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Applications / OS/2 Games needed
« on: 2011.01.22, 23:18:06 »
I have several reviews cooking at the moment for but I am looking for some old OS/2 Games I can't seem to acquire (full versions, no demos).

If anyone here has the games below please email @ admin at (at=@)

1. Lemmings for OS/2
2. Trials of Battle
3. BEM: It Crawled From the Web
4. Entrepreneur


Games / MAME for OS/2
« on: 2011.01.05, 03:36:35 »

MEME for OS/2 is "slightly" long in the tooth and I was wondering if anyone has a newer copy or knows anyone that is working on it or could.

From what I see the "newest" version of MAME for OS/2 is .37 beta 14, the newest version is 0.141 (Came out 12/31/10).

From what I see, the OS/2 version uses GCC 2.9 (or higher), I wonder if that was an issue to get the eCS at the same version. Since we have GCC 4.5.2 does anyone think it would be easier to port? I would hope so, it could open many, many games for us.


Events / BlueNexus
« on: 2011.01.01, 17:22:01 »

I am making my website official at! It is dedicated to people that use eCS but are not superusers (though your welcome here to help me!). I have been using OS/2 since 2.1 and eCS from the start. It is by far my favorite OS and I want people to know why and become interested in it.

Is eCS 2.0 perfect? Oh God no!'s a great OS with a ton of programs out there, main stream, native, and ported. I have always enjoyed my time with eCS compared to Windows, and as I tell people that ask, I just feel more at home in eCS and it does everything I want (almost).

It's been awhile since I have done a website and I wanted to get my feet back in. I also wanted to show people that you can contribute with little time. I have a family and a full time job. So time is important to me. But eCS deserves some time also since I use it and our community is small. I wanted to give back and this is my way to do it.

I have actually been working on this site for a few months making sure I can handle adding news and posting it. If you look at my “Past News” at the top of this page and then 2010, you will see many, many posts. I am hoping soon to be able to allow people to post comments to each.

I am also an avid fan of DOS games. One of the ways I want to have people see what we do is soon(ish) to have many, many DOS games here that have been filed and tested on eCS. I hope this will also get the attention of other OS users that like DOS games also, if not to convert them, then to let them know eCS is out here and what it is about.

Make sure to check out my reviews, I am wanting to do two reviews a month, more if I have the time!

I have many ideas for this site but I am relearning HTML again so it will take some time. Until then, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, I am always open to suggestions. Please email me at the link below.

Thank you everyone that has given to the eCS community, it's my turn!

Craig Miller

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / OS/2-tan
« on: 2010.11.29, 22:03:27 »
I was just looking for a page I once found with eCS Widgets...and somehow I got here:

I was like WTH...

Anyways...kinda funny...amazing what you find on the net...anyone have a funny link that had eCS/os2 in it that threw you for a loop?

Hardware / New eCS 2.0 Computer
« on: 2010.11.19, 17:32:17 »
Hello everyone again!

My Dual Pent 3, though working well, is getting long in the tooth and I wanted to upgreade. Well my brother hooked me up big time and gave me an unused server.

So I formated the hard drive (123 gig drive) and tried to load eCS 2.0.

At the screen where it asks you to start the install from the CD or just load from the Harddrive the keyboard would not work. If I went into the Bios the Keyboard worked fine.

The Keyboard is USB and the Mouse I put on PS/2 connector.

I found that when the eCS 2 screen where it gives me the choice of booting from the CD or harddrive I can change the choice via the mouse.

I did this and once eCS 2.0 loaded to the install screen the keyboard and mouse worked fine.

I installed eCS using the standard settings and everything looked great, I rebooted and all I get now is the curser flashing at the top left hand side of the screen right after the bios gets doen booting up.

This computer has been a Windows XP server for over a year with no issues so I doubt its a hardware issue

I took some hardware readings:

<<< System Summary >>>
  > Mainboard : Supermicro X5DPL
  > Chipset : Intel E7501
  > Processor : Intel Xeon @ 3066MHz
  > Processor : Intel Xeon @ 3066MHz
  > Physical Memory : 2048MB
  > Video Card : ATI Technologies, Inc. RAGE XL PCI
  > Hard Disk : Maxtor 6Y120P0 (123GB)
  > CD-Rom Drive : TEAC CD-224E
  > Monitor Type : ViewSonic VA2012wSERIES - 20 inches
  > Network Card : Intel 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper)
  > Network Card : Intel 82550/1/7/8/9 EtherExpress PRO/100(B) Ethernet Adapter

More info on the MB can be found here:

I really want to use this computer so any help would be great. Thanks!

Applications / VirtualBox for eCS
« on: 2010.11.08, 15:00:10 »
Hello again!

I am trying to get VirtualBox for eCS working on my eCS 2.0 box and not having any luck because it refuses to allow me to install any OS I try (XP, Linux, etc). I "think" I am using the newest VirtualBox (1.6.1) but I am not sure that is the newest one.

I did some looking around and it seems that there is some work being done on it but the last update was:

Netlabs News: 6. September – 12. September

VirtualBox for eCS (OS/2)

    * A few updates
    * See:

Anyone have an installer newer than 1.6.1? The newest Windows version is VirtualBox 3.2.10 on Oct 11, 2010

If there is nothing newer than 1.6.1 does anyone recommend another Virtual machine that runs on eCS.


Article Discussions / Ports
« on: 2010.10.09, 14:36:20 »
Its a very exciting time for eCS with everything going on such as a new version of Java, Flash, Openoffice, MySQL, Oden, and  GCC (and a lot more).

Just for a perfect world, what top three programs (new or updated) would like to see done next (if money was not an issue):

This is what I would love to see:

1. OpenGL - Games!
2. DOSBox - Dos Games!
3. Adobe Photoshop

To add some additional fun...what hardware drivers/ports would be on your two three?

Mine are:

1. USB 3.0
2. Bluetooth 3.0
3. Able to read my Cell phone / Nook SD Card when plugged in (USB wise)

Even though these items are not in eCS 2.0 I think everyone that has put time in developing eCS has done a fantastic job...I am enjoying eCS more now than ever!

Utilities / So...
« on: 2010.09.06, 02:43:52 »
...I have been thinking about this since eCS 2.0 has come out and wanted to hear what others thought, if it was a good (or semi good) idea I would move forward on it.

I really love Object Desktop 2.0 and I think I would be hard pressed to use eCS 2.0 without it. With that I am really wanting to email Brad Wardell about opening the OS/2 Version. It would be great to have the eCS team able to add it to the install (if the user wanted), with all the updates (2.02) and any fixes/additions the good people at Mensys/Serenity Systems could muster, it would be a killer app.

Of course, this might never happen and I believe this was asked before from Stardock, but Object Desktop 2.0 came out in 1998 and I cannot believe they are making any money from it nor are they using any of the technology today.

Heck, I would be so inclined to ask for the entire library of OS/2 software they have created over the years to "donate" to the community.

I mean between all the apps and games they put out it would be some real wealth.

Anyways, I have had a few glasses of wine but this is something I have really mulled over and I am hoping we could put our heads together and figure out. If everyone thinks there might be even a remote possibility, I would have no problem writing up (a letter to Stardock/Brad Wardell) something for everyone to look at, prof, and then send out.

Never know, after 12 years they might just be OK with letting it all go.


Hardware / My Cell Phone and eCS 2.0
« on: 2010.09.04, 01:28:47 »
So I have a Droid X (Awesome phone) and I want to use the USB cable to connect to my eCS computer and transfer pictures and some data from the 16meg SD micro SD Card. When I connect though, eCS Does not see the SD Card and the phone will not charge (which I find very odd).

Now, the cable and phone have been tested on my Windows XP machine and it works fine, so I'm thinking it might be something with the USB Stack in eCS 2.0? If so I guess I just have to wait and hope eCS 2.1 will fix this.

Anyone have any luck connecting their cell phone via USB to eCS 2.0 and able to move data? This is one of the last things I am trying to do (hardware wise) in eCS that I cannot figure out.


Networking / Very odd Networking / Internet issue
« on: 2010.07.29, 16:21:16 »
Ok...weird situation here:

When eCS 2.0 boots up everything runs very smoothly. I can get on the Internet and things are fast, life is good.

I run three programs on the Internet most of the time:

1. Firefox - ver 3.5.3
2. FTP Browser - 1.71
3. GTIRC - Ver - 3.00

After 30 minutes (to the second), Anything that is on the Internet loses connection and I go no where. The very weird thing is that GTIRC still works!?!? I still can have and receive conversations will people for hours. The only way I can get Firefox and FTP Browser working again is to reboot, then the clock starts again until 30 min elapses, then I have to reboot again if I want to surf.

Sorry...this one is weird, not sure where to even start.

Setup & Installation / eCS Bootup logo
« on: 2010.07.19, 02:44:52 »
Probably a silly question but I have been looking everywhere on how to replace the boot up screen in eCS with no luck. I beleive the file is a *.lgo format but can not find anything like that. Anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks!

Internet / Internet Music
« on: 2010.07.12, 02:07:24 »
Any one have any luck with Pandora Radio? I have the Flash 7 update but it still does not work, anyone have any luck with this?

I am asking because since SHOUTcast radio has updated its site I have not been able to get any stations (either with PM123 or Z!).

Anyone have the same issues? Anyone find a work around? Thanks!

Internet / Weave - Now known as Firefox sync
« on: 2010.07.12, 01:51:02 »
Is anyone else having problems with Firefox sync besides me? My windows machines are syncing but eCS is not, all my settings seem correct so I have no idea, I log on but I get an erroir when syncing (just says it cant).


Hardware / Network card recommendations
« on: 2010.06.19, 13:51:47 »
I simply cannot get my networking in eCS to work, my brother visited and hes been doing networking most of his adult life, and while we found things that were wrong in the router and DSL modem, nothing was working after the fixes. And yes, we went though the eCS TCP/IP setting a dozen times.

I have a 3com card in there that is using genmac, it is being found but it finds the internet only once every 20 boot ups, no idea why though, cannot find a pattern. So it works and then more often then not, does not, and I never changed the settings. I have come to the point where I think the problem is the drivers.

I had a spare 10/100 3com card (3CSOHO100-TX) card but eCS could not find it, I tried to manually install it but after 6 different tries in having eCS find it, I gave up.

So I guess I need to get a new network card now...sigh...anyone recommend a solid eCS network card that is very well supported? I would prefer to get a 10/100/1000 card simply because I have to buy one and I might as well get something with a future. But I would rather have a 10/100 card that works 100% of the time.


Networking / Networking Issues
« on: 2010.06.16, 13:20:57 »
This is a very annoying problem.

When I first installed eCS 2.0 I was able to get on the Internet maybe 1/4 the time. Now though, after my last reinstall, I cannot get on at all. What was happening was I was getting an error on boot up:

ROUTE: command failed: Network is unreachable
Press Enter to continue...

I have tried many...many combination's to get online via the TCP/IP but nothing is working. Let me give you some hardware specs first:

1. PCI 3Com card that loads up with no problem.
2. Linksys Router (WRT54G), works fine but cannot log into it for some reason, even with another machine.
3. Motorolla DSL Modem
4. ATT DSL (1.5 megs)

I have several other devices that get online with no problem. I tried turning off everything in the house and rebooting the modem and Linksys router thinking it was an IP conflict but still can't get on. 

In the TCP/IP settings in eCS I currently have:

Network Tab - LAN interface 0 as Enable Interface - Automatically, Using DHCP
Routing Tab - Route Type: Net / Destination IP Address / Router address / Metric Count 1 / Subset Mask
Host Names - Name Server Addresses

In comparison here is my Windows XP machines info (is on the internet with no problem)

Physical Address: 00-11-D8-9F-52-05
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DHCP Server:
Lease Obtained: 6/16/2010 6:22:07 AM
Lease Expires: 6/17/2010 6:22:07 AM
DNS Server:

This is the last major issue I have with eCS, any help is very appreciated, I really need to get my eCS box on the Internet. Thanks!

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