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General Discussion / DBEXPERT NEWSGROUP
« on: 2007.11.11, 00:55:44 »


Applications / 2 Apps Needed by eCS
« on: 2007.10.28, 15:32:37 »
There are 2 major apps that need to be developed for eCS:
   1. A solid business accounting system similar to Quickbooks
   2. A stand alone mapping system kind of like Streets & Trips or PCMiler.
I know Robert M is working on #2.


General Discussion / I feel very lost....
« on: 2007.10.17, 01:00:00 »
I have spent years developing my 2 dbExpert apps. Randell Flint was a big help, asI could usually call or email him if I was stumped. Sometimes, he would get mad at me because I was so dumb, but usually everything worked out. Now that Randell is gone, I feel very lost--kind of like an orphan. So far, I have no one to turn to when--hopefully only if--I have any problems with dbExpert. I know there are several other people in the world who use dbExpert and know it inside & out. Unfortunately, they communicated thru a dbExpert newsgroup which worked on a Sundial server. Currently, that newsgroup server is down and there is no indication of if or when it will come back up.
If ANY current dbExpert user is on OS/2 World, please contact me either here or at

Thank you


Applications / dbExpert
« on: 2007.10.16, 20:38:13 »
Thank you Robert M & jep for your answers to my Sundial Systems post.

Is there anyone here who works with dbExpert or knows it fairly well? I'm trying to establish a non-techie(me)techie relationship here so I have someone to call on when I need help.

Also, I'm wondering if there is somebody or group here who could possibly take over development of a solid, simple, easy to use OS/2/eCS database and upgrade it as needed.



General Discussion / dbExpert, Junk Spy, Relish, etc.
« on: 2007.10.15, 22:58:44 »
With Randell Flint gone, :'( :'(  what's left of Sundial Systems--his wife, Carla(forgive me if I spelled it wrong)--is searching for someone to continue development of their software--Junk Spy in particular. dbExpert is an excellent database that is easy to understand and use and, IMHO, should also have continued development. Even as non-technical as I am, I have developed 2 separate dbExpert apps that are rather complicated. Randell even told me several times that I had put together a complicated and complex app. Because dbExpert is so easy to work with, I basically developed those apps accidentally. I really have no clue about how a program(?) such as dbExpert works. I just know that it does and hope someone--or a group--will take over its development.

Applications / Sundial Systems
« on: 2007.10.15, 16:07:35 »
Now that we have lost Sundial, where does one go for help with its products--especially dbExpert? I still run into a lot of things I need to do to make my dbExpert database applications more efficient. I have too much time--years--in the development of my apps to change to another system. Also, I don't know of another database for OS/2 (eCS) that's as stable and easy to use.

Is anybody here a dbExpert user? Does anybody here know the ins & outs of REXX? Is Sundial going to come back or is it gone for good?


General Discussion / Randell Flint
« on: 2007.10.15, 15:57:44 »
I just read the article about Randell passing away and Sundial suspending sales of its products. It's a sad day for OS/2. Every time I would contact Sundial, whether by email or phone, Randell was more than helpful. He always worked me through my confusion about macros & querys when I was setting up my dbExpert database, to the point of helping me make things work the way I needed them to. Because of Randell, I am able to meet the legal requirements of the trucking industry in the US on my laptop. I will REALLY miss Randell and Sundial.

Applications / SVISTA
« on: 2007.10.14, 16:38:04 »
What ever happened to SVISTA that development appears to have been stopped in 2004?

Applications / CUPS???
« on: 2007.10.14, 16:21:10 »
Not being a hi tech person and not monitoring OS/2-eCS developments, I see something called CUPS is replacing win32 development. Please explain what CUPS is.

Thank you


Hardware / ECENTER
« on: 2007.08.29, 21:49:17 »
How do I get rid of ECenter permanently??????

Hardware / wifi card
« on: 2007.08.26, 16:51:54 »
Even though I still do not have my eCS laptop connected to the internet, I thought I would find out what the best wifi card for it would be. Also what drivers are compatible with the card?

Thanks in advance.


Hardware / e-center
« on: 2007.08.26, 16:41:14 »
Please tell me again how to permanently disable e-center. I don't need it.

Thanks in advance.


Internet / How To??
« on: 2007.06.14, 00:22:57 »
How do I set up my internet(cable) DNS?
How do I find the IP address of my laptop?
How do I set up TCPIP--if I need it?

You guys are great.


Hardware / Tired
« on: 2007.06.13, 03:19:42 »
I'm getting tired and frustrated trying to get eCS to reinstall on my laptop. Perhaps I should give up and go to windoze. But, no, then I would have to do twice as much work to create a system that's half as stable--if that--and only runs right when it wants to--which is seldom.....

This all started shortly before I posted 'Trouble with a capital T'

For tonight, I give up.


Hardware / Trouble with a capital T!!!
« on: 2007.06.13, 00:20:35 »
Hi, Again!

I did Alt F2 when I booted my laptop. The only driver that stayed on the bottom of the screen as long as the eCS logo did was OS2ASPI.DMD. The line read 'Installed OS2ASPI.DMD'. Doesn't mean a thing to me.

However, here is where the trouble comes in:

After the eCS logo went off, the boot sequence hung with the following:

Exception in Module HPFSMINI
Trap 000d  ERRCD=0000  ERACC=****  ERLIM=********
EAX=feffa71a EBX=ffdda6fb ECX=00000000  EDX=0000042e
ESI=00f300ac  EDI=ffde4abb  EBP=00004c3c  FLG=00213292
CS:EIP=03e0:00005653  CSACC=009f  CSLIM=0000574b
SS:ESP=0030:00004c12  SSAC=1097  SSLIM=00003fff
DS=0400  DSACC=00f3  DSLIM=0000149b CR0=80010013
ES=0428  ESACC=0093  ESLIM=0007fff  CR2=fc411000
FS=0000  FSACC=****  FSLIM=********
GS=0000  GSACC=****  GSLIM=********

The system detected an internal processing error at location ##0168:fff1da1f-000e:ca1f.

Internal revision 14.103a_W4

The system is stopped.

I have tried rebooting and booting from the install CD (hoping to reinstall eCS and get past this problem).  I tried booting from an archive. Nothing worked. Everything came back to the above information.

I cannot boot the laptop!!! What do I do????  HELP!!!!!


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