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Hardware / eCS on Samsung Series 7 Slate
« on: 2012.09.20, 13:55:49 »
For those who are interested in:

Well, it took me almost 10 months now to finally succed in getting eCS to run on the Samsung Series 7 Slate. But, I tried not that often in this duration of time because simply it was to hard and I gave up for month. Finally I went trough.
It is this:,2817,2397331,00.asp
I am using the eCS 2.2. alpha from April this year, using USB Drivers from Lars Erdmann 183 and ACPI 3.21.02 (Latest).

Once I figured out that it was because of the USB Drivers (still included in 2.2. the "old IBM" ones so far) that it allways crashed I managed to get it to run, but it was not that easy because I had to prepare the HDD and did not want to destroy the Windows 7 installation. In the end I am using Airboot Manager now to switch between Windows 7 and eComStation during boot process. As the inlcuded keyboard is a Bluetooth model I can not use it. But i discovered that I can use the inbuild switch for "Loudness" and "Rotation" to work with Airboot.
eCS is still somewhat instable, but at least it is running native, but I guess because of that much included USB devices (2 Webcams, UMTS,Bluetooth, Digitizer, Tablett and 2 USBEHCI ) eCS comes in heavy problems.

I will see if - with the help of i.e. Wim - we can get Digitizer and Touch to run.

Setup & Installation / YUM/RPM still in use?
« on: 2012.07.17, 13:17:21 »
While building my Mini PC for the first time installed YUM/RPM.  It was really not that hard, but I wonder - is it still being updated? I installed QT 4.7.3 without issues. I was then looking for ODIN and JAVA 6, the newest ODIN there is (what I was able to find) 0.83 (to browse follow this link:  ) - but I was not able to install it, while JAVA 6 recommends ODIN 0.8.4. I found no JAVA 6 there, was'nt it supposed to be placed there?

Should I have looked into a different directory?

Once getting used to it I like this tool.

Is this project still being maintained?

Hardware / eCS 2.2 on fanless Intel Atom Mini PC
« on: 2012.06.25, 13:01:22 »

I just build an eCS 2.2. Mini Multimedia PC and test it now. I wanted to have something very, very small (well not that rasperry... ;-) ) that comes totally fanless and noiseless.

I started with this hardware:


(There is also a wide range of similar boards with other features (e.G.: HDMI, Serial, two LAN or two MiniPCIe etc ...) available)




and added my own

-> Intel WLAN 4965 Mini PCI Express Card
-> Cinergy USB Stick for Television
-> USB wireless keyboard and mouse
-> 4GB of RAM (2X2)

Once I assembeld everthing it looked like:

See first picture

(The Antennas for WLAN and TV will be assembled later :-) )

I closed the chassis and it looks like:

See second picture

I tried to install eCS 2.2., but it failed -> I had to (Thanks to Michael Holzapfel for the hints!)

- update BIOS (to avoid memory error 2)
- disable Legayc USB in BIOS
- do not choose and do not install OS2AHCI Driver
- use USB183 drivers from Lars Erdmann

even though - finally I had to put the SSD in a different PC and install eCS 2.2 there and putt it then back into the Mini PC.

But then it worked:

-> Sound supported
-> LAN Supported
-> VGA and DVI both supported (with Panorama, SNAP works but very slow)
-> WLAN Mini PCIe supported
-> USB supported (4X UHCI, 1 X EHCI)
-> Cinergy TV supported
-> 4 Kernel (2 + 2 Hyperthreading) Intel Atom 2,13 GHz CPU

-> Great!

See picture of the Hardwaremanager.

See picture 3

It does NOT get hot and is so quite that I had to take a closer look twice to get sure that it is really up and running :-)



just to inform (video may come at the weekend): It is not possible to install eCS 2.1 on this marvelous Slate (I guess the biggest disadvantage ist, that the SSD drive is connected via PCIe and eCS can not handle this - whereas DFSEE and all the others can....). BUT - I tried an installation inside Virtual Box, and after having done some customization it is like this:

Even each and anything is working!!!!

- Video, 1366 X 768 True Colour
- Sound
- Pen (no special driver needed, one just has to install the OS/2 VBOX files Additions) including right mouse click on pen (!!!!)
- Fingertouch (!!!)
- The windows on screen keybboard (no problems at all!!!!) see pictures!
- even the Bluetooth keyboard (!!)
- Wireless LAN (as a networkbridge)

-> that is really impressive! It seems that the Virtualbox Client just takes advantage of all the Windows 7 drivers, it takes all the input regardeless if you use the finger, Stylus, keyboard, onscreen keyboard...... ;D ;D ;D

I wish it could run native - but almost everything else will not work then (WLAN; Bluetooth....)

Applications / N/JOY - someone?
« on: 2012.05.17, 11:27:14 »

I just found a demo of this software. Is there someone around with the "full" version of it?

Thanks in advance!

Marketplace / IBM OS/2 Flyer 1993 - 1999 as PDF
« on: 2012.03.09, 10:14:31 »

for whom it may be of interest: as the OS/2 time is slowly coming to an end for me (possibly switching to Apple as my kids already did) I decided to scan and upload to hobbes as large PDF files the following IBM flyers (Please look for : OS2FLYER.ZIP):

- Warp 3 (1994) German
- Warp 3 connect (1995) German
- Warp 4 (1996) German
- Warp Server 4 (1996) German
- Warp Server 4 Advanced (1996) German
- Warp Server for e-business (1999) ENGLISH

Personally I think this Flyers look really pretty and I hope you have fun! Reminding the old "real" OS/2 days.... ;-)

Hardware / Warp 4.52 + SMP + AHCI +ACPI
« on: 2012.02.15, 09:17:13 »

unfortunaltely the HP Slate turns out to be "uninstallable" with eCS or OS/2. As a sideeffect I did notice something else: I do have a Sony Viao VPC SB Laptop with Intel Core i7 Processor (i7 - 2620M). Unfortunately not eCS nor OS/2 can be installed here via CD/DVD as well, but while playing aorund for the Slate I dies create an updated Warp 4 DVD with UPDCD, it contains as well as the latest availiable Fixpacs:

- parts from eComStation:
  - ACHI driver

- other:
  SMP Kernel 104a_SMP from Warp 4

-> I installed this on another "OS/2" safe machines and made a clone with DFSEE via "Create Image File from a partition". Once I created the necessary partition next to windows 7 on the Sony Vaio I did "Restore" the file via DFSEE an installed the OS/2 Bootmanager.

Well - this OS/2 Warp 4.52 started very well, it detected two kernel (the Intel i7 2620 CPU has two "real" and in addition two "Hyperthreading" kernels) and in combination with the GENGRADD driver, offering the 1378X768 resolution of the 13.3 inch screen (NOT GLOSSY :-) ) with 16.7 Million colours-  (SNAP is not possible) it works really fast! The Crucial 128SSD is really quick.

So, encouriged by this unexpected success I tried to install ACPI on top of this, I used the 3.19.14 wpi from betazone, installed, rebooted and - GREAT! All 4 kernels there, the Power Icons was missing, so I used the Xwokplace function to recreate the Power Icon from there - and it does show the right Battery Life!

Problem (the only one I can see so far but did not test very much): the FAN is allways on and the system gets warm. A possible regression of the ACPI, but without ACPI there are the same effects.

(WLAN will for sure not go, LAN is not tested untill know, but it has a 3G/UMTS/HSPA option that I can may get to work.)

A picture can be found here (for those not registrated as a user here, for the otheres I do attach the picture):

So - encouriged by this I will try to Clone the eComStation 2.1 equipped with the ACPI 3.19.15 and see where this will lead me to with the Sony.

PLEASE NOTE: I know that it is usually not allowed to use AHCI nor ACPI with other OS/2 Versions than eComStation, but even though I will go on testing and hopefully this is interesting to some of you and this information may help eCS developers as well. And I will not distribute the OS/2 Merlin Clone, it is just for my "internal" use :-)


I am trying to install eCs on the new HP Slate 2 Touch PC. Unfortunately for most of you I do report it here in German, please use online translator if you are interested in. Sorry, but I have not enough time to write in both languages.

The thread to follow, if you are interested in, is here:,3,16&Board=os2hardware&Number=79431&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5

Each of my messages contains a picture. To see it please do click on the ANHANG field on the left side.

I hope you enjoy - help and tips allways welcome!!


Posted by Eugene Gorbunoff - Sunday, 04 December 2011

Short i. .. .

This morning these "advertisement" included one of my pictures running eCS on the EEE Slate. My answer/comment there has been removed as well as my picture. I wrote:

To Q7: I want to stress the fact that it is not possible for a "common" user to get ecomstation to run on the EEE Slate, not at all. This is deceptive and misleading advertisment!!!! In addition it is not possible to go to the nearest store and by cheap/modern hardware - you have to take a close look at it - especially for modern notebooks. Mostly i.e. there is NO WLAN support nor support for Powermanagement at all.

I have to contradict these advertisment here as it does not tell the truth and mostly I am anoyed that some of my highly experminetal pictures are used to betray people! Hard to say but this is to betray people. I want to dissociate myself from this kind of poor and shamefull advertisment!

Even though the picture is removed there now (after my comment), there is still written:

"Hypothetically, eComStation works on any PC (though, see list of compatible hardware), which means that user can go to a nearest store and buy high quality and/or cheap hardware."



I just finished a new updated OS/2 Warp 4 Merlin 4.52 DVD and want to give those interested in some tipps, who are using UPDCD as well:


- OS/2 Warp 4.52 Merlin convinience package 2 (MCP 4.52) with Fixpac 5
- OS/2 AHCI driver integrated in installation and boot process
- Installation possible using USB CD/DVD Drive without any manual changes
- latest Network drivers from Mensys (Intel, Nvidia, Realtek) integrated with MPTS
- UDF (DVD) Filesystem Version 2.16 integrated
- SMP support availiable as Addon on DVD
- HPFS386 support availiable as Addon on DVD (JFS Support included in MCP already)
- JAVA 6 on DVD (Directory: DVD\JAVA)
- Firefox and Thunderbird 6.02 on DVD: DVD\INTERNET\
- Kernelrevision suppressed
- ACPI Testversions in: DVD\TREIBER\ACPI

Hereby I describe the hints how to add files and drivers to the bootprocess and config.sys and how to make the DVD bootable from USB Drives:

-> A.) How to add files to the bootprocess for new OS/2 CDs/DVD with UPDCD?
-> B.) How to edit config.sys that should be used by the DVD later for booting?

CAUTION: If you want to do this you will have to use method B. first, than A.!

-> C.) What does the config.sys should look like to make the updated OS/2 CD/DVD to boot
       from an USB CD/DVD device?


Zu A.:

(Original found -> UPDCD FAQ, Question and answer 37):

Q37: I don't like the Internal Revision Number displayed during booting. Is it possible to
    supress it?
    A37: Of course. Go to the burn\os2image\disk_0 directory before burning. Create a file os2norev.$$$
    in that directory. Issue the following command (replace e:\updcd with your UpdCD installation

    e:\updcd\bin\pack2 os2norev.$$$ bundle /H:\OS2\BOOT\os2norev.$$$ /A

-> Thats the way for all the other files you might want to use!

i.e. you want to add the OS2AHCI driver with your updated Warp 4 CD even for the first boot:
copy the OS2AHCI diver to \burn\os2image\disk_0 , than type in a command window from that directory

    e:\updcd\bin\pack2 os2ahci.add bundle /H:\OS2\BOOT\os2ahci.add /A

(please substitute e: with the driver where UPDCD is installed to)

CAUTION: This has to be done BEFORE the updated files will be burned but AFTER they are already
"mixed" (build) with UPDCD.

How to add this driver now to config.sys? - see B. !


Zu B.)

I found the answer at the UPDCD Yahoogroup, dated 3. March 2008:

This has to be done BEFORE you "Build" the CD/DVD!

- goto the directory \UPDCD\LIB
- open the file "updif.rlb"
- find the line cfile = img_dir'\tmp\config.sys'
- add a new line under this one with 'pause' (inklusive Apostrophe!)
- save file and exit

while building the script pauses after a short time while peparing the boot disk_0.
Now goto \updcd\burn\bootimg (*) and open the config.sys with an editor, in case you want to add
the OS2AHCI driver vor Warp 4 you add a line:


Feel free to add what you like (and want to add then as a file with method A.)
Save config.sys and exit the editor, change to the UPDCD window (blue) and press Enter to continue
the build process.

(*) HINT: Zsolt Kaddars refers to the config.sys in UPDCD\BURN\TMP but I had no directory like this
and it did work the way I wrote here


Zu C.)

I found hints at, at the USB-BOOT Wiki (Thanks to Rainer D. Stroebel) and
Daniela Engert, she gave the right hint at Warpstock 2008 that than has been adopted by Mensys for
eCS 2 RC6a.

It is as easy as this: the USB Drivers must be loaded BEFORE the DANIS driver in config.sys, it is a good
idea to add the /I13 switch , as well in case you use the OS2AHCI driver it is necessary to add the OS2AHCI
driver after USB.

My customized (and working :-) ) config.sys (see B.) looks like:

basedev=usbd.sys /I13
basedev=usbmsd.add /Removables:3 /Floppies:1


That's all!

Now I can boot this OS/2 Warp 4 DVD with almost every Hardware I have, especially on Notebooks and Tablett PC that do not come with an internal optical drive.

Please note:

I do not want to compete with Mensys or something like this, I just experiment as an hobby with this - and want to keep the "Original" IBM OS/2 Warp 4 alive as long as possible.



Hardware / ASUS EEE Slate + eCS 2.1
« on: 2011.07.20, 10:40:25 »
I guess most of you have noticed it via eCS yahoo group, even though here it is:

Introduction: (comment German)

First Beta Review: (comment Mixture English/German):

Hope you enjoy!



Events / Final OS/2 Warp 4 Video Online
« on: 2011.04.18, 00:10:31 »

here it comes - my final OS/2 Warp 4 Video for 1996 to 2011:

I do have to apologize for these things:

- comment only German
- Music in the end very loud, I did not realize that the camera placed much closser than my to the Thinkpad

In the show:

- All OS/2 Version from 2.1 to 4 as shrinkwrapped
- Thinkpads: 760EL (1996), T42p (2003) , X200T (2010)
- Pure Warp 3 and 4

Not in the show:

- OS/2 before 2.1
- OS/2 Warp Server for e-business
- No files nor versions of any kind of ecomstation

Could not upload the HD version of it as it is 2.47 GB big (2GB Limit there)

I hope you do even enjoy it though.

I wish all of you the best, keep safe!


Hardware / OS/2 Warp 4 (CP Merlin) NATIV on Lenovo X200T
« on: 2011.03.28, 13:29:53 »

for those interested:

I updated an Merlin CP2 with UPDCD, with some fixpacs (Fixpac 5, TCPIP 2334, MPTS 8703, Kernel 104a_W4), updated drivers and so on to get an updated, bootable, installable OS/2 Merlin DVD.

- NO FILES FROM ECOMSTATION USED (I just installed the Intel LAN Driver to see if it works, it does ;-)  )

And guess what:

I started an installation on my Lenovo X200T (Core2Duo SL9600) in the docking station with an internal DVD burner:

It went thróugh without any issues! No problems with test.cfg and so on!!! (it was no "cloning" or something like this necessary, it was just "install")

I do have:

- Sound
- SNAP Grafis (no Panorama needed, SNAP shows 1280X800 true colour = native)
- LAN (with the Mensys Driver)
- JFS support
- Xworkplace with "tuning config.sys via Config.sys Editor)
- WLAN (I changed half a year ago to a Intel4965)

to say it short: everything seems to work fine! Even in AHCI mode - so far! (Installation was made in Compatibility mode)

I will give it more tests (HPFS 386, SMP from Warp Server, Stylus, and UMTS) during the week and finally will make a video about it next weekend, if hopefully everything will run ;-)


- There may be Interupt clashes because of NO ACPI (does not matter because eCS 2 ACPI did not work reliable on this Laptop as well)
- No Powermanagement (does not matter because eCS2 Powermanagement did not work reliable as well)

And important to me:

- I did not need Airboot Manager to install (DFSEE and IBM Bootmanager fit perfect the needs even alongside Windows 7 - as I mentioned several times before)
- No need to change any files (test.cfg or so on)
- installed "out of the box"
- SNAP does work, no need for Panorama
- UPDCD let me include the whole Bonuspac with Warp Guides as well (so I do have the full "Warp 4 feeling")
- Suprisingly after switching in BIOS back to ACPI there seem to be no difference (but I am sure I will find at least some ;-)  )
- it is running on a Corsair 2 SSD 120GB - it is that fast!!!!!!
- JFS support is inlcuded in MCP 2

Here is a link to a picture:

So, that's all - one can use even OS/2 Warp 4 MCP 2 on modern hardware......


Best to all of you!

Setup & Installation / OS/2 Warp 4 FP 15 Trilogy on Youtube
« on: 2011.03.14, 12:26:51 »

for those interested in:

I made 3 HD Videos showing OS/2 Warp 4 Fixpac 15 in Virtualbox 4.04

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Comment is only in German.

Used Software:
- Virtualbox 4.04 r70112
- Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
- Virtual PC for WIndows
- OS/2 Warp Version 4 Fixpac 15 (NO files form MCP nor ACP, NO files from eComStation) - Update with UPDCD, ONLY FREE components



Article Discussions / Censorship at
« on: 2011.02.15, 17:54:45 »

at least I wanted to reply to Rodericks new fairytale only because he is writing I am telling not the thruth -  but - guess what happens - the same as in 2009 when we had this discussion as well - it is not possbile for me to answer this thread. I asked that time for censorchip - and this time once again.

I do not need an answer though  ;)

But even though - as I said - I will leave it like that, there  is no more sence in it - there is no other picture then the deep pink one possible of Mensys - I must have missed the past six years and must be wrong!

At least the hint - there may be a way beside Mensys to keep OS/2 on track. But if not - it is OK as well.  ;)

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