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General Discussion / Japanese 'Text'
« on: 2009.01.24, 21:48:25 »
  I was going to try installing an old multimedia I/O service called 'Wavemix' I found that was created by Team MMOS/2 Tokyo. Inside the archive is a 'readme' file that contains stuff like:



  I'm guessing it is Japanese, but because my codepage is English it does not display the Japanese characters. I tried different fonts with no luck.

  Does anyone know how I could get this to display the proper characters? If I could get them to display, then I would have a chance at translating it (using babelfish or google translate).

Dave McKenna

Applications / Sun wants Innotek
« on: 2008.02.12, 19:28:46 »
  Just saw this on the newswires:

Sun Microsystems Inc. ( 16.94, +0.13, +0.7%) said Tuesday it would acquire innotek, a privately held developer of open source virtualization software. Innotek specializes in a product called VirtualBox that allows software developers to build, test and run open source applications on different software platforms. Financial terms for the all-stock deal weren't disclosed. Sun said it expects the deal to close during its third fiscal quarter. End of Story

  Interesting.... maybe more resources will be brought to VBox.

Applications / New forum at
« on: 2008.02.05, 03:20:52 »
  There is a new forum at - 'Virtualbox on OS/2 Hosts'! can an official release be far behind?

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