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Hardware / Hyperthreading & SMP
« on: 2012.04.23, 10:17:04 »
So I just upgraded my cpu to a P4 3.0ghz that supports hyper-threading.

I had activated acpi installed by default via 2.1, and then I installed the ACPI 3.19.14 version on advice previously that is was more stable, and then rebooted.
When I rebooted my computer showed 2 cpus, but it started acting really strange, with both cpus often going up to 99%, and I could not load any apps or shut down the system.

Fortunately I had a backup image of my hard drive and restored it without acpi running.
I could try to install acpi again with just the version included with ECS 2.1.
But, i'm thinking maybe I shouldn't bother since i've been told previously by you guys that it might not help performance anyways.

So I'm just wondering if you guys think I should try acpi again, or just leave it off. Is it known not to be stable with HT cpu's?


Hardware / RAM vs CPU upgrade
« on: 2012.04.18, 06:24:56 »
I have a ThinkCentre 8215 with a Celeron D 2.6GHZ w/ 1GB RAM with ECS 2.1.

The system works fine but i've noticed web browser rendering sometimes seems to lag. (I have a clone of the same system running XP pro and it seems to browse the web faster)
It would be pretty cheap (like $5) to upgrade to a pentium 4 HT, which would increase the bus speed from 533mhz to 800mhz, and allow support for acpi.

The other alternative is for me to upgrade the ram to 2 gb or 4gb, although it looks like ddr2 ram has become pretty pricey these days. (between $20-50)

So i'm tempted to try just the cpu considering how cheap it is - but i've read that firefox uses a lot of ram so not sure if maybe I would be wasting my time if ram is likely the issue.

So what do you guys think :)? Should 1gb be enough ram for web browsing?

Hardware / Sound blaster card selection help
« on: 2012.03.24, 01:03:22 »
Well I had ordered a used sound blaster live 5.1 card on ebay which I was hoping to make work with ECS and specifically virtual pc.
But unfortunately apparently I got a dell OEM version that doesn't seem detectable on a windows PC never mind ECS.
(reports card not found using the ECS sound blaster live drivers).

So anyways i'm looking now to get another card, and this time want to make sure I avoid any OEM entanglements -
So i'm thinking of getting one obviously in a retail box.

I noticed that when picking which driver to install via the multimedia setup wizard that SB 16 plug and play specifically listed working with audio in virtualpc.

So anyways I was thinking since I would rather not mess around further this might be the safest bet?:

It's older but will it work out of the box with the SB 16 drivers and virtual pc? Honestly I don't care that much if the sound is amazing, just that it works on a basic level.

Or I could get either audigy or SB live, with a retail box.

So just wondering what you guys would recommend.


Emulators / Sound in Virtual PC 5.1 (for os/2 host)
« on: 2012.03.18, 01:33:46 »
I seem to be having problems getting sound to work in virtual pc 5.1 running windows 2000 (in ecomstation 2.1).
I loaded the tweaker settings and checked off "enable sound in virtual machines".. yet when I load up the windows 2000 box there is no sound.
The drivers appear to be installed and working in windows, just no sound.

My card is AC97 Audio Codec ยท ADI 1981 HD, and i'm using the generic AC'97 ecomstation alsa drivers, and it works fine in ecomstation.
I did read on this page that maybe only the soundblaster live works well:

So i'm not sure if it's just that my built in sound card is not supported.
Just curious if anyone has experience with that though.


Internet / Most current stable firefox version?
« on: 2012.03.12, 04:51:40 »
Just curious what version of firefox people are using on their setup for typical usage.
My ecomstation 2.1 setup came with 4.0.
I noticed that there is version 8, 9 & 10 available via netlabs.

10 seems to have some flukes that I noticed - so anyways i'm just curious what versions most people are using for "production" usage right now.

I've installed the flash 11 beta - and it works fine sometimes, but i've noticed that sometimes when I go to a flash site (such as youtube) it's popping up this error:

Flash Plugin!
Failed to load Flash Win32 Plugin.

When the error pops up if I shut down the browser and restart, and go back to the same site, usually it then works fine.
I was using Firefox V8 for the test.

So I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this, ie is it to be expected at this point, or something strange with my particular setup.


Applications / installing latest odin?
« on: 2012.03.09, 22:59:35 »
Ok, So I previously installed the warpin version of odin.
I'm trying to upgrade to the latest to work with the beta flash.
So I downloaded the zip and the install instructions are confusing me a bit.

To install Odin, run warpin.exe with the
name of the daily build archive
as parameter.
Follow the instructions to complete the
The Odin installation consists of:
- creating an Odin directory and copying
the included files to
x:\odin and x:\odin\system32
- creating empty directories in x:\odin
(to create a similar directory
structure as found in Windows)
- creating a basic registry for
executing win32 applications in OS/2
- adds x:\odin\system32 to the path and
libpath settings in your config.sys

NOTE: You MUST install Odin at least
once using WarpIn (unless you know
what you're doing). Afterwards you can
use the daily build zipfiles
to upgrade to a newer version."

I'm not sure what they mean to run warpin with the daily build file as a parameter.
And.. if I do that do I still need to make all the manual changes they list?
If anyone can provide some insights to what I need to do specifically, that would be appreciated.

Sorry if i'm missing something obvious :).. but thanks for the help!

Applications / Java Cmd file strangeness w/ java 6
« on: 2012.03.04, 21:23:32 »
Ok so I setup a command file for mucommander.
If I run it from command prompt - it always loads fine:
@echo off
set path=c:\activeapps\Java6\bin
set BEGINLIBPATH=c:\activeapps\Java6\bin
cd c:\activeapps\JavaApps\MuCommander
java -jar mucommander.jar

But I was trying get it to work so it will load by just double clicking the file in the gui instead of needing to load the command prompt.
So I set it up like this:
@echo off
set path=c:\activeapps\Java6\bin
set BEGINLIBPATH=c:\activeapps\Java6\bin
cd c:\activeapps\JavaApps\MuCommander
javaw -jar mucommander.jar

But when I double click the icon, it only loads the java app 1/2 of the time.
Each time the system resources goes to 99%, like it is loading, but often times it just doesn't load.
But, like I said, if I run it in full screen/command line mode it always runs.

Are you just always supposed to run cmd files in the command line only, or am I missing something?


Applications / Java6 install question
« on: 2012.03.04, 15:10:11 »
The java 6 install instructions say you need to install GCC 452:

I already have gcc installed via warpin - it says runtime 4.4.2.

The above zip file is just a dll, so i'm a bit confused with what I should be doing to install it.
Do I remove the warpin packages first.. or just copy the dll to the c:\ecs\dll path?

Thanks for the tips :).

Internet / Stability of flash 11 vs flash 7?
« on: 2012.03.04, 13:44:34 »
I'm debating if I should use the older flash 7 or the newer flash 11.
Has anyone used the newer one, and have experience on how unstable it is?

I'm ok with occasional brower crashes - but the readme includes that it can sometimes halt your whole system.
Is flash 7 much more stable?

Thanks for the info :).

Applications / Where are Open Office source files?
« on: 2012.03.03, 11:50:17 »
Does anyone know where the source files are for openoffice for os/2?
I know the apps themselves are for purchase, and i'm ok with that - but the source files should be available to the public right, since it's open source?

I am working on a new ECS install and have a registered copy of the older golden code java.
But I was reading the readme for the new java 6 and it seems to saying they can not be both installed?:

Also make sure there are no traces of other Java installations in the
environment because this is known to make problems (in particular, this means
that the CLASSPATH/JAVA_HOME/SWING_HOME environment variables should not be

Alternatively, you may add this subdirectory to PATH and LIBPATH statements
of your CONFIG.SYS (and reboot) to make the given Java installation the
default one.

If I had to choose I would go with java 6 now but just curious if anyone has experience if it's possible to install them both?

Hardware / strange USB issues
« on: 2012.01.24, 02:08:29 »
I have an ibm thinkcentre 8215 with a new install of ECS 2.1. The hardware is all detected fine, but
I'm having some strange issues with keyboards/mice.. in which the system works fine at first but then suddenly starts hanging up. Sometimes it just slows down so that my typing gets s..u..p..e.r slow.. and sometimes it completely freezes.
If I unplug the keyboard or mouse, and plug it back in, it acts normally again.
Strange thing is if I plug the mouse into the ps/2 port using an adapter, it has the same behavior.

I haven't applied any changes or updates other then the default install.
I did notice this post on os2notes:,338.msg385/topicseen.html?PHPSESSID=f3decafb24bace1fcfa3c5842d8924c0#new

So maybe I should try that to see if it might solve my problems.
Anyone else have any similar issues?

General Discussion / Question regarding ECS 2.1 home license
« on: 2012.01.05, 08:46:02 »
I recently purchased the home license of 2.1.. and when ordering noticed this text:
The Home & Student version can be used by any private or small office user. As a private or small office user, it is allowed to have up to 5 licenses installed for production usage. This version includes 6 months of Software Subscription Services. You need 1 license per computer you install.
The above seems a little unclear to me, since it seems to be implying the single license gives you rights to install on 5 separate machines, but the last text implies it's only good for one computer.

I'm only installing on one computer now anyways, but just curious what the license rights are for the future. Anyone know what they mean by that, if you have a 5 seat license or just rights to purchase up to 5?

General Discussion / I'm back :)
« on: 2012.01.01, 09:26:36 »
Back around 09 I think, I had used ecomstation 1.2. I purchased a copy via ebay.
I don't remember why I decided to make a change but I had switched to fedora linux, which I was really happy with initially.
But recently Linux has irked me, since it's always changing too much. I liked gnome 2 but hated gnome 3 for example, and all of the distros adopted it.
So anyway I really started to regret my decision in leaving Os/2.. so this weekend I just purchased ecomstation 2.1. Can't wait to install it when I get home from traveling this weekend!

Anyways i'm pretty committed to sticking around this time :).

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