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Hardware / USB 3.0 support for OS/2 & eCS
« on: 2012.06.24, 17:28:44 »
The situation for the driver support of the new USB 3.0 host controller has changed from 'nice to have' to urgently 'required'. The reason for it is that USB 3.0 started as an add-on for the unchanged base hardware similar to the way when USB 2.0 was introduced. First AMD and now Intel added support for USB 3.0 in their chipsets - making it available on mostly every new PC sold. The implementation of USB 3.0 has also changed, most of the USB ports esp. these on notebooks are USB 3.0 with one legacy USB port left that can be used by the OS/2 USB host controller driver. In Desktop systems the situation is similar, thus attaching an USB mice and keyboard can be a challenge.
The current USB host driver developemnt is done by Lars Erdman and others in their free time without a known plan for a xhci host controller driver. In case we want to get something started its required to think  about a new bounty or the sponsoring approach from the java for eCS project and a developer (team) that is available to work on it.

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