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Applications / Python (was PyQt)
« on: 2012.04.07, 08:38:18 »
Thanks Paul. It looks like something in the last module loaded, namely readline.pyd.

By the way, I might be interested in PyQt simply because I have used wxPython on Windows and Linux
extensively and the method of binding message handlers cannot be that dissimilar.

How have you generated the interface wrappers for Python? Did you use SWIG?
I have had an notion lurking at the back of my mind for some time to get SWIG ported
to OS/2 and do something similar with wxWidgets -> wxPython for OS/2.

Just as eric4 and 5 are Python IDEs it might be nice to have C/C++ support in them, assuming it's
a plugin mechanism for language support.

Article Discussions / OS/2 book recently uploaded to Hobbes
« on: 2012.04.04, 16:31:08 »
Great! When can we have it in English?

Andy Staszko

Article Discussions / Tree View Popuplation
« on: 2011.02.19, 14:29:32 »
How many OS/2-eCS user have had this problem at one time or another (it happens to me
with alarming regularity):

You have built up a vast collection of files, images and videos in numerous folders and sub-folders.
You open the drive in tree view and then open a folder with numerous children and it only part populates.
At this point PM or WPS is shagged!

If you attempt to open any folder the system hangs.

This basic bug needs fixing: it's been around for years.

Despite all the excellent work in allowing os/2-eCS to install on the latest hardware
and the ports of some of the most useful applications and tools to this platform, this bug
is what stops me recommending this OS.

I stilll use it (since 1992), but I don't mention it or the the bug - my excuse is that I love it's interface
and the "security through obscurity".

If this OS is still being sold in the form of eCS, then Serenity Systems really do need to get IBM to
address the problem described above.

Andy Staszko

Link to refreshed source is broken. Binaries OK.

Andy Staszko

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