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Multimedia / New 1080p OS/2 Wallpaper
« on: 2010.08.11, 16:07:16 »
Please see attached

Marketplace / OS/2 logo T-Shirts at Zazzle
« on: 2009.12.30, 18:47:35 »
Hi OS/2 World,

I have OS/2-logo T-shirts at Zazzle. Please see URL if interested ...


Marketplace / CyberSpittle OS/2 logo T-Shirt at Zazzle
« on: 2009.02.12, 15:27:50 »
Hi All,

I couldn't figure out why I can't post this in OS/2 General News. However, I've decided to upload some artwork to Zazzle to put on a T-Shirt. For you die-hard "OS/2 2.1" fans ...

Art was made using POV-Ray.

I just read this on Slashdot (") ... "IBM Grants Universal and Perpetual Access To IP". what does this mean to eComStation (OS/2) developers? Do we now have access to source code? What are your thoughts on this?

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