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I was wondering why Serenity Systems doesnt take the strategy of supporting only a fixed set of modern hardware, say 5 differant Video Cards, 5 differant motherboards, 5 differant hard disks, 5 differant network cards e.t.c from major manufacturers which are widely available throughout the world. This would greatly increase the sales of Ecomstation as the installations issues would not come up. The following year they should support the next version of those same hardware. This strategy would ensure that Ecomstation would be compatible with a limited set of of modern hardware in the future. Anyone wanting to build a personal computer for Ecomstation would use only those set of hardware and hence Ecomstation would be guaranteed to install correctly out of the box without needing any tweaking e.t.c similar to Windows. This would also greatly reduce the development time and effort for Serenity Systems and possibly increase worlwide sales.



What are the configuration changes which need to be done to get Internet working on Ecomstation 1.2 / 2.0 running on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Spk1 running on Win Xp Spk3 ? 

  Host - Win XP Spk3 running on a personal computer (Physical PC). 
           The Host(Physical PC) has an Internet connection thru Ethernet adapter network.

  Guest - Ecomstation 1.2 / 2.0 running on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Spk1. 


Article Discussions / Lack of popular OS/2 applications
« on: 2011.02.10, 13:12:40 »

One of the reasons given for the failure of OS/2 on the PC(other than the lack of vision of IBM) was due to the dearth of popular OS/2 applications as compared to the applications that existed for Windows. Was this because OS/2 applications were difficult to build or due to some other reason(s) ?



Since OS/2 Warp 4.0 faced major installation problems in installing onto Clones of the IBM PC made by Dell, Compaq, Gateway e.t.c, how come IBM did not resort to sales of IBM Personal Computer Hardware preinstalled with OS/2 Warp 4.0 / 4.52 in order to boost world wide sales of OS/2 instead of giving up to the Microsoft Win 95 bandwagon ? This question is related to the years of 1995 / 1996 when Win 95 had just come out.   


Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Ecomstation 2.0 GA
« on: 2009.04.21, 18:02:06 »

When is Ecomstation 2.0 GA going to be released ? What is the reason for the delay of over 4 years ( Aug 2004 to April 2009 ). Why cant they release additional changes as service pack-1,2,3 e.t.c similar to Windows ? The development cost itself must be going up to a large amount. 



  If I create the following partitions on the same hard disk : 

     (1) IBM Os/2 Warp 3.0 Fat32 partition. 

     (2) Ecomstation 1.2 HPFS partition. 

     (3) Ecomstation 2.0 JFS partition.             

Now I need to clone all the partitions one by one after which I will have two of (1), (2) and (3) on the same hard disk. Which utilities can I use for this ?  So basically which utility works with Fat32, HPFS and JFS ?
Also how can I swap / multiboot between these partitions ?


Article Discussions / Ecomstation Compatible Netbooks
« on: 2008.12.20, 11:48:59 »

 Does anyone know which Netbook ( intel atom processor based mini laptop ) is compatible with Ecomstation
 version 1.2 or 2.0 ? 

 I would expect the audio, video, lan internet connection and wifi internet connections to work correctly. 

 Ecomstation on a netbook should be really high performance compared to windows xp on the same hardware.


What is the maximum number of applications that can be run simultaneously on Ecomstation ? Is it just dependent on the memory of the PC or are there other factors involved ? 


Can anyone list the commonly available hardware on which Ecomstation is 100% compatible and can be installed without any issues ? I would need an example for each type of hardware(motherboard,hard disk e.t.c) incase I need to assemble a pc of my own. If the motherboard has inbuilt video and sound cards, then that would be okay.   




Has  anyone  had  the  following  problem  of  :   

(1) Windows  3.1  application  running  fine  on  Windows 3.1  on  Ms-Dos  5.0.             

(2) The  same  Windows  3.1  application  not  running / giving  errors  on  Win-Os2  3.1  on  Os2 /

If  so , what  is  the  reason  for  (2)  happening  when  both  versions  of  Windows  are  version 3.1 ? 

What  is  the  way  to  solve  this ?     


Marketplace / CA-Realia Workbench For OS/2
« on: 2008.10.09, 12:49:34 »

Does anyone have a copy of CA-Realia Workbench 1.0 For OS/2 ? This is the cobol,cics,db2 software package for OS/2 which was released sometime in 1995 / 1996.I would be interested in purchasing / swapping for this software.The CA-Realia Workbench 2.0 for Windows 3.1 / Win 95 does not run on Win-OS/2 as it aborts with a virtual device driver error.Can this be fixed / made to run ?   


Applications / Compilers for development on ecomstation
« on: 2008.04.22, 18:18:46 »

 Which compilers are used for the following : 

          (1) Ecomstation operating system development.   
          (2) Applications which run on ecomstation.   


Applications / Ecomstation on Virtual PC 2007 for windows
« on: 2008.04.08, 16:51:30 »
 I have run ecomstation 1.2 and 2.0 Rc4 successfully on microsoft virtual pc 2007 on windows xp. If I want to browse the internet in virtual pc 2007 using ecomstation what setup changes will I need to do in virtual pc 2007 ? This setup presumably would not require a firewall/antivirus for browsing the web in vpc 2007 ? 


Games / Games on Ecomstation
« on: 2008.04.07, 04:51:17 »

 Which are the Os/2 games which run fine on Ecomstation version 1.2 / 2.0 ?

 Also what about the compatability of Dos and Windows 3.1 games on Ecomstation version 1.2 / 2.0 ?


Applications / Ecomstation 64 Bit Kernel
« on: 2008.04.07, 04:45:52 »

 Does Serenity systems and / or IBM have any plans for a 64 bit kernel upgrade ? If not , it looks like version 2.0 will be the last version of ecomstation ?   


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