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Article Discussions / Odin32 new build
« on: 2010.09.15, 23:12:41 »
Anyone play with this yet?

I've found it to run more programs than the previous build but it still hits many of the same limitations of the old ones. MSVCRT dlls, GDIPLUS dlls, and DirectX dlls (audio/input/etc).

However, it looks very promising. I'm going to keep tweaking with it to see if I can't get some important (to me) apps to run.

Hardware / Sungworld 89001A
« on: 2010.05.07, 07:44:21 »
8.9" LCD @ 1024x600 @ 32bpp 60hz
VIA VX800 Chipset
VIA C7-M 1.6ghz
2gb DDR2 533mhz
8gb Sandisk SSD

VT1708A (Azalia HDAC)
*Supported by Uniaud

Wired Networking:
 Realtek 8101E/8102E
*Not working in GenMac 2.20 UNSUPPORTED
*Will load, crash when Ethernet cable is inserted

Wireless Networking: (160a:3184)
VIA VT6656 USB 802.11g
*Not working, driver source available
*USB not yet supported in GenMac

Multimedia Card Reader: (0bda:0158)
*Not Working

VX800 Graphics:
640x480 & 800x600 @ 256 color,16bpp,32bpp
*No native resolution using Panorama
*Not able to add 1024 600 32 0 to SNAP using gamode with noncert on

USB Touchpad:
Horribly glitchy, impossible to use with AMOUSE
(First time I've ever seen anything like this)
Synaptics Touchpad. Works under Windows/Linux/Haiku without driver

USB Webcam: (eb1a:2771)
eMPIA 2771
*Not working, linux Driver/Source available. Supports many cams.

It sorta almost mostly works, and I feel like the Wired and Wireless NIC issues can be worked around as VIA is pretty generous with driver version availability (the files are in folders and don't NEED to be installed and then extracted from a Windows partition) and oftentimes have the full driver source available as well.

The REPORT.txt file was from the RC7 install hardware detection.

Article Discussions / Dr. MessageTechnology Preview
« on: 2010.04.21, 05:00:37 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A technolo. .. .
This is built off of Libpurple/Pidgin for the protocol stuff, the GUI is all OS/2 native by Marty.

Article Discussions / eCS: News from the bugfixing frontline
« on: 2010.02.28, 08:02:34 »
Is there a "Like This" button?

I'm pretty excited for this...

The VESA drivers in Linux and Windows Vista/7 are absolutely fantastic fast and I'm hopeful that now Panorama can keep pace with them.

USB / Samsung SGH-A827 (Access)
« on: 2010.02.28, 06:49:53 »
OS/2 will properly mount the 4gb microSDHC card in the phone under eCS 2.0RC7.
MTP mode not tested, Samsung PCStudio Mode obviously not going to work.

This is a feat that even Xubuntu 9.10 can not manage. Xubuntu causes my phone to reboot as soon as it tries to mount it.

Thank you eCS, you've proven to be better than Linux (in this instance at least).

Excellent work! Glad to see that this can be done (Linux -> eCS NIF)

Wonder if a driver could be made for the VIA networking products that have Linux sources available?

Setup & Installation / eCS 2.0RC7 On Sungworld 8.9" Netbook
« on: 2010.01.19, 22:31:23 »
Sungworld 8.9 Series
VIA C7-M 1.6ghz
VIA VX800 Chipset
2gb DDR2 RAM
8gb miniPCI-E SSD (Sandisk)
Realtek Gigabit LAN
VIA Usb Wireless

Set up the installer from an IDE CD-rom drive on an IDE->USB adapter. Set USB CD-ROM to 1 in the installer and enabled install from USB drive option as well. Also used Modern ACPI (not safemode).

Installer launches perfectly and allows you to set everything up. Neither LAN nor WLAN are detected, same goes for audio driver.

Once install process starts, it will get stuck on Stage 1: Merging Driver Selections.

I waited over an hour for this screen to progress, but it never did.
What exactly goes on in this phase that could have caused it to fail/freeze like that?


Programming / Building Firefox 3.7
« on: 2009.12.23, 04:03:17 »
I have followed the instructions on and set up the build environment as best as I can. I've substituted GCC 4.4 from Paul as opposed to GCC 3.3.5.

I am currently missing os2tk45. If anyone has the latest one (From eCS 2.0 RC7) that'd be excellent. I'd really like to have an up to date build of Firefox 3.7 as I've found it to be even faster than Chrome on my Windows and Linux machines (tested using PeaceKeeper).

Article Discussions / TabEdit
« on: 2009.12.22, 03:39:20 »
I like it so far. However, I can't seem to get the Settings option to function when a blank document is open nor when a file is open. Could it be a configuration issue on my end?

Excellent application. Very useful, especially when downloading ISO images and checking them against the provided md5sums or when transferring large archive files.


Article Discussions / Jeti/2 0.7.8 (091123)
« on: 2009.11.26, 06:57:08 »
Does anyone know of a Jabber server with a working AIM transport? I really need an AIM client under eCS while Marty works on MrMessage.

#  Updated OS2LVM to bldlevel 14.105 (was 14.96)
# Added new LVM wrapper, prevents problems with eCS alongside Windows Vista
# Updated Bootable JFS to version 1.0.8
# Updated NTFS.IFS to version 2.0.17

These are very interesting, especially NTFS. Can anyone comment any further on this?

Also, I'd like to see the option to have eCS install to ofther Filesystems than HPFS/JFS. I think that if it supports the filesystem as read/write it should be able to be installed to/booted from that filesystem.

Setup & Installation / eMachines eTower 633ids
« on: 2009.07.22, 00:42:51 »
Can not start eCS 2.0 RC6a installer on this machine.

Insert CD in Secondary Master/Slave (Master: Acer 16x DVD / Slave: HP Burner 9100)
Allow computer to boot from CD
MemBoot will launch, show the first screen. Cursor will automatically select "Boot from eCS CD"
Press Enter
MeMboot displays the next page (Boot with default values / Choose own Values).
This page is non-functional, computer is locked. This page is also not completely drawn.

1.13ghz P3 Celeron
256mb SDRAM
40gb WDD HDD
Legacy USB Off (I use PS/2 keyboard, USB Mouse)
Large Disk Access Mode (DOS - BIOS too old to address the drive if I use Other)


Article Discussions / PM CTorrent Manager v0.03 released
« on: 2009.06.17, 05:21:36 »
Looks excellent so far Alex. Much like my beloved ABC bit-torrent client. Do you plan on adding the ability to move (arrange) and size the columns (possibly choose what columns the user wants displayed), etc?

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