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Utilities / Re: Zip Program
« on: 2010.06.16, 19:27:14 »
Thanks a lot, Ben.


Utilities / Re: Zip Program
« on: 2010.06.16, 14:21:28 »
Hello Ben,

You need to use the modified *.dll to get the ObjectDesktop archivers to work.

Where can I get this modified .dll?



>What's really needed IMO is updating the port of and enabling all the functionality that is provided with Java stuff, e.g., macro handling and all kinds of wizards.

And another thing is (related to OpenOffice) that it should install and run under MCP2R without any problems.
Mensys says "OpenOffice for eCS and OS/2", but opening documents created with OOO/2 2.4 fails. And yes I have reported this problem to the bugtracker (in October last year) but nothing happened so far.


Events / Re: Pictures of eCS 2.0 GA shrink wrapped
« on: 2010.05.17, 14:08:43 »
It is standard.


Article Discussions / Re: SearchPlus 1.7
« on: 2009.11.17, 16:08:16 »
As it was said on Warpstock 2009 there could be some trouble when using netdrive. In case it is so you should contact the author of the program.


Exactly, that is what I was looking for.
Thanks a lot, Martin.



some time ago I read a thread describing how to update Warp 4.52 (aka MCP 2) with Dani's driver for large drives. But I can't find this thread anymore. Could somebody please show me the way to that particular thread or explain me how to update my installation-cd with these files?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Marketplace / Re: [WANTED] Galactic Civilizations
« on: 2009.08.14, 18:57:30 »
I have one excessive, including the orig CD, box and manual.

Let me know if youre interested.


Hello StefanZ,

I am interested.


th point mueller at nord minus com point net

Marketplace / Re: Smartsuite
« on: 2009.04.28, 16:28:08 »
Hello doodad,

I suggest to contact Mensys. Not long time ago I did buy it from them.
They offered a download as they did not have a CD-Version anymore. That was okay for me.


Marketplace / Re: [WANTED] Galactic Civilizations
« on: 2009.03.15, 11:00:18 »
In case someone is still looking for this I have at the least 1 if not 2 unopened copies, free but you guys pay postage, am based in the UK
Well, I am interested in any game for OS/2. Do you have any others?

Applications / Re: DBExpert / sorting a table
« on: 2009.01.06, 17:18:20 »
Hello Raiko,

first of all thanks a lot for your reply.
As a beginner in using DBExpert I do not understand what you mean by your posting. Therefor I took two screenshots of the DBExpert window.
What I want is that DBExpert handles "ä" as "ae" for example.
Can you please explain me what I have to do to get this done?

What I did in another case was, using the command "Like". Is it this what you mean?
Again thanks a lot.


Applications / DBExpert / sorting a table
« on: 2009.01.02, 21:06:35 »

I have a question related to DBExpert.
I created a table with DBExpert containing names etc..
Now I would like to sort this table considering german "Umlauts" (i.e. "ä").
Can somebody explain me how this can be done?
Thanks a lot in advance.


Applications / Re: DBExpert--Again!
« on: 2008.12.28, 11:50:46 »
Hello Dennis,

do you have your DBEXPERT-Statements in libpath and path of your config.sys?
They should be there if you installed not only eCS but also DBExpert.


Hardware / Re: ThinkCentre M52 and Network-Driver
« on: 2008.05.30, 08:52:53 »
Hello Thomas,

I already, did just what you suggested.
But these drivers do not do the job.
I am running MCP2 for quite a long while and therefor am sure installing the drivers correctly.
And I also did check if the onboard-NIC is enabled in the BIOS.

I did make the same experiences when installing MCP2 on my T42p.
In that case I got a driver from an OS/2-expert that works. My hopes are, that someone has a driver for the M52 already.
In case I do not get one, I have to install a PCI-network-card.
So long.


Hardware / ThinkCentre M52 and Network-Driver
« on: 2008.05.29, 09:02:06 »

I have just bought a ThinkCentre M52 and do not succeed in installing the onboard-network-card. Can anybody tell me if there is a network-driver for the ThinkCentre M52 Modell 8113-28G?
On the Lenovo/IBM site a driver is named but it does not do its job.
Thanks in advance.


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