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Applications / LVM ... effin buggy
« on: 2012.08.01, 19:35:07 »

I am sure something is wrong with LVM application...

I have a 16GB (SanDisk Cruzer Fit mini USB flash), and as I know, I need to put LVM info on this
so  I can use it with the eCS too (FAT32 formatted).

When I insert it, it creates a Drive (E:) that thinks that the USB flash is 32MB (LOL time now).

Then I run the LVM application, I can see that it reports the correct size, 15xxx MB, but there is NO
f* way to add LVM info...  Also I tried the DFSEE, I added the LVM info like drive name and letter, but
even then, the dammit eCS cannot use this info..

So I assume that the LVM cannot handle a USB (removable) drive with this size (16GB) !!?!



I am running the eCS 2.1 under the VirtualBox..

After a lot of attempts to make the (useless) samba client to see the shares of my main system (linux)
I decided to change the TCPIP from DCHP  to manual address... ok that was the last time the eCS installation booted again..

seems eCS 2.1 has this nice easter egg feature : you change the TCPIP then ...  Self Destruction!

Applications / odin32 and... KeePass
« on: 2012.03.25, 22:56:03 »

I installed the latest odin32 (0.8.4) and I did some 'experiments' with the KeePass...
I played with the portable version of it, (needs just the gdiplus.dll).
So far I managed to start the application (was not so fast), but the KeePass freeze when trying to decode (after entering the password) of a keepass datafile (or even save a new one).... but anyway I think is big progress
of the odin32, as IIRC I could not even run that app with older versions!



Setup & Installation / eCS 2.1 installation.. crashed...
« on: 2012.02.23, 01:33:04 »
After I ejected an 160GB HDD (could not see the contents of the drive anyway (due to the current bugy NTFS))
I got a nice NTFS crash error.. then I rebooted the system...

now the OS boots and stops on the "EVFS eComstation Virtual File System Driver v.1.002"

I really don't understand.. I just ejected a device and the eCS auto-corrupted?! f unbelievable!
(note I was on JFS filesystem)

any ideas?


Networking / ftp passive mode?
« on: 2011.12.10, 21:30:13 »
I have no clue how to enable the passive mode of the ftp client (cli)... any help please?


Networking / unable to browse win7 shares...
« on: 2011.12.10, 15:51:40 »

The EVFSGUI  does not display the shares of a win7 system.. I am a bit confused here, do I need to install any extra software? (running eCS 2.1)
note that I can ping the win7 system , also the shares can be accessible from other systems that run: XP, linux even an OpenBSD box, but not from eCS!

thanks in advance!

Hardware / Aironet 350 driver...
« on: 2011.10.27, 23:54:05 »
Hi guys,

I got an Aironet 350 card from a friend and I tried to use it withe the eCS 2.1 but in vain..
There is a driver for 350/340 at Hobbes but is for the 340 as I see.... Also I noticed there
an ftp site with this driver (on the old os2world forums) but that ftp site has nothing...
Any idea, please, where can I find the driver for this? As I see its supported under os/2
(is on the h/w list) but I simply cannot find that driver

Thank you in advance!

Applications / USB install ?
« on: 2011.10.20, 22:46:25 »
Is there any utility (like unetbootin for example) that can put the ISO of the eCS
to a bootable USB? I know there is somewhere a procedure to do this, but its not

thx in advance

Setup & Installation / eCS on X24 installation problem...
« on: 2011.09.28, 17:08:08 »

I am trying to install the eCS 2.1 on a ThinkPad X24, I was running so far OS/2 warp 4
on a second partition without any problem...
So I installed the eCS 2.1, but the system hangs after loading the "vmanwin.sys" .

Any ideas/help?

Thank you


Games / VICE 2.3
« on: 2011.02.26, 20:33:25 »
The new version of VICE just released!

grab it while is hot  :D


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / What is going on here?
« on: 2011.02.24, 11:15:42 »
Since a couple of minutes ago, I could not login anymore to this forum.
it seems my account was deleted, as I re-register again using the same username.

I am curious to be informed WHAT I did and you deleted my account.
I am not very happy about this kind of ban/deletion without any reason.


as I see now, my old account was marked as 'guest' ....
ok, if you like to ban people without any reason... "congratulations"

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