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Programming / Arduino UNO on eComStation
« on: 2012.06.29, 04:51:12 »

  Hi there!

  I have just bought an Arduino UNO board and started playing with it under Windows. For those that doesn´t know, it is an "open-source electronics prototyping platform". Not only that, it is *very* easy to use:
  The board is connected to the PC by USB port and the driver shows it as an COM port. The software is open source and is part Java based, part native C (source available: ) and is available for MacOS X, Windows and Linux (both 32 and 64bit). Linux version seems to be just Java and some JNI .so to allow COM access. The software is a simple C compiler (GCC based, I believe) which is able to upload the program to Arduino board.

  I was wondering if this kind of board will ever be usable under eComStation... :)



Posted by Eugene Gorbunoff - Friday, 27 January 2012

New poll. .. .

  I think RPM is not really a "definitive" barrier. It´s not that difficult, provided some additional software (non-existent at the moment). I believe many users are troubled because they feel they are loosing the control of their systems, leading to a lot of problems when something goes wrong (and they often do, and that´s the reason why I do not like Linux).

  Anyway, since "let´s get back to WarpIn" is a "no-go", lets stick to the user interface problem: RPM/YUM user interface is poor. I often have to copy/paste yum commands from Wiki pages to install packages, and this is not something I would call "intuitive".
  RPM/YUM would be a lot more interesting with a eCoMarket-like interface. Even more interesting if a daemon stay running and verifying now and then (once a day?) if there are updates to the installed packages - and ASK the user if he wants to install them.

   Another interesting eCoMarket feature is keeping a local copy of installed packages, so this local repository could be burn to a CD and used in future installations when on non-internet connected computers.

   RPM/YUM for OS/2 should be provided with a tool like WarpIn Package Manager, which can easily show *every* file installed in *which* folder and *what* icons were created by each installed package.
   I liked a lot RPM/YUM do know WarpIn database (when I tried to install new Odin I received the message "Hey, uninstall current ODIN installed by warpin first!"... but this could be improved with a dialog "Odin was previously installed with WarpIn. Uninstall it first? [OK] [Abort]". Also, it would be nice if the "rpm/yum" updater daemon checked what WarpIn packages are already available in RPM format and asked the user which they would like to migrate to YUM/RPM and do it silently.

   I know it is impossible to do it for all applications ever provided in WarpIn format, but this should be done at least for more popular WarpIn library and application packages.

  Also, a simple guide of HOW one could package an application using RPM/YUM (or even how one can convert a WarpIn package script to RPM/YUM) would be nice too... the many developers adopt RPM/YUM, the better will be its acceptance (keep in mind how hard is to keep track of all gcc*.dll and libc*.dll these days).

   Well, these are my remarks about the topic. I understand the reasons why developers would like to move to RPM/YUM and UNIX directory structure... OTOH, I do understand why long time die-hard OS/2 users do not want to use a tool (whatever it is) which makes their beloved operating system as clumsy as a Linux distribution.



Hobbes Archive / Installing PMFIX.ZIP
« on: 2012.01.23, 18:28:28 »

  Holger Veith published two fixes for PMMerge, one regarding message queue and another adjusting the behavior of default font size on message boxes. The fix about default font I was able to apply without problems, but the message queue fix reports that the verification failed. Since I am using the correct version of PMMerge, I run out of ideas.

  Anyone was able to install this fix?



Utilities / WARNING about WPTools3.3
« on: 2012.01.20, 19:17:29 »

  Hi there,

  I´ve uploaded a package called WPTools33.ZIP at hobbes ( Henk Kelder´s WPTools v3.2 + AssoEdit v2.1 plus an install script and a check script) but I have been warned by Doug Bisset that the check script may harm some working OS/2 or eCS (mainly non-english ones and on systems with more than one OS/2 installed).
  Since I had not added anything to the packaged (just thought I was sharing some convenient scripts) I have already asked Hobbes administrator to remove WPTOOLS33.ZIP file... but those that had already downloaded it, BE WARNED: do no use the CHECKALL.CMD ... or use it at your own risk.



Applications / Error when opening OpenOffice 3.2
« on: 2012.01.18, 03:55:40 »

  Hi All,

  Some weeks ago I formatted my System and installed eCS 2.1. One of the first things I installed was OpenOffice 3.2 from eCS 2.1 CD2... but I am not able to start any of OpenOffice applications. Whenever I double click one of the OO icons the following message box is displayed:

Unable to start!
Execution failed! Contact technical support.
Return code: 2
Failing module: SAL3

  Anyone had this problem? Which technical support should I contact?



USB / iPod Mini and eComStation
« on: 2012.01.17, 19:30:59 »

  I had just won an old iPod Mini and I am trying to use it under eComStation 2.1.
It has been formated by iTunes and eComStation recognizes it, assigning a drive letter;
on the other hand, no files are shown, I cannot write to it and the "Details" in the properties
notebook shows "UNKNOWN" filesystem.
  Anyone has been able to use an iPod attached to eCS / OS/2?

  I am using Lars' latest USB drivers (which are indeed great... no more traps when using USB
devices) and FAT32 driver supplied by eCS 2.1.



Networking / Sloooooooooow Samba Server
« on: 2011.12.30, 04:19:42 »

  Hi There,

  I have been using Samba Server on eCS 2.0 for a while, but had never used it to transfer large amounts of data... until yesterday.
  I decided to make a backup using my local 100mbps network connection and mapped all OS/2 drives on the network so I could read them on another computer, which runs Windows 7.
  As expected, the drives are shown on Windows 7 "Network" and I am able to copy files ... but the copy is rather slow. The transfer rate is about 300KB/s... :/
  Also, my eCS box CPU goes 100% while transfers are being carried. Sometimes windows loses the connection also, and I am obligated to restart Samba Server so the copy may continue.

  Any clues on how to improve the transfer performance?


  Daniel Caetano


Networking / eCS Samba Client (EVFS) timeout problem
« on: 2011.06.08, 23:53:28 »

  Since yesterday I am using EVFS (Samba Client) as a IBM Peer to Peer replacement. I have found one little problem, though.
I can connect to a share on another computer, but after some time it just doesn't work anymore. If I had left EVFSGUI opened, it can't reconnect: the drive has to be dettached, EVFSGUI must be closed and reopened so I can connect again.
   I believe this has something to to with some timeout setting, because the system reacts just like if the connection was lost.

  Anyone knows how to overcome this limitation? It is *very* annoying to dettach/close/open/attach several times a day.


Networking / eCS 2.0 x Win7 Networking
« on: 2011.06.07, 04:40:28 »

  Is there any way to allow Windows 7 and eCS to see each other through NetBIOS over TCP/IP?
  I had already configured hosts/lmhosts files and the correct workgroup... but without any real result.
  There is not problem between WinXP and eCS on the same network.


Hardware / Intel H67 Motherboard - Here we go again
« on: 2011.05.02, 21:16:32 »

  Finally my new computer arrived. It's configuration is as follows:

- Motherboard DH67CL (LGA1155)
- Processor i7 2600 3.4GHz
- 2TB SATA HardDisk
- 950W Corsair power supply

  For now I am (sort of) using Intel integrated video-board.

  The results: TRAP 000d at boot on "Legacy" and "Modern Hardware Safe"
modes. On "Modern Hardware, ACPI" it displays eCS2.0 boot logo, but hangs
right there. Disabling boot logo did not provided any useful information: it
hangs as soon as Kernel version is displayed.

  I have tried SATA legacy mode (IDE mode) as well as disabling
multi-threading. Nothing changed (not even a little bit). I can't remove
the extra memory, since it would void the warranty.
  Any ideas?

  New hardware generation... new instance of old problems.

  BTW, Windows 7 x64 and Ubuntu x64 are booting and working fine (I have
not fully installed them, but until the moment the hard disk must be partitioned,
both installers run just fine).

PS: The manual states that the motherboard has "minimal support to
Windows XP, from Home to Professional"... it should boot eCS 2.0! :/

My problem seems similar to this:
Unfortunately, it seems no one was able to provide a solution.

Networking / WLAN is not detecting my Wireless device
« on: 2011.04.28, 04:43:45 »
Hi there,
I have just been able to make my Realtek 8187SE Wireless device to work with a beta GenMac Driver (thanks to GenMac developers!) and everything works fine when using no encryption (IP configuration done by regular eCS DHCP Daemon). Even web browsing worked just fine.
The problem is: WLAN is installed on my netbook but it is *not* able to detect the wireless device (which not only is present but also is working without any problems). Anyone knows a way to "force" WLAN to use a specific device?
I have sent a message to wlan-user mailing list, but it seems dead. The last message (besides mine) is 6 months old. Anyone knows where is the code so I can peek and try to adjust the wireless device detection procedure?

My kindest regards,

Daniel Caetano

Comments, Suggestions & Questions / Update Password?
« on: 2011.04.02, 05:06:39 »

  Is there some problem with the password change on "Profile" section?
  If I change my password for a new one... I cannot login anymore, be
it with the old one or with the new one. The only solution is selecting
"Lost my password" and receive a random generated password, which
I will forget in the next second and so... every time I want to access these
boards I have to generate a new one.

   Any clues?

USB / USB to Parallel Bridge
« on: 2011.04.02, 00:04:52 »
Hello guys...
I am buying a new machine (brand new i7 2600 processor, 8GB of RAM, intel H67 based motherboard) and I hope to run eComStation 2 in this machine. It will be here by april 20, so I am only guessing if it will work.
In the mean time, since new motherboards do not offer any parallel ports (and I have an ancient LaserJet 5 which I do not want to let go) I started looking for alternative solutions... and I have just found a so-called "USB to Parallel Bridge". It is basically a cable, which connects to the parallel centronics connector at the printer and then to an USB port on the computer.
On Windows XP I just plugged it and it recognized the device... but on eCS... well, it seems to be detected... BUT when I install an USB port to the printer driver it says "there is no USB printers connected".

Anyone has any kind of experience with this kind of peripheral?

Thanks in advance!

Hardware / Missing WordPro Equation Characters when printing
« on: 2011.01.05, 19:20:28 »
  Since many many years ago I am fighting with an annoying problem
with WordPro versus PostScript printing. Whenever I try to print a
WordPro document which uses equations in PostScript format (so
I can compile a PDF), the result is a PS/PDF with missing equation
elements ( radical signs, fraction bars, exponents etc. ). This is
VERY annoying and now is turning into a real problem, since I need
a PDF version of my thesis (university request).

  I am using "Apple Color Laser Writer 12/600", found on the
latest version of "PSCRIPT.DRV". Tried other drivers but no
luck with any of them. Searching on Google I've noticed some
people had this problem using eCUPS (which I have installed
here). I downloaded the latest fix suggested on the page
( )
and installed it and then created a new printer object with the
"Generic PostScript Printer" found on eCUPS.drv, but the
problem remains. I have also tried other eCUPS drivers
such as "HP Color Inkjet Printer CP1700", but again, no

   Anyone knows how can I solve this annoying problem (besides
migrating to OpenOffice or MS Word, *grin*)?

   Thanks in advance!

PS: I tried both Acrobat Distiller 5.0 e ePDF to compile .PS into
.PDF... and both presented the very same problem... this is why
I believe the problem is on the .PS generated by the driver.
PS2: *** CORRECTION *** printing directly to a non-PS printer
(such as HP LaserJet 4) is ALSO generating erratic results. Maybe
the problem is in Lotus SmartSuite? ARGH!

*** CORRECTION 2 ***
Disabling "use downloaded fonts / use device fonts" and when printing
just some pages directly to HP LaserJet 4 it prints correctly. It seems a
problem with memory management (?) inside the printing driver. The
behavior is really erratic. I have tried these instructions:
but was not able to reproduce the results.
Anyway, it seems now only fraction lines are missing (!!)

Article Discussions / Qwit version 1.1-pre2
« on: 2010.10.06, 21:46:18 »
Anyone had any luck with this version?
Previous version was working ok until august. It stopped working and I updated.
After configuring it to use the new authentication method, it crashed and now I am not able to run the program anymore (crashes during load).
Thanks in advance.

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