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Applications / How to contact Dink
« on: 2010.12.22, 22:09:21 »

I'm using Dink's Web/2 on my home page, running PGPGedview a blog and some other things, without any greater problems.

I have been trying to contact Dink about some small problems and some ideas, without any success, and now I see the domain is for sale !

Does anyone know how to contact Dink ?



Thanks for your help, I did try deltree and it worked without any problems.

I'm fairly sure this was not the way I did it last time, but as I remember it this is far easier !

Kim Foder

Applications / How to remove old desktop and archive folders
« on: 2008.12.02, 23:24:06 »

While doing some hard disk cleaning, I found I have several copies of old desktop, temporary desktop, installed features and archive folders in many weird places.

The old solution, moving to a floppy and format floppy, is not an option as I don't have a floppy any more, and I'm not allowed to move the folders to a memory card.

I know there are another way (I have used it a couple of years ago, but cannot remember how any more) but a search of the net has not yielded any solutions  :(

Does anyone here know how to do it ?


Kim Foder

OS2 User Group Denmark / Forum på dansk
« on: 2008.05.08, 15:02:39 »
Velkommen til det dansk sproget forum for OS/2 og eCs.

Jeg er blevet opfordret til at være moderator på dette forum, og på trods af at jeg ikke er klar over hvor stor interessen er for et forum på dansk, har jeg valgt at prøve alligevel.

Formålet med dette forum, er at skabe et sted hvor danske brugere af OS/2 eller eCs kan udveksle erfaringer og holde kontakt med andre bruger i danmark, da de danske bruger grupper efter hånden er mere eller mindre ikke eksisterende.

Lige nu er der ingen under fora, men skulle der vise sig et behov, vil de blive oprettet.

Jeg mener ikke der skulle være unikt danske problem stillinger i forbindelse med brugen af OS/2 eller eCs, men har du problemer som du ikke kan (eller ikke føler dig sikker med at skulle) formulere på engelsk, skal du da være velkommen til at prøve her, forhåbentlig vil her med tiden være andre end mig  :D

Endnu engang velkommen til, håber at høre fra jer.

Kim Foder

USB / USB mystery
« on: 2007.08.13, 20:56:43 »

On my OS/2 Warp 4 (fixpack 16), I'm using USB to move data to / from memory cards, cameras and mp3 players, and printing,   with very few problems, but I have never been able to use devices with more than one 'disk', neither multi card readers, or devices with build in memory and connector for cards.

In those cases only the first 'drive' is ever seen.

I also have been unable to comunicate with my palm over USB, using pilot-link (0.12), even though the palm are detected by usbres (and functions great with the same software on linux).

At one time somebody  told me, it probably was an IRQ problem.

Until now this has been a small problem, and not anything I took too serious, but by now it has become a pain in the butt.

So now I have been trying to solve my IRQ conflicts, without much luck  :(

And now to my question :

As far as I can see in the IRQ list from rmview, the USB system is using 4 IRQ's, 3 for  the UHCI host controller, and one for EHCI, isn't this a bit overkill ?

I had an overlap at IRQ 11 (net & usb) but have now moved the net to IRQ 7 without any changes.

Any idea what could be the cause of my problem.

RMVIEW: Physical view
  IRQ Level =  0  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    TIMER_CH_0
  IRQ Level =  1  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    KBD_0 Keyboard Controller
  IRQ Level =  2  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    PIC_1
  IRQ Level =  3  PCI Pin = B     Flg = EXCLUSIVE    UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
  IRQ Level =  4  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = MULTIPLEXED  SERIAL_0 Serial Controller
  IRQ Level =  5  PCI Pin = C     Flg = SHARED       UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
  IRQ Level =  5  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = SHARED       Creative Labs SBLive!
  IRQ Level =  6  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = MULTIPLEXED  FLOPPY_0 Floppy Controller
  IRQ Level =  7  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       ETHERNET_0 Realtek 8139
  IRQ Level =  8  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    RTC
  IRQ Level =  9  PCI Pin = D     Flg = EXCLUSIVE    EHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
  IRQ Level = 10  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       Symbios Logic SYM538XX Controller
  IRQ Level = 11  PCI Pin = A     Flg = SHARED       UHCI Compliant USB Host Controller
  IRQ Level = 12  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = EXCLUSIVE    AUX_0 PS/2 Auxiliary Device Controller
  IRQ Level = 14  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = MULTIPLEXED  IDE_0 (E)IDE Controller
  IRQ Level = 15  PCI Pin = NONE  Flg = MULTIPLEXED  IDE_1 (E)IDE Controller

The UHCI and EHCI drivers are both version 1.1.


Kim Foder

Article Discussions / Project LPWS on line again
« on: 2007.07.14, 22:52:43 »

After being off line for almost one year, the LPWS server is online again.

On 15. of July 2006 I had a fire in the roof of my house, and was forced to find a temporary housing. Now my house has been reconstructed and the LPWS server has been online since April, at first as a stability test, but now for good.

Please observe : Project LPWS has gotten a new IP address, and can now be reached on :

The Project LPWS article has also been updated.

Kim Foder

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