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Utilities / dfsee
« on: 2012.09.22, 20:18:48 »
am trying to add my key to dfsee 114 via ikeyxxx.  By instructions
 dfsee.key and dfsee iso are in same directory.  I have tried win ver
 while logged on to win7, and ecs\os2 ver while logged on to ecs.
 via command line  while in the dfsee directory. result is sys error 1041,
 the name ikey and my version sub for xxx is not recognized as an internal or
external command, operable program or batch file.  What am I doing wrong.
suggestions ar greatly appreciated
regards Phil 

Utilities / cups wpi package
« on: 2012.04.14, 02:45:10 »
Upgraded to warpin - 1-0-19.  tried tp install cups base 1.4.8 wpi
and received the following error msg
invalid package index "99" specified with requires attribute
looks like a bug in cups wpi package ????.  if so is a work around available
or perhaps a different problem.
ideas, suggestions and help is appreciated


Applications / Pixel
« on: 2011.06.27, 07:11:48 »
Any one on the forum know how to contact pixel developer
Pavel Kanzelsberger.  Have tried a number of times to
contact with no response. 


Applications / jtk6
« on: 2011.04.26, 07:30:27 »
Hi to all
Question 1:  Does java for os2 support printing. I am running two
programs  GenealogyJ and moneydance,  both crash when I try to print,
iinstant program shut down.  Also I have periodic hangs in moneydance
that only a reboot will correct.

Question 2:  Is there a means of converting windows install .exe to .jar install.
would like to test POVRAY but......
suggestions ideas, info are always welcome and appreciated

Phil Ryan

Applications / genealogyJ with jdk6
« on: 2011.04.01, 00:25:01 »
hi to all
downloaded latest java6 for ecom. Ibelieve I have inatalled all required files,
 trying to use genealogyJ which requires java 5 and above.  upon launch i get
error msg  cannot find main class and pgm will exit.

Any suggestions, thoughts to get around this problem would be greatly appreciated
any futher info to analyze, let me know
Phil Ryan

USB / usb and irq
« on: 2011.01.26, 21:34:40 »
Hi to all

Problem:  Lost USB mouse, lost ability to see usb scanner,usb printer.                                                   
both have worked on this machine in past.  (Can see usb mass storage devices)

On recent re install of ecm 20 ga, could not  get acpi to accept any
switch except /smp, computer seem to work ok.  rmview /irq reveled irq 10
was shared btwn sound (hda nvida) and ohci compliant host controller .
A couple of tries later, accepted,  /smp/apci, why??   sound went to irq 21
and works,  lost reference to irq 10 and ohci usb host controller .
normally rmview  /irq would report 2 ohci and 2 ehci controller, now
only 1 ohci and 2 ehci.
Any help, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated

Best regards
Phil Ryan

Hardware / new hard drive
« on: 2010.10.06, 06:41:31 »
Hi to all:

Recently, I received msg on boot that hard disk #xxxx was in danger of failure, happened to be
Where ecomstation is locateted so decided to replace before I  encountered more tbl.  Having no experence with new hard disk, so far I have no luck in partition, format or making disk bootable,
Ecom install will see the disk in manage volumns windowamd when I try to create new volumn I
Get two error msgs, either "operation not allowed or disk not bootable"  I suspect this is nothing  more than operator error, so getting steered in the right direction would be greatly appreciated,

Phil Ryan

Multimedia / Fluidsynth
« on: 2009.11.25, 02:58:40 »
Downloaded and tried to use Fluidsynth, but lacking  dll called klibc063.
any suggestions as to where to find this dll.

Setup & Installation / RC7 Silver
« on: 2009.09.10, 08:29:04 »
Downloaded Rc7 on 28 Aug, after two unsuccessful installs (because of operator errors) third try went very  well.  Install was with modern hardware in safe mode, acip wizard scaned the hardware and came up with the following suggested switches /smp /apic, which I put in and rebooted to a stable two processor configuration.  The only serious problem I have found is no sound.  On this computer, I had partial sound in rc6a very breifly using Paul Smedleys uniaud v 1.9.2. I have tried many of Paul's uniaud versions with no success.

I have found what appears to be an anomaly in irq assignment for sound system

Rc6a and rc7 in boot process reports hda nvidia,assigned irq 10
mixer detected--conexant cx20549 (venice)

rc6a rmview
irq level=10  pci pin=none  flg=shared hda nvidia

irq level=10  pci pin=B  flg=shared ehci complaint usb host controller

Rc7 rmview
irq level=21  pci pin=A  flg=shared hda nvidia
no other line for irq 21 being shared with ???

Other than the sound problem, I like rc7 very much and find it considerably more stable than rc6a overall

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome and appreciated


Applications / DFSee
« on: 2009.05.27, 02:11:32 »
Any one know of a howto use DFSee.  I am interested in recovering data and programs off my old dead laptop hard drive.  am assuming drive is still good.
Regards  Phil

ODIN / Odin and java5
« on: 2009.05.21, 21:12:53 »
Hi to all:
    I am trying to install java5 (jre-1_5_0_17-i586-p.exe and get the following error after dropping the .exe on odin pe."Installer:wrapper.create file failed with error206: file name is too long".  I have tried several different ways to shorten the file name with no success.   

    Downloaded odin-20050402=xp.wpi and installed ok, then upgraded to

   Using the same drag and drop on pe.exe of pgm (noteworthy, setup-nwc2_demo.exe). I get a successful install and launches ok, but has problems.

    Using same procedure on pgm (Ultraiso) I get a successful install and launches ok,but I don't have a small iso to try the demo out.

    Given the above exaamples, it seems like odin itself installed correctly.

    As always any thoughts and suggestion as to the jre problem will be greatly appreciated.


Hardware / Exceptions
« on: 2009.04.16, 16:22:35 »
Hi to all:
Been running ecom RC6a for successfully for sometime, but last boot, threw this exception --exception = c0000005 occured at EIP = 1f763634 and system halted with a blinking cusor.  this happened right after the snap logo screen went away.  Any thoughts as to what caused this exception and how to fix?
Thoughts, suggestions and advice are always greatly appreciated.


Multimedia / RC6a non working sound
« on: 2009.02.19, 05:34:49 »
Hi To All:

    I have been successful in getting a stable sys with RC6a, but without acpi. Have not suceeded in getting a stable sys that way,  and no sound. Am now working on sound problem.  I tried re installing base mmos2, still no sound and when rebooted got the following error msg.
sys1201 the device driver  D:\os2\ specified in the device statement on line 219 of config.sys file was not installed line 219 ignored  press enter to continue.

Second sys1201 msg  same except this one is D:\os2\mdos\vcom.sys  line 50.

searching thru config.sys (using two methods, direct counting lines and using enhanced E editor
by pillarsoft)

Line 219 actually is---- run= D:\os2\system\logdaem.exe
Line 50  actually is---- device=D:\tcpip\bin\vdosstcp.sys

The real  device = statments for \os2\ and \os2\mdos\vcom.sys had been previously
been remmed out.
Any ideas, suggestions on what is causing what appears to be an anomally in the config .sys file
will be reatly appreciated
Phil Ryan

Multimedia / flash player and warpvision
« on: 2009.01.16, 19:57:59 »
does anyone know the status of flash upgrade to a newer version and status of warpvision.  Is warpvision still available
and where to find

Regards Phil

Setup & Installation / rc6a
« on: 2009.01.09, 06:34:05 »
Hi to all:
    Here is a small success story on installing ecom 2.0 rc6a.  Divided hd into two
volume's,  vista and ECS.  ECS volume was formatted with JFS, seem to install ok with acpi, installer reported that my AMD cpu was supported.  Everything seemed ok but on reboot system      extremely slow trying to launch and eventually would not start.  Reinstalled without acpi and again installed without complaint, on reboot everything worked well.  Using the LVM,  installed os2 boot manager ok and added both ecs and vista to the bm.  On reboot with out install cd, ECS booted fine but vista would not, error msg returned,   \windows\system 32\winload.exe either missing or corrupt.  Ran vista recovery cd and re booted to ecs and same error occurred.
Question:  Any thoughts on getting around this vista problem?

Question: How to get back door access to ecs to try various acpi switches without having to reinstall ecs os

Hardware overview generated by ACPIWZRD.EXE at 20090108 - 12:34:59

[CPU info - 1 CPU(s) found]
manufacturer: AMD
socket:       Socket S1
type:         AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 Mobile TL58
SMP capable:  yes

[BIOS info]
manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
version:      F.30
date:         04/24/2008

[Systemboard info]
manufacturer: Quanta
type:         30D1
version:      85.26

[Kernel info]
level:        IBM:14.104a
description:  W4

[No ACPI currently installed]
Thanks in advance for ideas and suggestions

Phil Ryan

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