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Applications / WebDav and eComStation
« on: 2012.09.26, 19:39:54 »

I'm trying some WebDav stuff, what options do we have under eComStation-OS2?

For the moment I had only found NetDrive ( with the WebDav Plugin (

Is there any other option beside this one to mount a WebDav drive?

Article Discussions / ACPI package 3.21.02 has been released
« on: 2012.09.14, 20:06:00 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Friday, 07 September 2012

David A. .. .

I just tried this release of ACPI on the Thinkpad R51 (1838-PS0) and the standy mode is working. It goes to sleep with fn+F4 and it restarts with the power button. The wireless has to be turned off and turned on again once it gets back from the standy by.

Article Discussions / ACPI driver 3.21.01 has been released
« on: 2012.08.30, 04:26:11 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Thursday, 30 August 2012

A new ve. .. .

I don't know if this released did something, but on the Thinkpad R51 that I installed this version, after the reboot, the temperature of the reactor widget showed some temperature drop. From 75° to 55°. That's good here.

Applications / Looking for VisPro software
« on: 2012.08.29, 04:33:30 »

I e-mailed Dave Hock from Hockware/Vispro software. I was trying to turn his VisPro software open source but sadly the source code no longer exists. It was lost on a HDD crash.

But Dave had authorized to use VisPro software as "AS IS", "no support", "no questions ask" :) freeware.

I need help finding the last version of the binaries to put them available at hobbes:
  • VisPro C / C++ Version 3.01
  • VisPro/REXX Gold 3.1
  • VisPro/Reports 2.1
  • Database Designer

Please let me know if anybody has the installers of this software. If you have a older version please let me know too.


Applications / Convert INF 2 HTML - Problem
« on: 2012.08.28, 15:10:21 »

I had been trying to convert a INF file to HTML with INF2HTML ( But in some .INF files the process get trunked when reaching to extract the images. If I disable the images extraction, the file is converted to HTML completely.

But I still want to extract the images.

Does anybody knows...
- If the INF file can be fixed so it can not give any errors to extract the graphic files?
- Or if there is any other way to extract the pictures when I got this INF file that gives errors with INF2HTML?

Here is a file that gave me error with INF2HTML.

Events / Anybody going to WarpStock 2012??
« on: 2012.08.15, 00:20:24 »
I'm not going to WarpStock 2012... I simple don't have the money to travel from Ecuador to this event.

But I really want to be posting news and anything that happen on the event on that days. ( Friday, August 17 through Sunday, August 19, 2012). Neil Waldhauer (BlondGuy) is going to be like crazy that days with the event and he will need help from any volunteer to post stuff of what is happening.

If anybody is going to WarpStock and would like to send me some daily summary of what happened, pictures, comments, or even live streaming with their phone ( please let me know. I will be happy to post it at

Programming / Looking for OS2 Magazine Articles
« on: 2012.07.19, 17:02:03 »

Roger Sessions gave me authorization to include his OS/2 related programming articles to the EDM/2 wiki under CC license.

But I have the problem that I do not have any of his articles around and I was not able to find them over the internet. (or my Google skills are not as sharp as I think)

I'm looking for this articles. I don't know if someone can provide me a scanned copy, so I will try to OCR and migrate it to the wiki.

  • Polymorphism, Frameworks, and littleDogs (A description of the relationship between polymorphism and object frameworks), by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, Feb. 1996.
  • Encapsulation, and the EPIC Nature of Dogs by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, March 1996. A study of the characteristics of Exchangeable, Protection, Isolatable, and Confidential in object-oriented systems.
  • Distributed Objects by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, April 1996. Gives an introduction to distributed object programming.
  • Metaclass, and the dogs of Shakespeare (An explanation of the basic principals of metaclass programming) by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, May 1996.
  • Your dog on Java (An introduction to the Java programming language) by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, June 1996.
  • My girl scouts are badder than your girl scouts (A discussions of a basic gaming framework designed to teach the principals of framework programming) by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, July 1996.
  • Lost in the Garden (An overview of the SOM 3.0 beta product) by R. Sessions. OS/2 Magazine, August, 1996.
  • A kilometer is not a kilometer (Measuring performance in distributed object systems) by R. Sessions, OS/2 Magazine, September, 1996.
  • Ten Rules for Distributed Object Systems by R. Sessions, OS/2 Magazine, October 1996.
  • Dynamic Frameworks (A discussion of the role of dynamic class loading) by R. Sessions, OS/2 Magazine, December 1996.
  • The Netwars (An analysis of the battle for control of the interface to the Internet) by R. Sessions, OS/2 Magazine, January 1996. (Also translated into Japanese.)

I'm also interested in other Roger Sessions articles that he authored with N. Coskun, but I still do not have Coskun authorization to migrate this articles to the wiki.

Any help is welcome.

Off Topic discussions / Transforming an old presentation.
« on: 2012.07.18, 16:11:07 »

I want to migrate an old presentation to a newer format like .odp or .ppt (pptx).

The file is has .ENC extension, which if I change to .PS I was able to convert it to PDF. So it is PostScript

Does anybody knows a way to make postscript back to some presentation format? (.odp, ppt, .prz, etc)

Any ideas?

Article Discussions / EDM/2 Wiki Updates - June
« on: 2012.06.19, 18:05:02 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Thursday, 14 June 2012

[!--[if gt. .. .


Please let me know if there any OS/2-eCS development/programming articles/material around that I can include or link to the EDM/2 wiki.

I'm not a developer but I'm doing whatever is possible to organize, include and migrate programming stuff the wiki.

I think the next step on the wiki will be to migrate the OS/2 API Documentation Project to a Creative Commons license, so it can allows derivative work.

Suggestions are welcome.


Programming / WPS Classes
« on: 2012.06.11, 22:36:15 »
..wait... wait... I think I'm getting it.... no :)

Posted by Eugene Gorbunoff - Sunday, 27 May 2012

What applications do eComStation users need?

I consider this a good exercise, it is always good to know what the community is needing. But I still consider this community first objective is to get more users and developers. Accomplishing this is hard because of the OS competition on the PC market.

We have Windows and MacOS, close source, available for charge, and Windows came as a default on all PCs (with a hide charge) and MacOS came with all Apple computer. Both had a bast community of users and developers, and are interesting markets for software developers that sell licenses.

On the other had, we have a thousand Linux distributions, it is open source, available free of charge. There is also a vast user and developer community. And they are also an interesting server software market for it. (Oracle, IBM, other have their paid software available for this platform).

Sure, that platforms had their technical ups and downs, but they share something in common:
- they have more users
- developers
- and are a interesting market.

But here with the OS/2 and eComStation community we have the following reality:
- eComStation is only available at charge.
- OS/2 is abandomware, which means it is not legal to use it if you didn't acquire a license with it was available for sale.
- eComStation and OS/2 is open source. The source code and its improvements are controlled by a single company
- We have a reduced user and developer base.

So, what are the benefits of OS/2-eComStation compared to those other Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Being pragmatic, there is no benefit. We use/support this platform because we like it. It is the thing that we consider what is more appealing to us.

But when I try to think about an strategy to grown the user/developer base of this platform the following doubts appears:
- What is the future of this platform? Controlled by a single company and without it major developer (IBM) investing on it.
No answer.
- How can new users acquire OS/2-ecs to start testing it and developing over it?
The only solution is to pay a license fee.

So, trying to think on a solution about this the only way to start getting more users and developers is working on turning/cloning OS/2-eCS as open source software.
Making a clone of OS/2, just like other projects are working right now (Linux, ReactOS and Haiku OS).

Making it open source, will not give us user/developers at once, but will be provide a more decent answer to my questions:
- What is the future of this platform?
It is not controlled by a single company. Everybody can use it, develop it and share it for any purpose. The control does not depend on a single company or group.
The future of the platform is open for everybody to mark its path.
- How can new users acquire OS/2-ecs to start testing it and developing over it?
You can download it free of charge, and you will not be breaking any law because it is open source.

Sure, people may read this and try technically by refuting line by line, like saying is it "impossible" to make an OS/2 clone (which is not true, it is hard, not impossible). Or by complaining that ReacOS and Haiku are not technical apt.

But the main question remains when a new user/developer thinks about OS/2 and eComStation:

- What is the future of this platform?

Can you answer that?

Off Topic discussions / Clock
« on: 2012.05.11, 03:51:56 »
...the workers don't keep up with the minutes change.

Applications / Back Again/2000 - open .dat files
« on: 2012.04.19, 22:35:03 »

I contacted a software developer to open source some of his OS/2 software.

But he sent me a lot of .dat files. He told me that this packed files was made with BA/2, but he no longer has an OS/2 machine or that software to unpack them.

I tried Back Again /2000 4.10, and I'm getting some errors while trying to open this file. (check the screenshots)

If anybody can give me a hand explaining me how to unpack this files I will appreciate it.  I'm also attaching one .dat file if you want to try.


This may be an interesting off-topic discussion.

* Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: I don't know if Java is free

Here we may confuse the terms "free" as "Free of charge" or "Free Software", which are complete different.

I really think that Java it is not open source or free software. AFAIK to even use the word "Java" in your products you need Oracle permission (sign and pay an agreement). It may be free of charge for some specific use, since the runtime environment and development kit is available under an specific user license.

The one that is open source and free software under the GNU GPL V2 license (copyleft) is OpenJDK, which is the open source implementation of Java. If anybody grabs the code from this project, any derivative work should be released by force under the same GNU GPL V2 license.

But I found that OpenJDK may have a trick, there is a classpath exception on the license ( I really don't know which ones are not covered by the GNU GPL V2.

I really can not know where Google grab the source code or if it is innocent or not. But if Oracle wins this it will be bad for Java, since its primary competitor (MS) will say  "...see I told you... Java was not open and free and you thought" ;)

Applications / Desktop Maintenance Tool
« on: 2012.04.12, 03:32:01 »
I noticed today there was an update version (2012/04/10) of Desktop Maintenance Tool on the eCS Betazone. (

I quickly installed and added to the config.sys

I didn't do anything else.

I rebooted and it putted a lot of icons on my desktop. (Check the screenshot).
It was a VM, no a critical system.

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