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Article Discussions / ACPI package 3.20.04 has been released
« on: 2012.07.24, 01:45:34 »
Great job by the ACPI team, although some functionality is still not there: primarily FnFx buttons on my Lenovo T410.  It now suspends properly, but the screen does not come alive (I'll post a separate msg. on the track where it belongs, but I just want to applaud the ACPI team for their progress.

Keep up the good work!  More and more of us has come to realize the complexity in ACPI, but also its value in terms of making modern hardware available to eCS users.

The recent Intel e1000e-0.2.2 driver works excellent on my Thinkpad T410 :-)  I do not know what happened when the 0.2.1 version failed (it could be an unfortunate sequence of eventes that temporarily made my jfs drives halt), but if there were any errors in the past version, they are now fixed.  Excellent job by the MultiMac team :-)  Thanks / Eirik

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 20 March 2012

MultiMac i. .. .

If you run a ThinkPad T410 do not install the new Multimac driver, Intel, as boot fails, and it trashes your file system.

If you installed this driver and had the same unfortunate experience as I did, boot eCS from CD, go to management console, and run chkdsk /f on all your jfs drives.  From a command line facility, revert back to your past Intel e1000 MultiMac driver (in my case version 0.1.8), and reboot.

Luckily, all went well and I am up and running again :-) after some "scary" minutes.

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