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Applications / A decent / better 3270 mainframe client
« on: 2009.04.03, 23:05:58 »
Currently using the old ibm personal communicator 4.2 and it's not rendering some of our mainframe screens properly (some of the lines or dashes appear as SSSS symbols) and I'm looking at other solutions.  I went through hobbes and I didn't find one I really liked that was gui operated.

Anyone have any other opinions / thoughts?  Thanks!

*First, I may not be entirely sure if this belongs in the network portion of the forum, but I believe that it has something to do with the hardware.

I have a Dell GX270 with an onboard NIC that I have been struggling to get working correctly on OS/2 Warp 4.52.  I've ran out of expansion cards that I have been using in the past for network connectivity.  I use the most recent OS2 drivers from hobbes for this chipset.

Now, the kicker (which is driving me bozonkers).  It works, but doesn't work.  Meaning it fails on the DHCP bootup (gives error) but then it magically obtains an IP address assignment somehow.  I can ping it from another machine, but I'm not able to authenicate with the network, and this same network port works just fine with another machine that has a different NIC.   This same machine works with a different NIC in an expansion slot (a 3com card) and it authenticates just fine.

I used MPTS to install the drivers, which I obtained from hobbes.  I did a pcisniff on it to gather the information regarding the chip onboard and no errors installing.  I've also installed fresh and used this NIC along with this set of drivers and a different set from  No change in issue.

Any ideas? I've muddled through the ini files and stil can't sauce this issue out.


I was wrong with it getting an IP address.  The DCHP tools say it will release but won't get a new valid lease.  I think it retained the IP address from when I had an expansion card plugged into the machine.  Do I need to try different drivers again or something?

Everything works, but this is annoying me and my users...

When the machine starts up, it launches requester service (since it's needed to talk to Windows file share) and I'm finding before I need to put in credentials for a file share I'm mapping to manually (via NET USE), OS/2 wants to map this 'LS' for network and printer file resources.  It wants to do this with a username and password prompt that is different than others I have seen, which has never worked any username or password I know.  We have just been cancelling it and then using the other domain logon prompt, which has always worked and maps a network drive successfully.

My question - How do I prevent this LS prompt from coming up?  I've tried digging through the ibmlan.ini file and thought I configured it properly.  I must have missed something. Is it even in this area to configure the change to stop this LS prompt?  LS isn't even the workgroup name or domain name, so I'm at a loss.

I'm guessing that when OS/2 is talking to the DC and then it 'sees' a guest share for, let's say like a default share for all users, that it wants to map to this guest share and comes up with a prompt - which i don't want to log into and doesn't work with any known userid/password.  I would rather not see this and only have the logon to domain prompt when I manually launch the NET USE command to the DC.

Any ideas?  Attaching the IBMLAN file.  What I can't figure out is that it says there are 40 config options, but there are 42 characters in the wrkheuristics line.

My objective is to get the USB feature (which is one plug, mouse and keyboard USB via KVM) working on a Warp 4.52 box via a KVM.  The keyboard and mouse themselves are PS/2. 

I know this works, because I have a T30 I have the same version of OS2 running on - and while it is plugged into the docking station using one USB port, I can toggle back and forth between that machine and another with no issues.  In addition, I can also use both keyboard and mouse.  It has worked flawlessly.

However, using the same install disks, I have installed on a Dell GX270 and have been able to get the USB working for both keyboard and mouse - but then it is not usable when I have the one USB plug in from the KVM.   ???  It's almost like OS/2 doesn't even see the Keyboard and Mouse through that one USB cable, and it should.  I can go and plug in a free standing USB mouses and USB keyboards and both will work with ease and right away within seconds.  Unplugging and plugging in the KVM USB cable does nothing and no respose from any devices, even after waiting an hour.

I've managed to grab the config.sys (attached) from the IBM Thinkpad T30 and try to configure the changes to the desktop, but I have had no success.  I keep getting it incorrect on the desktop, and just don't know what lines I need to add or change on the other computer's config.

Googling didn't help me with this question.  The only other thread relating to KVMs I found on the forum was saying something about how someone was splicing wires.  I know that I may lose my mousewheel function going through the Belkin, but that's a compromise I'd rather have.

I have a system that doesn't have any PS2 ports on it and am looking to install Warp 4.52 after setting the bios into compatability mode with it's SATA controller.  Installing off of the CDs.

All is fine and well until I need to use the keyboard - LVM starts pulling up and the keyboard is not taking my keystrokes as it should (has a significant delay of a minute or so, and seems to simply stop working).  Any ideas?

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