.06.22, 23:52:38 »
This is about the same as my post starting the "Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit" thread, but things haven't changed.  Health issues have been a problem, and my lack of knowledge remains the biggest one.

I had managed to migrate eCS 2.0 over the 1.2 updated with the files I was told about (that updated 1.2 also boots, and can access the web, but quickly locks up (no popuplog.os2 clue.)  I can't access the web from the migrated version, I think for two reasons.  1, i can't remember the name, subnet mask, etc. I used for the network, or whichever name eCS asks for.  2, migration installed the generic driver for my Intel Pro 100+ NIC, and the built-in NIC.  Perhaps that is a problem?  It also installed Panorama driver, instead of already installed SNAP.

I want to install a clean 2.0 as well, on a non-C: partition.  How is that done?

Thank you for any help, as always.

Hardware / Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.13, 20:18:58 »
I'm still having all sorts of problems.  Not knowing what I'm doing gets in the way, so I'm trying to learn.  Anyway, if my 1.2 is 1.2R rather than MR (though I thought I had kept up with all the updates), what files what I need to manually replace on 1.2 to get it to boot on my 64 bit motherboard?  Kernel, uni or SMP, whatever will work.

My 2.0 migration has to be re-done.  I recall it didn't find a sound card, and that it installed Panorama video driver (I was using SNAP, motherboard does have ATI video.)  It found two network cards - the Intel Pro 10/100 I was using, and the built-in, and selected Genmac for both. I also had trouble remembering the settings it asked for networking. (subnet, etc.) - can I use Win to find them, and have someone here write them down for me?

As always, thank you very much.


Hardware / More help with upgrade
« on: 2011.02.19, 22:24:16 »
For some reason, this board will no longer let me see page 2 of my "major trouble after motherboard swap" when I'm logged in, so I can't reply to it any longer.  I can read page 2 fine when not logged in.  So, I'm starting this thread as a continuation, and hope I won't have the same problem if this thread gets to two pages.

To summarize - I now have both my new and old drive.  New drive is drive 1, has XP and Boot Manager on it, and is the only one eCS 2.0 will install to (either as new or migration - I've tried both a few times.)  There is an eCS 2.0 fresh install on it, as well as a partition ready to try migration again (but more advice might help get that try to have working internet and other things upon completion.) I've tried easy and advanced migration - thanks to DFsee, I can clone the 1.2 boot partition over failed migrations as often as needed.  Old drive has eCS 1.2 on first partition (C:), and partitions from D: to L:, and an NTFS partition with my old XP install.

My 64 bit motherboard has been shown to not be a problem.  Obviously, my eCS 1.2 was not fully updated, though I thought I'd kept up with everything, so it will not boot on this board (if I try, the system immediately resets.)  I'd still like to find all the files needed to make it boot with this board - I haven't had any luck finding the ones mentioned in the first thread.  At least 1.2 had the printing and lan card working.  Migration to 2.0 is preferred because I have programs I use that I no longer have install disks for.

Hardware / major trouble after motherboard swap
« on: 2010.11.18, 03:22:59 »
My friend swapped out my 32 bit motherboard for a 64 bit Asus MA489GTD Pro motherboard.  Bios was set for native IDE for the controller.  After motherboard change, nothing would boot.  Boot Manager on drive 1came up, but when eCS (1.2) was selected, the computer immediately rebooted every time.  Not even a glimpse of the eComStation screen.  XP showed the Windows screen, then died.  Both are on disk 1.  Ubuntu 8.04, which I had on a small second drive and had looked at occasionally, showed the welcome screen, but died soon after.  

I'm currently on a reinstall of XP on a new drive.  My friend has my other drives, motherboard, and cards, and plans to build a test machine with them to see if the OS's will still boot with the old configuration.  I'd like to get at least my old eCS on old drive 1 working with the new motherboard.  Any ideas?

Thank you.

Applications / Seamonkey 99.9% CPU locks or crashes
« on: 2010.08.21, 19:33:10 »
I cannot use Seamonkey or Firefox in eCS 1.2.  The CPU is always pegged at 99.9%, and page loading is extremely slpw, or the app locks and must be closed, or crashes.  I don't know what to do about this.  It wasn't problem with SM 1.1x or FF 2.x.

Hardware / eCS 1.2 and 64 bit motherboard
« on: 2010.08.12, 20:21:05 »
Will eCS 1.2 work if I replace my 32 bit motherboard with a 64 bit motherboard and keep my hard drives? 

Hardware / eCS won't boot
« on: 2009.09.01, 21:49:45 »
Yesterday, I had some kind of problem with the electric outlet that the computer and my phone is plugged into.  Power stopped coming through it all of a sudden.  Of course, that stopped the computeer and everything else plugged into the UPS unit.  Then had a couple of flickers before it died totally (after the first interrupted the reboot), I had the power on the UBS turned off.  Turned it on an hour or so later, but still no power.

The electrician came this morning.  Naturally, the outlet had power, but he replaced it with a three prong outlet in case the problem was transient.  I had the UPS turned on.  Everything started, but eCS wouldn't boot after selecting it in Boot Manager.   Nothing showed on screen but a blinking cursor - normally, the files loaded in the boot process display in order.   I then tried to boot from the eCS 1.2 CD - no boot, either. - the eComStation 1.2 welcome screen  appeared, which is the first thing that happens, and that was the end.  So it isn't necessarily a problem with the eCS C: drive, but something as strange as not being able to print from Dos apps in eCS since I changed monitors to a widescreen (it's SNAP driver, and the Dos apps come up fine.)

Any ideas I can try to get eCS booting?  I don't understand why a CD boot wouldn't work.

XP booted fine (took forever, but it always does.)

Hardware / No printing after monitor change
« on: 2009.07.03, 00:46:27 »
eCS 1.2, HP920c.  I had to change monitors (my Viewsonic VX922 had to be sent back.)  When the new monitor (another Viewsonic) was plugged in, all seemed well, until I tried to print.  No go.  Any ideas what I can do to get printing working with this monitor?

Thank you.

Internet / FF2 to FF3
« on: 2008.11.18, 21:35:49 »
I've been using the PmW versions of Firefox and Seamonkey.  How do I upgrade to 3.0x?  My profiles are in a /Mozprofiles tree.

Thanks for the help.

Hardware / Abit KX7-333
« on: 2008.06.25, 21:57:50 »
For some reason, we cannot get my Abit KX7-333 motherboard, which should take up to 3.5 G RAM, to work with anything but the two 256M chips it has had from the beginning.  My friend has tried 1 gig, two 512s, mixtures, and no joy - the computer doesn't even show the "Press DEL..." screen, just a black screen.  What could be going wrong?



Hardware / eCS 1.2R/USB 2.0
« on: 2008.05.14, 02:58:47 »
I added a four port USB 2.0 card to my system, which has two USB 1.1 ports.  Will eCS handle USB 2.0?   What do I need to add to config.sys for these ports?  My first USB device will be an external drive.


Applications / tiny beep
« on: 2007.06.12, 22:36:27 »
I've asked this in comp.os.os2.misc newsgroup, also, but in case someone is here who doesn't read the newsgroups, I  posted this here, also.

I'm using eCS 1.2R.  I have, among other apps,  WPSWizard and xCenter 1.07  (updated over eCenter, per Herbert Rosenau's instructions in the FidoNet OS/2 echo when I asked about xCentter vs. eCenter.)  Whenever I click on a desktop object or object in a folder, I hear a tiny beep.  I have no idea why, and nobody has been able to deduce why yet (I got several replies, which I appreciated.)  Checkini and Cleanini have been run, and the beep remains.  There must be some reason for it.

Thanks for reading,


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