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Hardware / Getting internet access after migration
« on: 2011.06.22, 23:52:38 »
This is about the same as my post starting the "Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit" thread, but things haven't changed.  Health issues have been a problem, and my lack of knowledge remains the biggest one.

I had managed to migrate eCS 2.0 over the 1.2 updated with the files I was told about (that updated 1.2 also boots, and can access the web, but quickly locks up (no popuplog.os2 clue.)  I can't access the web from the migrated version, I think for two reasons.  1, i can't remember the name, subnet mask, etc. I used for the network, or whichever name eCS asks for.  2, migration installed the generic driver for my Intel Pro 100+ NIC, and the built-in NIC.  Perhaps that is a problem?  It also installed Panorama driver, instead of already installed SNAP.

I want to install a clean 2.0 as well, on a non-C: partition.  How is that done?

Thank you for any help, as always.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.05.14, 20:07:40 »
I also don't remember what I did to create installable partitions eCS would find, or what had to be done so it would see a copy of my 1.2 partition as installable for migration.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.05.04, 20:52:25 »
Amouse doesn't have a setting to lock down the top buttons on the Expert Mouse.  I need that.

I'm booting with mouse.sys, but the lockups continue.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.04.23, 20:15:11 »
Same problem remains - system boots to 1.2 (with mouse.sys), works for a few minutes, then locks up.  No popuplog.os2.  Something's still not right.  I believe I installed or replaced all the files I was told about.

I will need the Expert Mouse driver to work as it did prior to the 64 bit motherboard, in 1.2 and 2.0.  I'm disabled, and require the Locked Down setting for the upper left and right buttons.

Thanks, as always.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.04.12, 18:49:50 »
I tried to install the Kensington Expert mouse driver.  The mouse wasn't found during boot (it's usb), so I uninstalled that, and rebooted using mouse.sys.  Boot went fine, mouse was working, but system quickly locked up.  So, I'm back in XP.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.04.10, 19:23:40 »
Update - I used the usbcfg (it was already on the 1.2 partition), and changed the settings to drivers matched available.  Rebooted, and I have my mouse (with mouse.sys, not the Kensington driver - I'll try to install that after using this for a while.)  I still have no sound, but didn't before, either.

There is no AHCI in config.sys.  That isn't needed for 1.2, if I gather right.

Now that I'm here, how do I find the network name and other things eCS 2 install asks?  I'm eventually going  to save this, and migrate 2.0 over a copy.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.31, 20:23:08 »
I'll try these suggestions.  Booting to command line seems like a better idea, because I don't see how I can run usbcfg without a mouse.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.29, 20:08:43 »
How do I find the number of controllers on the motherboard?

I'll check the bios.

Thank you.-

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.28, 20:02:10 »
I have two drives, and many partitions.  

What  I eventually want to have on Boot Manager is XP, eCS 1.2, and eCS 2.0 (migrated over 1.2.)  Can I have two eCS bootable partitions labeled as C:, or is that not possible?  Unfortunately, due to the way my system has been set up over the years, the boot drive has to be C:

Update - with just the 1.2 partition with the updated files set as C:, I got a boot, but no mouse.  Mouse is a USB Kensington Expert Mouse trackball.  I tried booting with mouse.sys, and then with the Expert Mouse driver which replaces it, but neither worked (there were other problems with the Expert driver boot, too.)

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.27, 18:43:01 »
It should be C: - that's what I marked it as.  It was a C: before.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.26, 18:57:33 »
I tried copying the files listed to a 1.2 partition.  Booting started, but then I started getting messages that files in config.sys weren't found (they should be), and finally a system crash.

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.19, 22:48:44 »
Thank you, Ivan and everyone.  I'm trying to collect the files.  I found  testcfg.sys on the CD - can I use that rather than patching mine in 1.2?

Again, I wish I knew more what I was doing, but I'm trying to learn and understand what's being said.

I can have more than one eCS C: partition if I use Boot Manager (which is telling me Drive 1 is not ready, press any key?)

Hardware / Re: Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.16, 00:17:36 »
Hi Alan,

First up I need a little information from you before I can begin to try and talk you through this.

I am assuming your motherboard is the Asus M4A89 GTD Pro you mentioned before.

Your eCS 1.2 is on what type of drive IDE or SATA?  If IDE then I assume it is connected to IDE connector on the MB.
What is your CD/DVD drive connected to and can you boot from it?
If you can boot from CD do you have a bootable cd that will allow you to work with eCS 1.2?
IF no bootable cd do you have a way of accessing the eCS boot partition without booting from it to change and/or add files?

The way you change/add files will depend on the answers to those questions.


Yes, that's the motherboard. 
It's IDE drive on MB controller.
I have a SATA CD, and can boot from 2.0 or 1.2 CD to access the boot partition.

Thank you.

Hardware / Getting 1.2 to boot on 64 bit
« on: 2011.03.13, 20:18:58 »
I'm still having all sorts of problems.  Not knowing what I'm doing gets in the way, so I'm trying to learn.  Anyway, if my 1.2 is 1.2R rather than MR (though I thought I had kept up with all the updates), what files what I need to manually replace on 1.2 to get it to boot on my 64 bit motherboard?  Kernel, uni or SMP, whatever will work.

My 2.0 migration has to be re-done.  I recall it didn't find a sound card, and that it installed Panorama video driver (I was using SNAP, motherboard does have ATI video.)  It found two network cards - the Intel Pro 10/100 I was using, and the built-in, and selected Genmac for both. I also had trouble remembering the settings it asked for networking. (subnet, etc.) - can I use Win to find them, and have someone here write them down for me?

As always, thank you very much.


Hardware / Re: major trouble after motherboard swap
« on: 2011.03.10, 23:11:24 »
In addition to the Danis driver(s), make sure you're on the latest kernel.  Try the 14.104a_uni kernel from

I seem to recall eCS 1.2MR shipped with an earlier kernel that didn't have all the stuff to work on 64 bit processors.

And, depending on what video driver you were using, you'll possibly have to revert back to VGA mode to make it work.

I'd like to get my 1.2 booting, on a separate partition, while I try to get 2.0 working (if I knew what I was doing, it would help, I admit.)  I've downloaded the 14.04a uni kernel, and danis506187 (though I thought I installed that already), as well as what I think is the latest SMP kernel and the Doscall and related files mentioned for it in the thread.  I don't need it to recognize multiple cores, if 1.2 would work without it.

When I tried to boot 1.2, the system immediately reset.  Does that immediacy hint at the exact cause of the problem?

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