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General Discussion / Theft - Punishment Idea
« on: 2008.11.03, 23:05:16 »
Hey All,

Just wanted to mention that I was broken into recently and my OS/2 box taken among other things. Anyway, this gave me an idea I thought I'd like to share...

I think it would be a kewl idea if it was possible to "Hardcode" and "Embed" OS/2 / eCS onto the machine it's been installed to so that NO other OS can then wipe it clean or format the drive. I know too well that those thugs have gone and already installed M$ Windows on the machine - any "Pawn Shop" you walk into here where I am has an almost identical copy of M$ Windows on their "second hand" PC's. Make it so that the only to wipe the partition is to have the original install diskette of OS/2 / eCS to do the "wipe" :-)

Other benefit, potential for more OS/2 / eCS users as they're forced to use the system by virtue of their "second hand" purchase.
Thanks for allowing me to blow off some steam here  :-[



I went out and bought a D-Link DWA-520 Wireless 108g Desktop Adapter card for my desktop to play around with. It's an Atheros chipset based card - not sure exactly which - and used GenMAC to install drivers and followed the included readme file. All went well but now have an issue connecting to my router using XWLAN310 widget. For some reason I can see my neighbours' wireless Access Points except mine. I manually put my details in and Voila I was connected but only for short periods of time. After playing around with the properties to try determine what's going on my system totally froze up with the only option being to uninstall XWLAN ( The only way I could get my working system back ).

Even using the VIO window command SCAN.EXE shows only surrounding Access Points and can connect to one which has no security at all ( Pity they recently enabled their security after I mentioned it as free internet access would've been great :) ), I've double checked the entries on my router to ensure my SSID is not hidden etc and have no problems seeing and connecting to my router from Linux/Windows.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Hardware / ATI or NVidia Graphics Cards and Future Support.
« on: 2008.05.29, 17:35:55 »
Hi All,

I'm budgeting to get myself a 3D Accelerated Graphics Card and can't decide whether to go for an ATI 3870 based or NVidia 8800GT based card. Judging from reviews at I'd like to budget for the NVidia option due to better performance.

For future compatibility support with eCS, which would be the better option. When going through Scitech SNAP support reference there seems to be more support for ATI graphic cards.

Your input much appreciated,



Hardware / HSDPA & 3G PCMCIA Data Card
« on: 2008.05.22, 23:57:07 »
Hi All,

I was wondering and curious to know whether anyone here has had any success with using HSDPA & 3G PCMCIA Data Cards for internet access. I'd like to buy a standard PCI to PCMCIA adapter card to install on a 2nd hand desktop I purchased for my folks as an alternative means for them to access the Internet as they live on a small holding in a Rural area and one can wait for months to years even, for our local telecoms provider to install an ADSL line which would be down more than running due to cable theft in the area. A wireless means to access the 'net would be a wise choice and the offering from one of our Cellular Service providers for an HSDPA 3G solution seams acceptable if a little pricey. Speeds offered are supposedly 7.2 and 3.6 Mbps respectively - pretty impressive here in SA where only the super rich can afford 4Mbps ADSL.

I'd like to install Warp4 or alternatively save up for eCS and install this for them as desktop solution for their computing needs. Are their drivers available for such Data cards and is there software available to Dial in to and connect with the Service Provider? I know Linux running Gnome Desktop has GnomePPP for this task, the Data Card comes with a CD to install drivers and dialer for Window$. If this proves successful, I may just follow suit purely for the speed improvement on 'net connectivity.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi All,

I require some help creating a new program object to run an old Dos *.bat file. I've created the object from New Program template and set the path etc, but problem is when I click the object to run the program, Dos vdm starts and runs the *.bat file then when complete promptly closes. I'd like for the Dos vdm to remain open to select options etc from the file. The file in question is part of an old Dos Accounting package : PAD Accounting Release 1! Yes, still run it... works for our purposes as it's easy to edit customer profiles etc and keyboard shortcuts work like a charm. What's more is the fact that its so small considering that it was made to run on old XT hardware :-)

It's no train smash, but thought it easier and faster to set up a program object to launch this particular program from the desktop vs opening a separate Dos vdm and typing in the name of the file to launch it.

Any help much appreciated.



Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Desktop Graphics etc
« on: 2007.11.07, 23:23:08 »
Hi all,

I was just browsing through some old articles in OS/2 e-Zine and noticed that they had an Art Department for mostly every months e-Zine. I know that OS/2 e-Zine is no longer maintained or published but was wondering what ever happened to Tim Swank who did some great artwork. It's sad to lose so many talented individuals  :'(

To David Graser working on the icon and folder themes, Keep up the good work  8)


I did a google search for open source accounting software and came accross Turbo Cash.
amongst others.

Just started downloading the Win version to give it a test drive. If it's any good, is there perhaps a possibility it can be ported to OS/2 eCS even maybe setup a bounty for the port? I've had a look at GnuCash but that seems to be more for personal use and not SMB. I'm in a manufacturing concern and still use an old DOS program which serves it's purpose but would like to migrate to something newer that has the little extras like reports and graphs :-)

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