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Works great for me (as the previous version was).
I tried to attach a logitech webcam C905 and this would not crash the system anymore (as it was with the IBM version of the USB).

Great work!

PS.: Now if only there was a good driver and video calling app to make use of the webcam under eCS... ;-)

Article Discussions / ACPI version 3.20.03 released
« on: 2012.06.24, 09:08:08 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Saturday, 23 June 2012

I have jus. .. .

Runs well here on a Phenom II X6. However, with SNAP video enabling 4 cores is still the limit. (6 cores only work with plain VGA, SNAP hangs at WPS boot-up)

And the reactor temperature widget for XCenter does not show anything except of "Zzz".
Does anybody have a working version that can show system/CPU temperature as measured using ACPI?


Article Discussions / About Snap Technology
« on: 2011.05.17, 15:59:36 »
That is very interesting. Especially that they would license the source code for free.

Regarding expertise: Don't we have a graphics guru looking for bouties (demitrioussharpe)?

Regarding funding: I am willing to put EUR 500 on the table for a start and possibly more in case of tangible progress. And I imagine that many people would jump in as well.

Regarding scope: Focus on ONE desktop and ONE laptop chipset. Probably high-end at the moment - until it's implemented, it becomes mainstream. Implement all funtionality that makes sense (and is feasible) for OS/2 and eCS:
- fully accelerated 2D
- accelerated video
- all resolutions that the hardware provides
- SMP safe (enhancement over current SNAP, which seems not to be)
- multi-screen (possibly including a solution for laptops to use a second screen
- display orientation (albeit not on the fly as OS/2 does not support on the fly res change)

Out of scope (at least initially):
- accelerated 3D - only if someone had an idea what to do with it under OS/2
- multiple cards (crossfire etc.) - no use without massive graphics intensive games
- ... anything other that would delay a first release ;-)

Question is: could mensys 'own' the code and find a good project manager (like diver aka Sylvan) who can manage this as well as Qt and Java are managed. Then funding can also be raised. If it becomes another one of those zomby projects like flash, ACPI or various bounties at, I don't think many people would be willing to invest (including me).


Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rich Walsh. .. .

Works very well here - problem with auto-completion in URL bar and non-sticky bookmarks resolved. Great!

Article Discussions / OpenOffice now LibreOffice?
« on: 2011.01.27, 17:11:33 »
Libreoffice 3.3.0 just got released - and brings WordPro import filters. Doesn't this suggest to switch over to LibreOffice for eComStation and OS/2 as well?

Article Discussions / FFMPEGCA version 1.0.0g
« on: 2011.01.12, 10:59:09 »
Version 1.0.1 is out on the website by now. Great tool to avoid navigating the endless ffmpeg options!

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Andreas . .. .

It would be nice to link to the page describing the package instead of the deep link.,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=26&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=39



Article Discussions / Open Office for eCS-OS/2 2.4 Beta1
« on: 2008.03.19, 08:18:09 »
It's good to be up-to-date with the OOo code base. Unfortunately text drag and drop still does not work :o(

Article Discussions / NetDrive version 3.1.0
« on: 2007.11.28, 10:39:27 »
Also available is a new SFTP plugin (demo version only so far). Read a little review at my homepage:

Be ware to install the package into the right directory. The preconfigured directory doesn't work! It has to be the same as OOo was installed to. Read a first look into the package at my website at

Have fun

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