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Escribo este tema en español debido a que pienso que me expresaré más correctamente sobre lo que me pasa.

Recientemente he instalado la Silver Release en mi portátil, funciona realmente bien pero en el tema de compartir archivos me ocurre algo que no puedo comprender, me explico:

No utizo Samba, lo hago a traves del objeto "File and print resource browser"
Puedo examinar perfectamente una máquina con Vista, navegar entre sus carpetas, abrir y cerrar archivos, ver videos directamente por la red... etc... pero si copio o arrastro algún elemento desde mi máquina con OS2 (desde el escritorio OS2) se queda unos 2 minutos la ventana de copiar objeto pero no hace nada, en cambio ese mismo objeto puedo abrirlo sin problemas desde OS2 con doble click.
Si me voy a la máquina con Vista y muevo cualquier objeto al las carpetas de OS2 sin problemas.

¿alguien sabe que puede ocurrir?

-------Google traduction:
I write this in Spanish because I think that I shall speak more correctly about what happens to me.

I recently installed the Silver Release on my laptop, it works really well but the file sharing issue I can think of something I can not understand what I mean:

Not wearing chips used Samba, I do object via the "File and Print Resources browser
I consider quite a machine with Vista, navigate through the folders, open and close files, watch videos directly through the network ... etc ... but if I copy or drag an item from my machine with OS2 (OS2 from the desktop) stays about 2 minutes to copy the window object but does nothing, however the same object can open it without problems from OS2 double click.
If I go to the machine with Vista and move any objects OS2 folders without problems.

Does anyone know that can happen?

Thank you for help

Networking / Where to send drivers for GenMac support?
« on: 2009.08.15, 19:50:42 »
Hello, I want to send network windows drivers with vendorID and deviceID and following instructions on FAQ of Genmac file I do not to successfully send to developers.

Somebody knows a email to send this files to the developers?

I'm interested for support this network device in future releases.

Thank you

Dani Ventura

Networking / Wireless device lost on reset
« on: 2009.07.24, 02:19:14 »

Hello to all, this is my first post. First sorry for my english.

Yesterday I was using wireless connection normally, buy I have to do a reset... and then Xwlan monitor says to me that no driver. Cheking properties in tab devices no devices shows.

Loading the system genmac shows than driver is loaded.

Can you help me? I do not want to reinstall the system another time  :-\ (it's working fine 2 months ago)


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