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General Discussion / Customizing OS/2
« on: 2011.03.06, 04:41:19 »
OS/2 seems to be very easy to customize. Any icon can be changed, and an *icon* *editor* is in the properties menu. Are there any icons that can't be changed this easily? I dual boot with Windows; will Recourse Hacker (a Windows program) modify OS/2 files?

There is an OS/2 version of Object Desktop. Does it include WindowBlinds? If so, how badly does Windowblinds affect OS/2 performance? I downloaded"trial version of the full version" of Object Desktop 2004 from a site I probably can't mention here, and my 850 Mhz PIII with 320Mb RAM seemed perfectly fine at first, then slowed down terribly. Windows Explorer (XP Pro service pack 2) became violently unstable. I was blaming Windowblinds for this, but then McAffe Quarantined  :-[

If Object Desktop isn't too slow, does anyone have a spare copy (either version - preferably 2004 for XP, the last available for OS/2) to sell?

Applications / How compatible is "Odin"?
« on: 2011.03.06, 04:13:40 »
There's a program called "Odin" that patches 32 bit Windows applications - either permanently or as they are loaded, for use with multiple operating systems - so they will run under OS/2.

I know Odin is not perfect, and some Windows software can't be patched, but how much can? Will Odin work with Microsoft Office 2007? 2003? XP? 2000? 97? What about Works Suite 2006? Encarta? Microsoft Home? (actually most Microsoft Home software was for Windows 3.1, but some of it says "Designed for Windows 95")

IBM apparently had a line of software comparable to Microsoft Home; if I find some of that for Windows 95+, will it work with OS/2 (eCS 2.0) and Odin?

Abandonware / Lotus eSuite
« on: 2011.01.05, 17:45:00 »
Is Lotus eSuite abandonware yet? Where can I get it?

My hard drive is now set up like this:

Boot Manager
C:81920Mb unformated. Windows XP goes here.
D:8192Mb ECS 2.0 installed and working.

XP setup says there is not an XP compatible partition on the disk. How do I install XP to drive C:? Both are currently set "Bootable". ECS does not have the option of setting the partition "Installable". It won't let me set anything but the boot manager "Startable" even if the boot manager is removed.

With the DaniS506.ADD driver installed, I may not have a CD-RW, but I do have full access to my 320 gig hard drive. I have created the folowing partitions:

Boot Manager
C:OS/2 (Installed and working perfectly)
D:40 gig, Windows
E:108 gig, Documents (Look out Project Gutenberg, here I come!)
F:128 gig, Multimedia (I only created a separate partition for music & video because Windows 98SE can't see
   past the BIOS 128 gig limit.)

The idea now is to set D: installable and put Windows 98 on it, then add XP later, but LVM doesn't have the option of setting a partition installable like the fdisk that runs when you set up the computer; that fdisk apparently can't be run from inside OS/2. I tried creating a bootable volume, but no matter how I did it, no matter what size I tried to make it, LVM couldn't create a bootable volume. Making a volume or patition bootable, startable or adding it to the boot manager, is either grayed out or can only apply to C:, but C: is already bootable and in the boot manager.

I booted Windows 98 from CD and it claimed C: wasn't formated, and didn't see any other drive.


Setup & Installation / Danis506.ADD and Ultrabay CD drives
« on: 2010.11.10, 18:57:11 »
Every Time I install Danis506.ADD I lose my Ultrabay CD drive. This time it's on a ThinkPad 600X. I want it back. How do I get it?

The Hardware Manager shows the controller, but no drive attached. Selective Setup shows no CD-ROM installed, but to reinstall it from there, I have to have it installed already.

Marketplace / Wanted: Warp 4, 4.52
« on: 2010.06.15, 02:13:30 »
I'm looking for OS/2 Warp 4.0 and 4.52, with Windows 3.1, on CD.

I read somewhere that there's a 9-disk "demo" package for 4.0. That is what I really want, and the complete 4.52 equivalent. But I'll take whatever I can get, even if it's just the OS for now.

Setup & Installation / OS/2 for MIPS?
« on: 2009.11.29, 17:26:34 »
I have an IBM WorkPad Z50 Mobile Companion, a subnotebook (not a useless "netbook") with an NEC MIPS VR4121 CPU and Windows CE in ROM. I haven't tried installing it yet, but I have a Windows NT4 CD with versions for several processors including MIPS.

What about OS/2? I know IBM sold it for PPC, but was there a MIPS version? What about other non-intel CPU's?

I've heard OS/2 has something like the "Remote Desktop" thing in Windows, so I could use my (smaller, lighter) OS/2 ThinkPad as a terminal to access my (larger, less portable, but more up to date) Windows 2K/ME ThinkPad. How do I use it? I'd like to connect through the parallel port (faster) when I'm at home, but have the option of using the modem when I'm not. Is this possible?

Setup & Installation / How do I install the Dani upgrade?
« on: 2009.09.04, 04:32:10 »
Here I go again. ::)

I installed Warp 4.52 from CD to a 6 gig partition. In OS/2, I tried to install partitions for Windows & Linux, but I couldn't set them installable.

I replaced IBM1S506.ADD with DaniS506.ADD and got an error message when I booted up. I tried it without any parameters, and didn't get any errors, but no matter how I use the Dani upgrade, I don't have a CD drive if I use it.

I'd reinstall (again) from floppies, but 4.52 doesn't seem to have XDFCopy (or IBM Works) and WinImage doesn't work with OS/2 disks.

How do I install the DaniS506 upgrade?

I understand the FAT32 driver must be installed after OS/2 is installed. After that I can convert a partition to FAT32.

If I convert the boot partition to FAT32 will it still boot?

Setup & Installation / Why can't I upgrade Win-OS/2?
« on: 2009.07.21, 00:44:16 »
I know I can't upgrade Win-OS/2 to 3.11, but I know there is a version of Win 32 for OS/2. How far can 32 bit windows go under Warp 4.52, and what causes the limit? Could it theoretically be patched?

I have always thought the ideal setup would be to install OS/2, then, in Win-OS/2, install the Windows 98SE upgrade, maybe the 98SE2ME upgrade, or maybe go up to ME, add the DOS compatibility patch and stablize it, then, install Windows 2000. The Win 2k OS loader would select OS/2 or 2K, maybe triple boot with DOS & some oddball GUI like GEOS or GEM.

I know this can't be done (can it? I've heard that it *can*, but it was implied that it would be difficult to do, and the majority opinion seems to be that it's impossible.) but what I want to know is why it can't, and since I'm a little crazy and like to experiment, (yes, here I go again. ::) But at least I have another hard drive to crash everything on) I even thought I would try the "impossible", if it's not totally pointless.

I know about IBM Works, Lotus SmartSuite, and all that Windows 3.1 stuff, but is there anything for OS/2 like Broderund's Family Tree Maker, or pretty much any of the programs for windows by Expert software, Broderund, Sierra Home, etc, or Microsoft Home, including the MultiMedia Music series, Encarta, Map Point, or any other brands of maps, encyclopedias, cook books, home/garden/landscape designers, flower or vegtable garden planners, etc. etc. etc...?

It's this kind of thing that makes Windows (even ME) worth using. And I am beginning to hate Windows. >:( Even 2000.

What's this "Hobbes" thing I keep hearing about?

I am trying to install Warp 4.52 (*not* 4.0!) to an "80" (actually 76) Gig hard drive. The drive *will* be partitioned like this:

Boot Manager
Windows - 8 Gig primary partition
Linux - 8 Gig primary partition
OS/2 - 8 Gig logical drive
Rest of the drive - logical drive shared by everything

But I keep getting some baloney about bootable partitions having to start and end in the first 1024 "cylinders".

How do I repair OS/2 so it will install as easily as that other os?

General Discussion / Dumb questions by an absolute beginner
« on: 2009.04.23, 01:15:13 »
I'm used to using MS Windows (Mostly 9x/2k but I'm very familiar with 3.1) and NitrOS-9 (a Unix, formerly OS-9) but I have absolutely no experience with OS/2. I didn't want to get a "pee sea" in the first place, but there's no web browser for my Tandy Color Computer 3, so I'm using an IBM ThinkPad 770Z >:(

If I must use a PC, I might as well have some fun with it. I'm installing a bunch of operating systems, using the OS/2 boot manager. The partitions will be DOS/Windows, Xenix, OS/2, and AIX. Will any of these cause each other problems if they are kept in there own partitions?

AIX is supposed to install itself to the end of OS/2's partition, but OS/2's partition is 75 gig. Will AIX get lost in all that space? Is there an AIX web site?

It has a 366Mhz PII, but I'm planning on upgrading to at least a 650 Mhz PIII, maybe a 850 or 1000 Mhz. Does OS/2 Warp 4 have any problems at very high speed?

I have 192Mb RAM, but I will be upgrading to at least 512Mb, 768 if I can get the TP to use that much. How much RAM can OS/2 handle? If I go over it's limit, can I get a patch?

What is OS/2 for Windows? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around!

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