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Article Discussions / The future of
« on: 2009.04.30, 16:21:48 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Based on. .. .

Based on Adrian his posting I posted this:

      Mensys and Serenity Systems would like to thank Netlabs for the years of close cooperation and supporting the eComStation project. For years we have know that the things we can do for ComStation are limited in the sense that we don’t the human and financial resources that IBM invested into eComStation. Also some technical limitations

      At Warpstock 2008 in Dusseldorf I (Roderick Klein) mentioned that after years there is a sudden spike in the amount of support calls we are getting from companies. Its primarily from the United States. IBM canceled OS/2 support in United States around 2002/2003. Now 6 years later we are getting a lot
      of support calls from companies needing eComStation.

      In conjunction with the OS/2 eCS community Mensys/Serenity Systems continues to invest money in eComStation. As Flash 10 will soon come
      out in a public beta. Togheter with other groups we will soon provide via OS/2 VOICE additional funding for CUPS (printer driver support).

      Also the DANIS506.ADD driver we will continue to develop it. Right now the driver supports SATA and PATA controllers. Right now research is being done by a developer to get AHCI support on eComStation. The follow up of the SATA standard which is slowly coming in new machines. This will be for the release of eComStation past eComStation 2.0. There will be a day that OS/2 can no longer run by itself. But so far we also have a demand from some
      companies to run OS/2 on native hardware because of certain hardware access that is needed.

      Roderick Klein

Some work that makes eComStation possible is done by volunteers. Other things are possible because people and companies by licenses of eComstation, software subscription etc. Thats how I (Roderick) and other people can work on eComStation.

Some of this research has been done in the last 2 weeks. We need your feedback in the eComStation bug tracker to see if it works. To access the bugtracker you need to login and then goto the bugtracker.
This stuff is not for the faint harted. If you don't know what your doing and get confused from reading these bugs then don't work on it :-) Hopefully these two items WILL be fixed in eComstation RC 7 so it will be just a matter of clicking some buttons!

Point 1: Some people who have been experimenting with eComStation and hard discs bigger then 512 GB have found some problems. Basicly if you wipe the LVM information AND the first sector of the hard disc with DFSEE and create all partitions on the drive with eCS. You can dual boot Windows XP and eCS. Even boot eCS from a drive bigger then 512 GB.

See eComStation bugnumber 2345 for details.
Hopefully we can come up with a solution to make it work without having to wipe the hard discs.
This is still in the research stages.  But it has something to do with the CHS values.

Point 2 People installing eCS next to Vista may have found that you get a Vista winload.exe error.
The solution is that you need to use DFSEE to collect the "NT disk signature" value. Do the install and THEN install the boot manager and eCS. Go BACK into dfsee and put back the "NT disk signature" value.
This should fix the winload.exe error message. And you should be able to boot Vista via the eCS boot manager.
Details can be found in bug 2354.

More feedback on your experience with Vista and eCS is also needed when it comes to drive layout.
Read bug report  2355 for this.

Again the bugtraker is NOT intended to ask support questions if you don't understand something.
I need people to provide feedback if it works yes or no.

Thanks for your feedback,

Roderick Klein

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