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Multimedia / UniAUD w/ VIA 1616
« on: 2010.09.20, 02:15:29 »
I am running an epia-m mitx and everything is actually quite good on it.  It runs quick enough (for a 1ghz), onboard video works better then in xp (I can run at 1920x1200 with snap when windows can only run 4:3 resolutions.. of course needed to change a bios setting to make this work).  However I am having trouble with sound.  It is detecting the soundcard and OS/2 believes it is functional (does not make an error beep if I trigger a system event which makes sound), however the speaker output has no output.  The line-out works but not as a line out..  it works as a speaker output with a very low gain (but much higher then line out should be).  Can anyone help me out with this?  I have tried the drivers which came with ECS 2.0, as well as the two versions on

Applications / An update of PSI in the works?
« on: 2010.09.18, 16:58:58 »
Was wondering if anyone is working on an update of PSI.  v 0.10.1 refuses to connect to many of the newer servers. 

Programming / Looking for
« on: 2010.09.13, 18:46:46 »
Hoping someone still has this file laying around.  I can only find it available from mbnet in .FI and it appears it is locked to members only.  Really could use this so I don't have to hunt through 14 hd's looking for it.  It is also on the VP 1.0 CD if anyone happens to have that laying around.

Networking / GenMac and T500 w/ AtheOS network adapter
« on: 2010.09.05, 07:49:02 »
So far I have had no luck.  I have installed the GenMU and have everything setup however the network adapter is failing to work.   I have tried copying the Athw.sys file from my Windows drive over the one included with GenMU and it still fails.   I have tried both different drivers and modified the NIF's with the settings from my windows install as well as the defaults which the driver package would setup.  Still nothing.  Has anyone been able to get this card working in OS/2?  My windows install calls it: 11b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Adapter III.

Any ideas would be helpful..  On the other hand this machine is flawless.  ACPI works, had to force 2 processors but it works well.  The only concern I have is that the system runs a bit hot when running OS/2.  I am guessing this has to do with the system not throttling the processors.  Are there any utilities out there for OS/2 like TPFanControl which would allow me to control the speed of the system fan?

I guess I should add that the log file gives no errors or indications as to why it is not working, the wifi widget says no wireless adapter found.

Programming / Wanted: Virtual Pascal 1.0/1.1 CD
« on: 2009.11.30, 18:52:02 »
Around the VP 1.0/1.01 days there was a VP implementation of the technojock toolkit which was included on the CD.  Does anyone still have this around?   I have several apps I am in the process of working with and their interfaces were created with TOT.  

I've been thinking of moving to FPC and FV however these do not work well on OS/2 right now due to the lack of a stable version of FV.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel creating a screen handling system when there is one which worked quite well for my needs.   I just want to make some improvements in the software before porting over to WD-Sibyl (which is more of a stability test for WD then anything else, since I've had bad problems with sibyl gui error handling in the past).

Article Discussions / Virtual Keyboard/2
« on: 2009.11.12, 04:34:17 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Monday, 09 November 2009

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Is there a driver for touch screen panels in eCS?  Is there any list of displays which will function in touch screen mode with eCS.  I am working on a POS system based on OS/2 and I have been interested in implementing a touchscreen option however older touch screen displays which work with OS/2 are very hard to find or extremely expensive.

Article Discussions / Uniaud32 v1.9.2 (April Fools release)
« on: 2008.04.01, 21:37:03 »
Is the April fools joke that it doesn't support sblive, which is probably one of the most commonly used soundcards with eCS machines simply because it had the best drivers. =) 

Maybe I'll give this one a go with my onboard audio.  I had stopped a few months ago because of the quality of MP3 playback, however I no longer play music from my computer now that I have my Pioneer amplifier hooked up to my network so it can play music off my computer, and I have a second zone hooked up in my office.
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 01 April 2008

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Web applications / Opensource Flash Petition
« on: 2007.12.29, 04:47:10 »
I have started a petition to adobe to opensource flash player.  This is obviously for all operating systems, not just ecomstation but please sign your support and spread this around.  There should be alot of demand for this and I would hope that adobe will consider it.

Article Discussions / VirtualBox 1.5
« on: 2007.09.14, 03:33:54 »
That was the worst excuse for English I have ever read.  Really don't care about virtualbox unless they release an os/2 host which will never happen through innotek, who will most likely never release another os/2 product.  It is sad that they released a connectix product as an os/2 host and they don't even offer their own.  Not that they even wrote virtualbox.
Postedhttp:// by Martin Iturbide - Wednesday, 12 September 2007

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Article Discussions / eCS-OS/2 Assembly Language list
« on: 2007.07.17, 03:37:34 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Sunday, 15 July 2007

Not too many. .. .

Yeah, mozilla and openoffice org are slow.. in os/2 atleast.. but that has more to do with the state of our development tools then with the applications themselves =)

Man.. I would love to see someone write mozilla in asm.. that would only take about 100 developers a lifetime =)

General Advertisements / eComstation Blog Site..
« on: 2007.07.05, 12:20:10 »
Although I have hardly any time of my own I decided to spend a bit of it writting about OS/2 (ecomstation).  I have a blog open at  there isn't much there yet, however in my line of work I come into contact with many different hardware systems and I am going to write about the various levels of support OS/2 has on each one, and how installations go and so on.  I would like to make some concise walkthroughs on common tasks and make it clear to the general public just what eComstation can and cannot do. 

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Unicode by default
« on: 2007.05.13, 17:07:49 »
All of OS/2 world really should be using UTF-8 by default, so some reason it is set to Western by default which is making firefox render all international chars as garbage.

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