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Article Discussions / SMplayer version 0.6.9 build 4
« on: 2012.01.11, 20:53:55 »
Hi All
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SMPlayer. .. .

Great, a replacement for the non-working (here) smplayer 0.6.9b3 I thought so downloaded and installed it.

Having tried to run it I found that it does not start. When clicking my smplayer program object the ""Cannot start ..." dialog is displayed. I clicked Cancel to this dialog and tried to start the program from the command line. This is the result:-

SYS1804: The system cannot find the file STDCPP.


So, looks like a file - possibly STDCPP.DLL - is missing.

Looks like it is necessary to go hunting a file not mentioned as being required in the smplayer readme. Anyone got any idea where to find this file?



Article Discussions / VLC media player v1.1.13 for OS/2
« on: 2011.12.29, 17:45:47 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Sunday, 25 December 2011

KO Myung. .. .

Hi All

Just to point out that although it is not mentioned in the vlc readme file it is necessary to have gcc446.dll installed on the libpath otherwise vlc does not work properly -



Posted by Martin Iturbide - Friday, 09 September 2011

[a href. .. .


Any reason why the url for Seamonkey is not given? - 2.3.3 is underlined like the Firefox and T/Bird version numbers which do have a url.

Anyone wanting Seamonkey 2.3.3 can find it here



Hi All

I have not done any extended testing with these drivers - only just installed them - but can report the usbehcd and usbohcd drivers seem to work fine. However, I've only got a mouse and drive to test with at the moment.

Just in case anyone else wants to try them the current url is

Thanks to Lars for these updates.



Hi All

I see eCS have released OO 3.2 see 3.2.0 GA for eComStation released

As OO3.1.1 supplied with eCS2.0GA crashes every time I try to create a Label or Business Card I am wondering if this build is worth bothering with.

I have no interest in purchasing flaky software - I got eCS2.0GA as a result of having had Software Subscription so my copy of eCS2.0 does *not* include the 6 month Software Subscription included when actually purchasing eCS2.0GA Home/Student - so would be interested to hear whether OO3.2 still has the same problem.

Mind you, the Support for OO3.1.1 was lousy so guess the same will apply to OO3.2 and if the Label/Business Card problem still exists I doubt if it will be fixed.

Maybe it is time to sack eCS totally and move to a different operating system...



Marketplace / eComStation preloads available in the UK
« on: 2010.09.21, 15:24:09 »
Hi All

I now offer system builds, to customer specification, with eComStation preloaded. See for further details.



Hardware / Help - eCS fails to boot
« on: 2010.07.10, 18:23:08 »
Hi All

Warning: Long Post!

I have bumped into a problem that I cannot resolve: I cannot boot either of my eCS installations and nor can I boot

from eCS2.0GA or RC7 install CDs.

I can however boot my WindowsXP installation - so I'm posting this from WinXP using IE  :-(

I guess I should start by listing my system hardware and disk Volumes.

Hardware: Asus M2N mainboard with AMD 4400+ dualcore cpu, 2Gb RAM, ATI X800 graphics, 1 * Sata2 160Gb disk, 1 *

Sata2 80 Gb disk (both Samsung), 1 * LG GSA-4167B burner, 1 * LG GDR8164B dvd rom, 1 * floppy drive, 1 * Internal

USB 4 slot card reader.

Disk Volume layout,
Disk 1: C: WinXP NTFS, IBM Boot Manager, D: WinApps FAT32, E: DOSApps FAT, F: DOSApps FAT, G: Downloads JFS, H:

eCS2.0GA BootableJFS, I: UserData JFS
Disk 2: J: eCS(OS/2)Apps JFS, K: MoreApps JFS, L: eCS2.0RC6a BootableJFS

Initial problem: I was booted from eCS2.0GA on H: and running WinXP in VPC - VPC is on J: - when the system simply

stopped working; no response to mouse or keyboard, required a press of the system box Reset button.

The reboot got as far as loading the Desktop but stopped working when starting File and Print.

I used the Reset button again and booting stopped before the "loading unicode ..." message appeared; The next

attempt stopped at the same place.

I then tried booting my RC6a installation on L: as that does a full chkdsk during boot. The chkdsk went fine but the

system stopped booting with the loaded USBRESMG.SYS message onscreen.

I attempted to boot from L: again and the system stopped booting in the same place.

I have attempted to boot to a command line, using Alt-F1 followed by F2, on both eCS installations but boot never


I then attempted to boot from eCS2.0GA and RC7 install CDs. Neither of those get as far as the install gui -


I then opened the system box and cleaned out the dust - this can sometimes cause weird problems. However, it made no

difference, I still could not boot to either eCS installation nor could I boot from either eCS Install CD.

Just because I had not yet tried it I decided to boot the WinXP installation. No problems, XP booted fine and worked

without problems.

This suggests the problem is *not* hardware - in my limited experience Windows often "screams" first when hardware

is a little flaky.

I had been wondering if my graphics card was the cause of the problem as eCS boots fail close to switching to

graphics mode to display the Desktop - but booting and running XP now makes me think not.

I then had the following thought: WinXP on C: does not do anything with disk 2 ie J: K: and L: volumes and both eCS

installations do - so maybe that disk is failing.

I powered off, disconnected disk 2 and attempted to boot from eCS2.0GA on H: That failed the same as previously.

With disk 2 still disconnected I attempted to boot from the eCS Install CDs. Neither of those could boot to the

installer gui still.

Looks like the problem is not disk 2.

Leaving disk 2 disconnected I then disconnected disk 1 and attempted to boot from eCS install CDs. Failed as before.

At that point I gave up for the night and went to bed - it was about 3am.

Today I got back onto this problem at around 1pm.

I reconnected both drives and attempted to boot eCS2.0GA on H:

Boot was successful and the Desktop appeared, I logged onto the network after F & P had started.

I opened h:\os2\boot\config.x in the text editor with the intention of cleaning it up - removing all the unwanted

DOS lines that the eCS2.0GA install had insisted on putting in that file despite the deselection of DOS/Win16


Shortly after opening the file the system locked solid and required a press of the Reset button.

I attempted to reboot from H: which failed the same as the previous day - as did an attempt to boot from L:

I also tried booting from a BootableCD created about 2 years ago - the hardware is more or less the same - but that

failed to boot in a similar manner to the eCS Install CDs; it simply stopped.

So, here I am running WinXP from C: and wondering why this works when 2 usually healthy eCS installations do not

boot - and if H: does boot it locks solid shortly after.

I found a BootableCD that I created about 2 years ago. As the hardware has not changed dramatically I think it

should have booted - but it failed to get to a Desktop.

I doubt there is a hardware problem involved...

I have downloaded and used the DFSee bootableCD but could spot nothing obviously wrong with volumes/partitions -

probably the interesting thing is that this CD did boot OK.

I am wondering if there is some sort of virus/rootkit problem though.

My reason for thinking along those lines is that none of the eCS boot options - hard disk and CD - available to me

can boot but WindowsXP and the DFSee CD can.

When booted from either eCS installation there is no access to WindowsXP on C: - I do not even use the ntfs driver

with read only access to ntfs volumes.

Could my eCS system have caught a bug? - and if "Yes" How do I get rid of it?

Any ideas on the cause and solution to my eCS non-booting problem would be appreciated.



Hi All

I seem to have bumped into a strange problem with OO 3.1.1: I cannot create a Label or Business Card without OO 3.1.1 crashing.

I select File, New, Label (or Business Card) and OO 3.1.1 simply closes - no error messages, no soffice.log file generated in the OO programs directory, no entry in popuplog.os2.

The response from the eCS OO support team suggested using the QuickStart feature so I gave that a try. No Change in OO behaviour. I was also told "Please note that version 3.2 is upcoming that may resolve some problems too."

Nice to know that an OO update "is upcoming" but it does not solve the current Label/Business Card creation problem - and 3.2 may well have the same problem...

If anyone has any ideas on resolving the Label/Business Card problem I'm very interested  :-)



Article Discussions / Clibgrab v3.0.6.6
« on: 2010.06.08, 17:05:01 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Sunday, 06 June 2010

With Clibgra. .. .

This is an alternative to FlashRip which seems to work quite well as it allows saving video in "Original format". In the case of Flash clips that means the file saved ends up with an mp4 extension.

Not being that "up" on video formats I guess that means that FLV files are the same as or a variant of MP4 files?

Of possible help: The url given in the software news article - - is incorrectly given as

The correct url is



Article Discussions / Flashrip v0.1
« on: 2010.06.07, 18:25:07 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Sunday, 06 June 2010

Flashrip all. .. .

I'm using Seamonkey V2.1a2pre and the various extensions available to Mozilla browsers either do not work (yet) with this build of Seamonkey or the extension requires the Flash clip to be playing - not possible with most Flash clips on youtube as Flash7 on longer works on that site.

So, I thought I'd give FlashRip a try - and it seemed to be able to grab videos from youtube without any problems.

Sadly FlashRip saves video as avi files resulting in a big down grade in video quality.

I emailed Elbert, OS/2 porter of FlashRip, and asked if it was possible to get FlashRip to save Flash video as Flash video  ie FLV format.

He responded that he had contacted the author who responded with this:-

"Hi Elbert

I'm the maintainer of Flashrip indeed. Glad to see that choosing Qt was the
right choice;).

After my exams I'm going to start working on version 0.2 which will support
localization. I will add an option to save video's as flv too. Thanks for you

I hope you have alot of fun with Flashrip"

So, looks like v0.2 of FlashRip will be very useful  :-)



Multimedia / Flash10 Preview not working here
« on: 2009.10.09, 20:18:53 »
Hi All

There is a Flash10 Preview available from the eCS Software Subscription Betazone so thought I'd download it and give it a try.

The short report is:-

Don't bother, it does not work.

The longer report is:-

Flash10 Preview.

The Warpin Installer should check where PROGRAMS is set - I was not impressed to find the software wanted to install to the Non-Existent [BootDrive]:\PROGRAMS location. Checking the Warpin Script used for the installation confirms that this package expects to find PROGRAMS on the BootDrive: TARGET="?:\PROGRAMS\FLASH10"

Other than the above Installation seemed to go fine so I started my browser, Seamonkey - Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; U; Warp 4.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090924 SeaMonkey/2.0pre

Result: Browser started and hung immediately, the mouse pointer disappeared and keyboard input was blocked. My only recourse was to press the system box Reset Button.

Overall I would say that Flash10 did a good job of crashing the system totally.

After the reboot I again tried to start the browser - and headed for another reboot.

Conclusion: Needs a bit more work... Maybe it will work on other systems/browser.



Article Discussions / QT Fun - Games
« on: 2009.10.02, 21:19:22 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Friday, 02 October 2009

A. .. .

Hi All

Thought I'd give these games a try so downloaded and unzipped the files.

A quick read of README.OS2 later and I seem to have found the problem why neither game works

  "... can only use one font at the moment,
     C:\PSFONTS\HELV.PFB. Make sure this file exists.If it does not exist a crash will happen."

Oh dear!

I presume the above is the reason why neither game starts at all; the game icon gets the "cross hatched effect" and then reverts to normal.

Shame I do not have a C: drive...

Hopefully the C: drive restriction will disappear in the very near future.



Hardware / Anyone tried the CUPS Warpin Archive yet?
« on: 2009.08.28, 15:42:12 »
Hi All

Just trying to publicise the release of this Warpin Archive and get some feedback as to how installation went, what could be improved etc.

This Warpin Archive will, hopefully, make it much easier for people to get their "1st time CUPS install" right on the 1st attempt.

As to why we need CUPS: Support for *recent/current* printers. However, people should check that their printer is on the supported printers list - see - or be able to provide a PPD file for an unsupported printer.

Extracts from the readme:-

CUPS for eCS

This Warpin package includes all current software packages
required to achieve printing using CUPS for eCS.
Installation Instructions

Make sure printer is connected and Powered on.

Select the appropriate packages for installation:

   - both cups and ghostscript packages are required

   - gutenprint package is required to support most printers

   - Splix package is required to support some Samsung and Xerox printers

     NOTE: cups requires installation to the root of a drive and needs
     ghostscript and gutenprint installed to the root of the same drive
     If you already have ghostscript installed then set the cups install
     drive to the drive with ghostscript installed
     Splix installs into the cups directory tree

   - ecups-driver package is required in order to create an OS/2 Desktop
          Printer Object to work with CUPS

     NOTE: if you run OpenOffice for Windows 115 using ar5os2.exe select
          the gutenprt driver package instead of the ecups-driver package in
          order to print from OO115 in Colour.

     ecups-driver and gutenprt installs create their own directories under

   - cupsportdriver package is required to link the OS/2 Printer created with
          either ecups-driver or gutenprt to the CUPS printing system and installs
     the files \os2\dll\cups.pdr and \tcpip\bin\cupslpr.exe

   - libc-0.6.3-csd3 package contains the libc06?.dll support files; Install
          if your system does not have these. The files are installed to \ecs\dll

   - gcc342 package contains gcc342.dll, a support file required by Splix;
          Install only if installing Splix package.
     The files are installed to \ecs\dll

   - Documentation, a readme and How To. These files are installed to
     \ecs\book\eCUPS.INF and \ecs\DOC\CUPS\ecups_readme.txt (this file)

Install the packages.

A program object called CUPS Daemon ( \cups\sbin\cupsd.exe ) will be placed in the
Startup folder and started Detached - check Process List to ensure it is running.

The "How To" will be displayed in the Help Viewer

The CUPS web based administration interface will be started in a browser window

You then need to follow the instructions in the above "How To" carefully in order
to create and test a CUPS printer then create and test an OS/2 (CUPS) printer

For those people wanting to give this a try the archive is available from




Article Discussions / Uniaud 1.1.4RC7 now available
« on: 2009.03.08, 21:16:13 »
Posted by Martin Iturbide - Wednesday, 04 March 2009

The long. .. .

Hi All

Anyone who installs this uniaud update should (after the required reboot) attempt to play the file \mmos2\desktop\dsk_lckp.wav

Be prepared for problems as it hangs my system requiring a reboot and others on the uniaud mailing list are reporting trap screens and instant reboots.

Seems like the problem could be the updated uniaud16.sys...

If you do find this problem feel free to add a report to



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