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I've got two problems since installing ecs 2.0, one more and one less iritating.

1. The more irritating: My window lists is always hidden below left lower corner of the desktop. I can only see its upper right corner, grab it and enlarge enough to drag it out of hiding. The system remembers its size, but not the position and after a reboot I have to do the same. I imagine that this might be connected to ePager, but I have no virtual desktop where the window lists is supposed to be displayed... Can anyone help?

2. The second problem is that my desktop icons tend to crawl slowly up from reboot to reboot. I always have a slider on the right side of my desktop after reboot... Here again, I would be grateful for help :)

Networking / Almost dead network after qbittorrent
« on: 2011.12.13, 22:33:59 »
I have a peculiar behaviour of my ECS 2.0 when using qbittorent (QT app). It happens only for some torrent,s not for all. Qbittorrent tnds to stop its download with "stalled' result and then the whole ecs internet connection starts to break down. IM clients often lose messages, disconnect, cannot connect etc. Firtefox can load only begining of pages or cannot load at all and cannot be properly closed - have to be killed. All other internet apps have similar problems. Only reboot helps, although I think that in the past a very long wait sometimes helped.

The only clue that I have is that opened OpenSSH session during this network breakdown ended with message:
Write failed: No buffer space available

Anyone can helpme solving this issue?

I've got msi k9n6sgm-V mainboard based on NVIDIA MCP61 chipset, with the built-in network card Realtek 8201CL.

I've found that I should install the Nvidia nic driver, available in ecs 2.0. It installs fine, but I can ping only myself - no pings to any external IPs, even in my local network. Does anyone have this network chip working? Or maybe any clues to get it working?

Hardware / USB pendrive on ACP1
« on: 2008.11.05, 14:34:58 »
Hello, I have following problem.

I can access my Fat32 16 GB pendrive on my notebook with ECS rc3 installed. I cannot do so on my ACP1 machine. I've copied USB files from OS2/BOOT of ECS to my ACP1, Fat32.ifs version is the same, but on ACP1 machine removable is visible as 32 MB and cannot be accesed or ejected...

Anyone can help?

Internet / Firefox 3.01 hangs
« on: 2008.08.24, 21:23:05 »
ACP1, firefox 3.01, SNAP

After a longer time of using firefox 3.01, when I close it, it frees some memory, than hangs the screen. I have to reboot to regain control of the system.

It happens always after long time of using. Perheaps some of you have encountered this problem before and know what can be the cause and how to fix it?

Recently I installed ecs rc4 on my notebook. I use airboot as a boot manager. The problem is, that when I created logical volume during ecs installation process, the installer claimed that no partition is bootable. The only way I found to solve this problem was to create bootmanager partition. Than I could install ecs on logical. I didn't really install bootmanager, but ofcourse empty, 7 MB primary partition remained.

I think this is a bug - a precausion that should not be there. But perheps I was doing something wrong?

Lech Wiktor Piotrowski

Networking / injoy firewall and vpn
« on: 2007.11.17, 21:59:23 »
I try to get VPN working with injoy firewall 4.0 trial, but no success.

I have a group authorization with disabled transparent tunelling. On windows CISCO client everything worked without a problem: I supplied server IP, groups name and password, disabled transparent tunneling and it just worked (without any port forewarding - I'm behind NAT). Unfortunatelly I cannot get it working on Injoy. After multiply different settings combinations (including those adviced in manuals), I always get error: packet size different than declared in header.

I am completely new to VPN. Could anyone help me?

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