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Mail-News / Enigmail and Seamonkey
« on: 2012.04.17, 03:47:53 »
Hi, all-

I was looking at using Seamonkey under OS/2 but I wasn't sure about Enigmail.  I use encrypted email quite often under Windows using Seamonkey, Enigmail, and OpenGPG which works great.  I did see after doing a bit of searching on Hobbes today that there's a recent version of OpenGPG for OS/2 (a good thing) but the last version of Enigmail supported Seamonkey 2.0 which left some doubt in my mind as to whether I could have this capacity under OS/2.

I'm not interested in switching to any other solution to solve this problem right now but I was wondering if anyone is currently using Enigmail under OS/2 with a more current version of Seamonkey and if so what they thought of it.

Applications / Imaging software
« on: 2012.04.11, 03:09:40 »
Hi, everyone--

(I hope this is the right forum for this question.  ;D )

I've decided I'd like to make a full image of my BBS' drives which are HPFS formatted.  Does anyone know of any current imaging software that will work properly with HPFS formatted drive and be able to create an image over my LAN?


Setup & Installation / Installing eCS 1.2 on a Thinkpad T40
« on: 2007.07.07, 14:02:39 »
Hi, everyone.

I've purchased a Thinkpad T40 (off-lease) and am waiting for it to arrive.  I'd like to install eCS 1.2 on it and run Windows of some sort in a Virtual PC window (I need Windows for some of my software that has no equal in eCS).  What I'm wondering is if anyone else has done this?  I noticed that OS/2 is officially supported on it according to IBM's website.  However, looking around, I saw very few drivers for OS/2 on this machine.  I don't believe it has wireless built-in, but I'll be needing it as a mandatory item since I'm moving into a new apartment and don't have room for wired connections.

The Thinkpad has XP Pro on it already.  I was wanting to run eCS on it because a lot of my favorite applications are OS/2-based.

Any information/opinion is appreciated.


Applications / PM ZIP front-end
« on: 2007.06.29, 03:18:40 »
Can anyone recommend a good free PM-based front-end for eCS?  I use it a lot when I program and need something that works.  I've tried what's on hobbes and most of them lock up or don't have features I need.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


OS2 User Groups / Atlanta OS/2 User Group?
« on: 2007.06.06, 12:22:35 »
Is there an Atlanta OS/2-eCS user group anymore?  There was something I found a few years ago when I first moved here, but I can't find anything on a recent fact-finding mission.  Does anyone know if there is one here in the Atlanta area?


Programming / VX-REXX
« on: 2007.06.05, 07:23:43 »
I happened to be digging through some CDs I came into possession of a few years ago (I've just moved and am unpacking) and lo and behold, I have a full installation of VX-REXX.  I'd been putting off learning REXX, although I have three excellent books on how to program in REXX.  Now that I have VX-REXX, I'm more interested in learning it, especially since I just moved my BBS machine to eCS 1.2MR and am planning on purchasing eCS 2.0 when it is released.

Does anyone have any good books about VX-REXX that they would recommend?  I have a book about REXX by Ronny Richardson and I found one by him at Amazon.  I like his book I have now and am wondering if this other book by him would be good.

I'm particularly interested in learning REXX for my specialized uses (such as writing a decent terminal program for use with telnetable BBSes and a MU* client) and I'm trying to get started off on the right foot.

For the record: I'm not interested in porting these to any other platforms as I'm mainly wanting to write these for my own personal use (I'll probably release them though for public consumption later).

Any and all help is appreciated.


General Discussion / Paul Smedley's site down?
« on: 2007.05.15, 10:43:31 »
I just went to his website and got "Database connection failed".  Has anyone else gotten that?


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Another quirk...
« on: 2007.05.14, 08:24:07 »
I was just reading your reply to my last post when I clicked on the small icon underneath your picture (which I am assuming is for viewing your profile) and I was told "You are not authorized to view this page!".  Not quite sure what's going on, but thought I'd let you know.  I'm at work with not much to do currently, so I'm doing a little debugging for you. :>


I just tried to subscribe to the OS2World News newsletter and when I clicked on "save", I was prompted for the "Joomla Administrator" username and password twice.  When I killed both windows, right above the small window that had the information for the newsletters was "ok", just like that.

Just thought I'd let you know.


Hardware / Installing OS/2 on a Compaq Presario 1700T
« on: 2007.05.14, 07:40:10 »
I am attempting to put OS/2 Warp 4.52 on my little laptop, a Compaq 1700T.  I think I can find sound drivers for the AGI Rage video and the ESS Allegro 1988 sound chip, but what worries me is that it uses a Conexant modem/NIC combo.  I'm wondering if I should just forget about it and try to get a PCMCIA card that is supported by OS/2?  I don't know if there's even a driver for such a beast (with it probably being a Winmodem/NIC combo).

Any and all help is appreciated.

Sean (hausmaus)

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