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Networking / DFE-530TX+ gigabit NIC
« on: 2010.07.01, 17:07:56 »
Hi, everyone.

Since my wife and I are getting rid of our satellite TV and going to "TV on the Internet" using a Roku box, I've decided I'd like to upgrade my LAN to gigabit speeds.  I'll need to get a new switch, which isn't hard, but for the BBS box, a Dell OptiPlex GX100 (Celeron/500), I'm investigating getting this NIC:

That's a D-Link DFE-530TX+ card.  There's other gigabit cards, but this one fits the budget.  Has anyone had success with this card and OS/2 or eCS working together?

This isn't a "must-have", but it'd be nice for my users and especially since I'm considering running my own web server here at home again.

Programming / Using remote SMTP for PHP mail() function
« on: 2010.01.09, 03:16:01 »
Hi, everyone.

I've not posted here in a long time since well, OS/2 just keeps running nicely in the background and I tend to forget about it. :)

I am going to be moving my website from a professional hosting company to my own little system (a 1.6gHz IBM Netvista running Warp 4.52 and Web/2 for the webserver).  I'm trying to refresh myself on PHP for a variety of reasons so I decided to write a little comments form and PHP script.

What I'm wondering is this: I have a remote SMTP server (my ISP's) I'd like to send mail through.  I know about the SMTP settings for Linux and Windows, but how do I set that up under OS/2 and specifically in PHP.INI for use with the mail() function?


Web applications / Wordpress under OS/2
« on: 2009.02.24, 01:31:45 »
Hi, everyone-

I don't know if anyone else has done this, but I've successfully gotten Wordpress 2.7.1 running under OS/2 Warp 4.52 with the help of Paul Smedley's ports of MySQL and PHP!  My blog is not really public yet (I'm combining my static pages with my blog), but you can see it at  My wife has a beginnings of a blog at  Both are hosted on the same machine and the same webserver (Web/2).

If anyone is interested, I could write a simple FAQ on how to get Wordpress up and running.


Hardware / Third IDE card
« on: 2009.02.09, 06:55:42 »
Hi, everyone-

I'm needing to install a third IDE card for my main OS/2 box (runs my servers).  Any recommendations?

I was looking at getting this one:


Mail-News / Weasel and spam filters
« on: 2008.09.11, 03:32:21 »
Hi, everyone.

I'm wanting to set up a POP3/SMTP server setup for my own domain (  Luckily for me, I have the domain hosted at a good place to where I have complete and total control over it and I've shopped around for other places that offer POP/SMTP access for free, but there's a lot of bandwidth restriction.  I'm wanting to use this to move BBS packets via email and for a few email addresses of my own.  I've looked at Weasel and I've used older versions of Weasel before, but now I'm concerned about spam filters.

To be quite honest, I'm rather lost when it comes to this.  I've no knowledge (well, very, very limited) of this and how it would work.  I'm looking for some advice on what I should use, how to do it, et al.

Any and all help is appreciated.


Applications / Up-to-date applications
« on: 2008.09.07, 11:10:31 »
Hi, everyone.

A friend of mine and I have been talking about eCS and he seems interested in it, but he brought up a list of programs that he uses under XP that he needs working programs for if he was to use eCS.  Skype was a stickler, but I told him to forget using the software and just get a Skype hardware phone-less demanding on the computer and easier to use.

I told him about Thunderbird and Firefox for email and web browsing.  Told him about ProNews/2 for newsgroups and even SIM for IM (I used it for quite some time without any problems).

Now the stickler is the "office" application.  I've got StarOffice 5.1a here but I don't think that's really an option any more since I don't think you can register it.  I've got Lotus Smartsuite (a later edition, forget which one it is off the top of my head), but I can't think of anything else save for Serenity System's $49 OO option, which it seems is out of the question right now for him.

I've been thinking going back to either OS/2 or eCS m'self since I've had Windows 2000 go berserk on me twice in one month, resulting in two total reinstalls.  So the office question is pertinent for me too.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, they'd be appreciated.


P.S. For some reason, the "email replies" option on this forum is not working for me, so I might not get back to this for a few days.  Having oral surgery on Tuesday, so it'll be a "lay on the couch drugged up and sleeping" kinda day.  ;)

Applications / Problems with the System module
« on: 2008.08.13, 17:39:12 »
Hi, everyone.

I hope this is the appropriate place to post this...anyhow, I'm having a strange problem with OS/2 and I'm not quite sure how to fix this.  Let me explain (and this is a little long-winded): I'm running Warp 4.52 (MCP2) on a Compaq Deskpro EN (P3/533, 640MB RAM) for my BBS.  The built-in video adapter is a ATI 3D Rage Pro with 8MB RAM.  I've been using this machine for nearly a year now with no problems.  However, recently, I bought a 19" monitor (a Gateway EV910).  I've made no other hardware changes to the board since I first bought it a year ago.

After installing the monitor on the machine, changing the resolution to 1280x1024@65K, all was well.  But, two days ago, I'd made some changes to CONFIG.SYS and had to reboot.  After rebooting, the system changed the resolution to 1280x1024i (interlaced), which with my crappy eyesight, I can't see very well.  I went back to change the resolution and then the oddest thing happened: when I selected the System module to change the resolution, the system acted like it was opening the module, but the System module was hiding in the background!

No matter what little tricks I did to coax it up to the foreground worked.  In fact, until I added SET RESTARTOBJECTS=STARTUPFOLDERSONLY, upon reboot, the System module would load and then lock the machine completely to where C-A-D wouldn't work (I have CADH installed).  Well, after a little more poking around, I decided to switch from the stock ATI driver to SNAP (SNAP/se 7.0 comes with Warp 4.52).

Same problem.  So, I switched it back to VGA from the Alt-F1 prompt, rebooted and the System module is STILL hiding!  I've never had this problem before and it's really frustrating.  Thankfully, the BBS and the BBS mail system are working perfectly in the background, but it's awful hard to do anything at 640x480...

So as the computer sits right now, I have the SNAP drivers installed at 640x480,  unable to get the resolution any higher as the System module is hiding in the background.  It shows up in the window list, in TOP and even if I CTRL-right click the Warpcenter window list button...but nothing seems to bring it to the front.

The only way I know of to fix this (after searching Google for a bit) is to reinstall OS/2.  I /really, really/ don't want to do that as I have things set just as I want them and the system is purring right along as it sits.

Any ideas are welcome.


Setup & Installation / eCS and a T42 laptop
« on: 2008.07.20, 09:14:13 »
Hi, everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had experience installing eCS 1.2 on a Thinkpad T42 laptop.  I happen to own one and although I am very happy with it, even with Windows XP Pro on it, I'd like to "go home" if you know what I mean.  I am also considering waiting it out and buying eCS 2.0 when it goes GA.

(A side note: I was in a nasty car accident March 28 and wound up breaking my wrist so badly I had to have a plate put in it.  My lawyer is working on getting a settlement from the insurance company and if there's enough after all the bills are paid, I'll buy the new eCS.)

The main thing I'm worried about is USB (I use a travel USB mouse) and getting the internal NIC working correctly.  I do believe this laptop may have shipped with OS/2 by special order when this model was still being sold by IBM.

Any and all help is appreciated.


Internet / Spam filter settings for Weasel
« on: 2008.03.04, 14:42:33 »
(I hope this is the right forum to post this in!)

Hi, everyone.

I'm thinking about firing up a mail server (POP3/SMTP) on my own system.  I'll have to use SMTP relaying since my ISP has taken the "wise" step of completely blocking port 25.  I'd like to use Weasel, but I really need a good spam filter on it.  Does anyone have any recommended filtering systems for use with Weasel?  Something preferably fairly easy to use?  :)


Hi, everyone.

I remember reading somewhere about how to get Seamonkey to use Innotek's font system.  I've installed all of what I need from Innotek, but I can't remember how to get Seamonkey to use it.  I believe it is in the registry...anyone know what I'm talking about?


MODERATOR NOTE: Only changed topic heading


While trying to access this post:,com_smf/Itemid,63/topic,509.0/

I get the following error (and yes, I'm logged in):

8: Undefined offset: 0
File: /home/os2worldcom/httpd/html/components/com_smf/smf.class.php
Line: 449

Just thought you should know.


Marketplace / Looking for a Model M2 keyboard...
« on: 2007.12.06, 02:20:52 »
Hi, everyone.

I'm looking for a Model M2 keyboard (small, lighter, grey, with the IBM logo in the upper right corner of the keyboard).  I have one here on another machine that has a date of "05-Nov-93".  It was made for IBM by Lexmark and has the part number of 1305300.  I have one of the original Model M keyboards, but unfortunately, it's too big for me to use with my current system.

Please respond to me here or email me through the forums.

Sean (used to be hausmaus on the forums)

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