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Hardware / Video driver
« on: 2012.05.21, 16:44:13 »
I'm waiting since a long time now in hope to get a working driver with 16/10 and acceleration supporting nvidia cards (ex: gt9600 etc...)
None of current driver (both provided eCS) are able to correctly work. It could be "acceptable" with distortion for text but it isn't ok as soon working with images nor with videos for which video acceleration is required for correct result.

This is a must but it seems that nothing is comming to resolve this BIG eCS issue!
Any news? if it hasn't progress with good result, why purchase eCs extension support when it isn't usable for all day use?

The same is true with flash in smp mode despite some wrote it works (on very specific system may be!!!)

What are the news, is it worth to buy eCS renew? same question about openoffice for which I purchased up to know without getting any updates current last year !

Hardware / USB3
« on: 2012.02.29, 21:45:52 »
Is there a plan to add USB3 support ?

I just tested a    Lexar Triton USB 3.0 - 32 Go key on my windows7 system having a PCI-X usb3 card
The result was impressive !
Read at 178MB/s
Write at 180MB/s

Since I tested this, it is now a must have... (fast backup, fast application start etc..)   

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mensys. .. .

I'm in SMP mode.
Video start to play but after 10 to 25 seconds, it stops to play due video stream isn't downloaded.
In fact, the network connection is lost and REBOOT is required !

Trying setup under a prompt os/2 window, show that only local host ip@ is available.
This problem occurs each time.

It looks like the flash works ok for video less than 10seconds play time.
Any suggestion to correct this .

Note: Tried the tcpip32.dll safe but it gives the same result.

Applications / Odin 0.8.2
« on: 2012.01.25, 01:03:35 »

I had Odin 0.7.1 and my windows appl worked well (e.g. wordpad)
I installed Odin 0.8.2 and know, some applications works but many other fail with Memory allocation error ...
Strange, also memory allocation error with latest clamav ! (It looks like some used libraries have a problem in it)

Now, backward to Odin 0.7.1 and these applications are working again nicely.

Any idea?

Note: corrected 0.8.1 to 0.8.2 which is the correct build I used.


Applications / ClamAV 0.97.2
« on: 2012.01.21, 19:14:01 »

I tried to use the latest clamav 0.97.2 build but as soon I try to run a scan using clamdscan, Clamd issue following error:
LibClamAV Error: fmap: cannot map file descriptor 12
LibClamAV Error: CRITICAL: fmap() failed

I checked mmap.dll but it is at correct level...
Any idea why it doesn't work ?


Applications / ClamavGUI
« on: 2012.01.20, 10:05:17 »

I updated ClamAVGUI to 2.3.0 ( interesting news, specially for TB users  ;) )

(Compatibility with latest rpm/yum clamav package could not be tested... Any return are welcome)

Applications / AVxCAT - ClamAVGUI
« on: 2011.10.03, 15:57:40 »
Hi !

Since RPM/YUM is now imposed by developers which changes a major part of eCS apps installation rules and this package do not work on my system and many other problems it will generate under my eCS (on a small SSD partition). I plan to drop using eCS at next release announcement.

Are you still interested into AVxCAT and ClamAVGUI (without RPM/YUM test) updates and improvements ?
(only WPI packaged)

Kind regards

Article Discussions / ClamAV GUI version 2.1.3
« on: 2011.03.20, 02:45:38 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In preparation for next build... ( working on )
* Adding of removed / moved or copied FOUND virus history including date and date
* remove of epm to show last scan log which will be listed into the report container
* Shorted "alarm" sound when alarm all is set except for final alarm

Kind regards,

Multimedia / Nice GIF animation tool
« on: 2011.03.13, 18:17:56 »
Hello os2world.

I found a very nice litle tool which allow you to create GOOD gif animation using GIF input images.
It works pretty well using PE.EXE from ODIN

I found this tool searching how to get better GIF animation out of ffmpeg which has color palette restriction (max color = 256 but ffmpeg only uses near 100 colors due to fixed  palette color = poor quality or input should be aligned on 256 fixed color palette for good output)

GIF animation option was added into futur AVxCAT build (according ffmpeg quality limitation)

Kind regards,


Multimedia / AVxCAT (formerly FFMPEGCA) version 1.2.0
« on: 2011.03.04, 04:24:53 »
AVxCAT major release 1.2.0 is out
This is an Audio Video eXtended Conversion Authoring Tool using FFMPEG as main tool
It is a very nice GUI with lot of possibilities. 
- Convert not protected DVD film into portable codec (full film or any vob file)
- Convert Audio-CD to any supported audio codec (mp3, ogg, wav, flac etc...)
  With cddb (cddb2wav) support or not
- Convert any audio/video files to any audio supported codec
- Convert any audio/video files to any video supported codec
- Preserves IDTAGs or Metadatas is possible (codec dependant)
- Create slideshow or animation out of pictures
- Create video chapters and presentation (with possible) sub-titles
- Create user profiles to accommodate end-user most used options
- Apply VoiX filters

Added corrections and new function makes this release a main release.
I hope Jep could try it to create his OS2 mpeg1 video (this released one agains the test one has the codec type for animation enabled which allow to change from default FLV (Flash) to an other format like AVI etc...


Note: If any bugs are found, please use the write to author option. This one should work with thunderbird or PMMail.   

Article Discussions / ClamAV GUI version 2.1.1
« on: 2011.03.03, 02:00:43 »
ClamAV GUI version 2.1.1
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Monday, 28 February 2011


Just to inform you that ClamAV-GUI V2.1.2 is released yet
This is a major update build and I suggest go to it as soon as possible

note: You may (or not according your environement) have to replay to two messages at first run time only.

Kind regards,

Article Discussions / ClamAV GUI version 2.1.0
« on: 2011.02.26, 12:02:28 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 22 February 2011

[a href. .. .

One more time, I'm unable to add any updates into ClamAV GUI version 2.0.0 forum entry (blank page !)

Hi Dave,

It looks like starting ClamD from config.sys makes it ignore the  "LocalSocket" which could not be initialized.
This makes Clamdscan not been able to communicate with it.
* For system protection, starting Clamd from config.sys is ok
* To use Clamdscan with Clamd, the LocalSocket must be enabled and this requires to start Clamd out of config.sys

If Clamd is added into config.sys, prefer use Clamscan or stop/re-start Clamd before use of Clamdscan
You can do like this (with rxu.dll into dll path):
- Show PIDs
- Kill Clamd process
- Verify Daemons
- Start ClamDaemon

Or, you can update startup.cmd to start clamd after eCS full initialization
I'll update docs with these restrictions.

About the clamd.conf problem you reported, I'm correcting it.
Could you please tell under which path you have clamd.conf available when installed through RPM/YUM ?

Kind regards,

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rich Wa. .. .

At close time,
I always have a "VDM.... browser" thread running and using high CPU until I kill it !
How to have a real close at close time ?

(After I kill this thread, I'm getting a popup message with strange characters in it)

Article Discussions / ClamAV GUI version 2.0.0
« on: 2011.02.09, 09:56:57 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 08 February 2011

[a href. .. .

Currently, I'm working on next build and need feedbacks
    * Corrected a wrong "clamdscan" enable option
    * Changed internal scan procedure and timings
    * Added a stop button when allowed (not available when use of ClamDscan without verbose mode)
    * Changed / added a messages from online logs
    * Corrected invalid clamd.conf file used when working with clamdscan (no version displaied)
    * Changed some part of code when using "verbose" with clamdscan
    * With "verbose" on for clamdscan, only message field is updated while adding [ x ]++ will update the scanned list too.

For those interested in testing and report findings of this first test build could get it using following link (remove blanks in the linkname)
  http:// /outils/ClamAVGUI-2_1_0.wpi

** For test only **

Kind regards,

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